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Since nobody posts in our current RP, I'm putting up the bio thread. Feel free to post questions here as well since nobody posts on the other thread. I'll edit this thread to have a list of accepted participants.

(Honestly, I wanted a mod to post it, but I understand they're busy. Ignore my earlier comment on the other thread. If you bothered to read it :^( )


-Character Name
-Physical Characteristics
-RP Sample

So, that's the basic template. Feel free to modify it if necessary, but realize I will NOT accept minimal effort. You have to try.

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Name: Luka Rosa-Seinfeld

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Physical Characteristics: Luka is a woman of average height for a native of Davor, with and olive skin of its population. She has long, fair black hair, the pride of her father. She seems not to share this appreciation, as much to her father's sustain she keeps her hair rather disheveled while not at work.

Background/Personality: While in the working field Luka has a businesslike demeanor, outside of a professional level she is a warm, exited, though often disorganized woman. Her behavior seems rather typical for a Davorian, as they specialize in tourism, social services, and diplomacy. However, although she is sociable and easygoing, she is somewhat introverted and can become exasperated with people easily.

She grew up in a lower-class area, riddled with social and economic issues she would later help solve. When economic crisis hit, it ended her father's small farm, pushing the family into greater debt. It was then that her mother resorted to selling herself, a decision which would later end her life. Determined not to let his daughter live the same life, Luka's father spent his life savings to get her into the best Universities he could not afford. It paid off however; Luka quickly became a high-ranking official of STEM (an organization that handles many interstellar missions and researches alien society).

Roleplay Sample:
A wave of nostalgia hits me as my eyes gaze at the photograph. A long-forgotten moment, trapped like a mosquito in amber, comes to light. I feel like I've come full circle; from my first job in STEM to now. I even remember how many times I called my dad! Seven, I laugh to myself. I can imagine him looking at me now, seeing how much I've grown.
I tap the oh-so familiar pattern into my Devtech, smiling to myself as a familiar rough voice with a thick accent answers the phone.

"Hello, who speaking?" he sais in a rough attempt at speaking English, which for some reason he fails to grasp despite being the galactic standard.

"Dad, it's me," I answer in a natural and relaxed French, the language I knew from birth.

"Luka! My darling, how is it?"

"Fine, fine. How's it going over there?

"Great! Me and Rosanna are doing well, and so is Steven!"

Ah, his new wife and children I have yet to meet. They married about two years ago; unfortunately, I haven't been able to see them. I have met Rosanna though, and hope to meet my stepbrother soon.
"Good, good. I actually called to give you some good news," I say with a smile in my words that no doubt my father
can hear.

"Hmmm, hun? Finally found yourself a good girlfriend or boyfriend?" he chides.

"Better," I say proudly.

"I got another promotion!"

"That's my girl! You've climbed so high, and so quickly! I couldn't be more proud," he sais, seemingly beaming.
We talk for a while longer, explaining the details of my promotion. After a while, he yelps, apologizes, and shuts
off the phone. I guess my brother's a handful.

I quietly settle into bed, dimming the lights to a more comfortable level. I smile a bit, pulling up the reading application on my Devtech. The latest novel I've been reading is apparently an Earth classic, and as I read it I am amused by the author's sense of humor. The construction plans for the highway being on Alpha Centauri? Genius. The Mongol ancestry leaving nothing genetic but a love for fur hats and destruction? Brilliant.
I end up laughing myself to sleep that night.
(If you guess the reference you get a hug)

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God, all the spacings disappeared. I'll fix it later.

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Isn't that a space oddysey?

More importantly. Working on bio. Be on asap

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Not even close Bobby. Anyway, glad to hear you're working on your bio :^)

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OOOO Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy c: Just watched the movie last night.

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Do yourself a favor and read the books m8, the movie sucks.

Anyway, if you (anyone really) wants help with their bio I know I and others can help :^)

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Pfft, help? Lol, I've been Rping for 8 years bro. Help is prob not a thing i need haha

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I mean everyone in general m8.

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Bumping this cause of the spam.

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Name: Melody Lee.

Gender: Female

Age: 19 years old.

Character Appearance: Even when she was a younger girl, Melody has always been below average, standing shorter than other women, however, this hasn't stopped her from sating her always avid curiosity, with her big, blue eyes. Her hair is of a dark brown color, however, the tips are painted of a bright purple color. She has fair skin, and a lean musculature.

Background: Melody was raised in the New Horizons colony, located on the biggest continent of Breti. Along with her 2 sisters, and brothers, she was raised by his father mostly, as her mother was a scientist for STEM, and was often away, travelling to other planets for research. Because her mother was paid really good, and her father was more or less weatlhy, they never had any kind of financial problems.

However, tragedy did struck the family. One day, the news that her mother had died really devastated the entire family. However, they carried on, although Melody has always wanted to find out what happened to her mother, as the circunstances around her death seem to be... shadowy.

Rp Sample:

It was another beautiful morning on the sunny planet of Breti, and no one in the colony loved than Melody Lee. Since she was a little girl, the thing that she mostly liked to do was to go outside and see the clouds, and the bright, blue skies. This day was not different, and even though her job was often underground, she still had a chance to see the canopy up above while she walked to work.

As she finished brushing her teeth, after eating breakfast, she heard a knock on the door. Quickly finishing up, she went to open, finding her father in the other side. "Dad!" She almost jumped at his arms, making her father to step back, so that he didn't lost balance.

