Morbid Stories

BloodHarpy, Yautja, 11 years ago

I was just wondering what is the most morbid, gross or just falt out creey story you have ever heard or told? I'll go first.

A few week's ago my Mom told me about this girl she heard about ont he news when she was growing up:

This girl was going to school right? And anyway her hair was so shaggy, dirty, wild and all matted up and for a while no one did a thing about it. Well one day her teacher just cound't take it anymore and took the girl to the hospital, plus the girl said her head was itchy and hurt. So the doctors cut here hair off and when they did they found out not only was her hair full of dirt and lice but that there were three Black Widows nesting in her hair and their were five egg sacks and one had hatched and the little baby spiders were growing in her hair.

Now is that sick or what?

Got anything sicker?

Survivor88, Yautja, 11 years ago

This one lady licked one of those envelope things then a wart grew on her tongue then like a week later cockroaches came out of wart.

MrXeno, Yautja, 11 years ago

Hey, BloodHarpy. That story reminds me about this cartoon show I watched when I was being a little bastard. It showed a girl who was just like the one you described, and happen to have spiders in her hair, etc, etc. Pretty nasty...

Shadowwall, Yautja, 11 years ago

yea also know a little story were a girl was bitten i think by a spider and later a few days later her skin opened and tiny spiders were coming out.

Well that's a reason to not get bitten by a spider :D

Also this next story is from my English teacher :D

He said they were travelling in schotland and they rested on a hill, but on top of that hill the hole company started to feel spine- chilling stuff and feeling cold. Really strange things, it was really becoming scary and they dind't want to stay there anymore cause of these weird things. When they were resting in a village he told the bartender the story and the bartender said that the hill was once a bloody battlefield between 2 groups or clans. And the spirits of these fallen men still wander there.

Well i don't believe in ghosts but when i hear my teacher telling this story real serious (Not even the first of April :D) then it's kinda strange :p

AmerthystBlades, Yautja, 11 years ago

To BloodHarpy:Damn!

To Suvivor:Damn!

Ok my turn!"smirks."I hope you all haven't eaten much today.

I heard about this guy who went to El Paso, Texas and he ate at this sushi resturant and even wrote a good review for it. Well a few days later he had sever and sudden bloody dierreha, he was puking up blood and felt like he was being eaten alive. They took him to the ER and they had to opperate on his stomace and when they cut it open they found like abunch of little worms in there mvoing around and sliding around and eating him. He didn't die but that guy is one rich mofo now after he sued.

Did I make your skin crawl?

Shadowwall, Yautja, 11 years ago

I'm never eating sushi in my life :D

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

I can't express how much i hate you all right now. But someday... you will pay... You will ALL pay. Well, except Xeno.

Shadowwall, Yautja, 11 years ago

:D indd DW you can't get around it

there will always be topic's that do not have an 100 percent relation with AVP

Although the Aliens are pretty scary too and the preds so anyone know a creepy story about them xD

I just made it a bit relevant

shadowatching, Yautja, 11 years ago

blood, that story is old. One of them was with a beehive hair doo.


Being born, with blue lips.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

You COULD get around it if there were still mods in this fucking forum. This forum is like /x/ now. And do you know what happens to /x/? OF COURSE YOU DON'T BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE INTERNET.

the_doctor, Yautja, 11 years ago

oh come on! jeez guys go join an off topic forum or something. this is just silly, im all for discussion but wow, this isnt "are you afraid of the dark".

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

Sorry I haven't been around lately. School is a bitch.