If Xenos or Yautjas could exist, which one would you choose?

Malus-Darkblade, Undefined, 15 years ago

Simple enough question. We know about Xenos, we know about Yautjas. They are cool, that's why wey are here. Now he're's the question:

What if they existed? Or rather, what if ONE of them existed?

Which would you rather exist on this planet of earth, and why?

hajou3, Undefined, 15 years ago

I would rather have the yautja be real, because they wouldn't take over our world like the aliens probably would.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 15 years ago

Aliens. They would lower the human population. Humans tend to destroy the earth, and everything that it stands for.

Heheh, just kidding. I'd rather have Predators, because as long as you don't carry a weapon and/or is not a huge thread to them, they're your buddies. Like, Hey man, that guy stole my money! and then the mugger would get his ass kicked.


Yuatja_Hunter, Undefined, 15 years ago

Well i am a yuatja by heart and i am 100% yuatja ALL THE WAY WOOOOO because nobody would ever try and screw with each other and then the US could like have a Yuatja military and the world would live in peace lol

solo_pred, Undefined, 15 years ago

Huh well lets think in the movie aliens the species about wiped out the poplulation of the coloney on the planet and that aliens are ruthless and would probably expand a whole lot moore on earth with as many people it has..

So my point, have yautjas exist, yah they would kill humans but not as much as the Xeno's because Predators are hunters and not Parisites. also preds have rules to their hunting.

rayne, Undefined, 15 years ago

ya i agree with everyone completelly!

P.S. how do i get in the clan room?

predatoress, Undefined, 15 years ago

Bloo - you named the reason why I would want yautjas to exist lol Nevertheless they are selective of their prey and kills only worthy (in most of cases - bad guys with big guns, they deserve to die) leaving the innocent. They have more honor than real life human soldiers who tortures, kills and rapes women, childen and men who are incabeable to defend themselves in the chaos. Aliens, on the other hand, would infect and wipe off everything from the planet.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 15 years ago

I bet they aren't like that on their home planet. I bet they're exactly like insect-like lions, or dragons, who don't really go power-crazy.

scareface, Undefined, 15 years ago

i would rather the preds like everyone els.

cuz if you think about if you put the aliens on earth then there would be no more people the aliens wwould just kill them all but the preds would only kill that satands for a threat

Malus-Darkblade, Undefined, 15 years ago

I dunno...if all the armies of the world united we might be able to drive the bugs back. Remember, we've got something that they don't...

EGOS, which means we also as standard get NUKES!

DeathWraith, Undefined, 15 years ago




I have no idea!

OTANG, Undefined, 15 years ago

ditto Predess.
Plus, Yautja don't kick ass, the slice and dice them.

kaizen12, Undefined, 15 years ago

i wou;d rather prefer preds/yautjas beacuse they have fellings well more feeling than alien/xenos

Pred4lyfe, Undefined, 15 years ago

Yautjas are so much better. Not only do they totally kick ass but it looks to me like they would be great friends too. I must admit that I have covered every inch of my bedroom in my mom's basement with pictures of Yautjas. I'm not sad to say this even though I am a 45 y/o man.

Dreaddeath, Undefined, 15 years ago

I'd have the Yautja exist to. For the same reasons as everyone else stated.

P.S A thank you to whoever got me into this forum. ^ ^

Waralien, Undefined, 15 years ago

Though im not a pred fan id agree with everyone's choice for preds to be real. But with aliens we get super cool pets and the demand for hunting is at a real high. So aliens would be perfect. But then I remeber that people could use them as weapons. And if there is an out break humans would die out. Never mind preds-yes aliens-no.

-Bloo-, Undefined, 15 years ago

Ha, nice.

Actually I think it was Aliens that caused the dinos to die. Then Predators used a comet to cover it up.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 14 years ago

Aliens i tellz ya! Ok, both! That way it would be more fun. Hm... i wonder... if they could coexist, say if they could be forced by humankind to coexist, like if there were a war between humans and preds in which humans to use aliens as weapons and then nuke the preds, and then preds do that big strong laser thing to us and eventually... what was i talking about? OK, forget it!