"Dad! You came!" The cheery attitude of the girl made the 40 year old man smile, as he returned the hug. "I just wanted to congratulate you for getting the job on STEM. I'm very proud of you." The man answered. The girl turned up to see her father and flashed a happy grin. "I know! At first I thought that I wouldn't get the job, but then, the notification came!"

"I wouldn't ever doubt about how intelligent you are, daughter. I know that you would be succesful." Her father responded, in the calm, yet kind tone that he always talked. Not even once she had seen him angry. Just, sad. When her mother died. But that was long ago.

"Thank you, dad. You've always supported me. I really don't know what I would do without you." Melody suddenly was interrupted by an alarm. Watching her electronic clock in the wrist, she noticed that it was really late. "OH! NO!" She gave a peck to her father, before running downstairs, as the elevator was out of order. "I hope I don't get late..." She said to herself, before running into the crowded street that was outside her apartment...

Rp Sample 2

The New Horizons colony. One of the biggest and most succesful cities in the human universe, and the place where hundreds of men and women walked in the street everyday, going to their jobs, or simply just walking through the crowded streets, to the many parks that the colony had.

In one of the many avenues, a happy whistling could be heard, set apart from the silent and mostly boring conversations than were taking place around the woman that was merrily walking down the street. Her name was Melody, and without a doubt, she was one of the most bubbly and sweet people on the planet.

Her objective, for now, was to get to her new job, over at STEM Research, in one of the tallest buildings on the city. Of course, this wasn't a work for everyone. A high degree of intelligence, and knowledge of machinery and computers was needed. However, Melody did fulfilled the requirements, and was accepted shortly after the interview and the test she had to take to enter the job.

Now, it was imperative to arrive before it was late. After a close call the first day, now she needed to make sure that she didn't failed again. Fortunatelly, she was now close to the entrance. She just needed to go down the elevator.

"Heya!" She waved to the guard on the entrance, and showed him her I.D.

The guard let her inside, and smiling, she walked to the elevator, and entered inside. Clicking a button, she just waited until the elevator took her to the bowels of STEM, where her work would start.

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Okay, you're in well enough although your RP sample is alot like mine lmao. So your character is a new hire to STEM? What position? Research maybe?

Argonian, Xenomorph, 7 years ago


I can change it if you want.

Yes, I think Research.

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Name: Talus Vau'arc

Age: Unknown, though assumed to be around 250 years of age

Clan: Formerly exiled though accepted into the Hunters moon clan

Height: 6' 8¨

Physical description: Many scratches and scars lining his arms and exposed chest. Armor is very much scattered and older models, though reinforced through his expertise, His mask is a jungle hunter, not very fancy. A few ordinate feathers hang in his longer dreadlocks. His physique is very lean. Skin tone is a light brown with some darker patches on his legs. very little netting on his armor. One of his bracers is broken and he can't figure out how to fix it, however it passes time when its going slowly.

Bio: The large yautja growled as he looked around the jungle moon, nothing more than a scrapyard for his former brethren on his home world. He was outside of one of the many scrapyards fiddling with his new bracer. ¨Work damn you!¨ He continued his mumbling and growling. The bracer wouldn't come out, however he had to be careful he didn't accidentally set off the self destruct. He continued fiddling with it unaware one of the native species had been hunting him. It growled as it leapt at him from above, trying to get a foothold. He roared and extended his one working wristblade to fight it, slashing at its face skillfully, It leapt off and he got up. Taunting it. Waiting for it to come towards him.

He looked at it, in its eyes. All three of them, letting out a small clicking growl. It leapt at him and he used its momentum against it, throwing it over his shoulder and stabbing it repeatedly. Taking its skull and roaring. ¨Good riddance¨ He spat, kicking the body and walking off, orange blood slowly pouring out onto his leg it warmed him. Suddenly three cloaked figures dropped down from the trees above him. Uncloaking it was a few of his old clan mates, ¨Valus, come. We need your help." One of them spoke, he turned ¨Piss off, I have a wonderous life here!" He said, continuing to walk in the direction he was headed.

The predator on the left stopped him. ¨Its your shot to come home, see everyone." He said, Valus turned. ¨Fine, but why now. I know my exile hasn't ended yet.¨ He said, Looking at him, ¨Yes, but we need some old brothers, we're conducting a mission.¨ He said to Valus, walking off. Valus promtly following, *Why would they re accept me, I broke the code. I was stupid and foolish, exiled to this small moon. I learned to survive, but I lost touch with everyone I loved years ago.* He thought as he walked along to their dropships. "I hope this is important, I'd hate to leave my home." He growled looking forward, one of they others turned back. "Its direly important, otherwise we'd have left you to rot on this moon."

Its the first time in a while I've been this excited to RP like this...

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Hey Badapple, there's some things I'd like you to change in your bio. Btw, the reason I asked if you wanted help was mainly to keep with the canon. Anyway, here's some things I'd like you to change.

The Predator's in this clan are all from Hunter's Moon, a mercenary clan that has had many dealings with the Humans. They will accept any Predators (so your Pred can still be an exile) so long as they follow the Clan's codes. I'll actually devote a post to it if anyone cares.

I suggest rewriting your RP sample; I don't think yours is bad, but I feel like you could give insight to your character by having him remiss over his exiled past as he heads towards Centeral to unite with the clan's Human employers.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

No prob I'll edit it tomorrow._

badapple24, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

Sorry for the double post, but My bio is edited, not much changed though I added your suggestions.

Dronehive, Xenomorph, 7 years ago

@ Badapple

I'm fine with accepting you. Cool.

This is going terribly so far.

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For real?

I'm also accepted, right? Just wondering.