solo_pred, Yautja, 17 years ago

if you have ever played The Legend Of Zelda: ocorina of time you know what im talking about ethire the humans are in the grave yard and find that there was a coliny of preds living in the shadow temple and the Xenoshad a small hive inder neeth the grave yard. or an exploration was going on in death mountain; a volcano.the explorers all get killed because they find an xeno hive in the fire temple the preds find there new hunting grounds there and shotly after, the humans come to wipe out the the aliens or so they think.

predalien_64, Yautja, 17 years ago

the hybred idea is good to


K20A2, Yautja, 17 years ago

hmmm remember guys the hybrid idea is different but no offence a bit flakey. remember keep it to the movies no cross breeding. My opinion is that we continue from the last RPG, have my ship crash land cause of damages sustained from the Queens capture, just so happens their is a established hive on the planet, then the Marines on patrol come across the planet with the Preds trying to repair the ship and keep the waves of aliens from their prize as they are try ing to free her, enter the humans exterminatinthing they can.

K20A2 is equipped with standard Predator armor, 2 wristblades, 2 sidearm blades(acid proof), 2 dics(acid proof), wrist netgun, 2 combisticks(acid proof), plasmacaster, thermalnetting


Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago

oh sry dave ok i vote for iseijin's idea it sounds prity cool :)

Fight Till The Death.
We Wait In The Dark Till The Time To Pounce Is Right.
We Strike Fast And Deadly.
Dont Get To Close I Bite.

Quinn, Yautja, 17 years ago

i like TDns ideas

"This time the B!tch Is Back"

spearhead, Yautja, 17 years ago

i like the icy planet idea because the predators will have trouble cloaking when it snows. i vote this one.

float lilke a butterfly sting like a bee.

the_doctor, Yautja, 17 years ago

i like K20's idea about the ship crashing but i also like the ice planet idea so if we crossed those thats wat id vote for it would be cool to fight in a cold climate sorta like that predator: cold war comic have the preds trying to repair the crashed ship and the queen gets free and starts a new hive ect. ect.

are you predator or prey?


Unknown, Yautja, 17 years ago


i use net gun,combat stick(acid proff),smart disk,2rist blades,and predator armor,3 shurckens,pred helmet with heat and alien seancers,all so i can think about my options and i have a great.

Cerrata, Yautja, 17 years ago

I thought i posted an idea?? oh well here is mine... Instead of ud (predator's) going to aliens, aliens come to us, and alpha draconis is following the aliens to one of our settlement planets (for both Hunters Moon and Balatu) , an icey climate, with mountains eveywhere and large snow covered pine forests with lakes running through sum valleys. the mountains have large caverns and are networked to each other, and if u want a follow on from the last RPG (captured the queen) the xeno's want revenge and take teh fight to us...

Well?? I reckon its alright, original and isolated from real civilisation. Plus with the icy cliamte their will be no radio signals.


Topdogg, Yautja, 17 years ago

thread will be closed tonight 11.30UK time results will follow