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Script for new predators movie

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My AvP movie idea.

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I am just clearing 7 foot. I weigh 340 pounds. Due to my size i am generally quicker than the average predator. I have a quick temper, and am always trying to prove myself. My Uncle is a Predator Weapons Maker and supplies all of my weapons and armor. I am trained very highly in the ways of the combistick and wield 2 at any time. My whole arsenal includes that of a wrist balde which extends to 2 feet long. I hav 2 side shivs which are acid proof. They are made specifically for me and fits straight into my hands. They are 22 inches long, the blade is 15 inches long and is made from a lightweight alloy. I carry also a net launcher and 2 Shurikens. I have not yet aquired a plasmacastor. My armor is consisted of general breast plate and mask with 5 different visionary modes. My shoulders down to my elbows are armour plated and are customized also for mobility. My Legs are armor plated also with alloy. All of my armor is acid proof and very lightweight.