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-----------RPG Character Description-----------
I am 7ft 5in tall, I have armor like the dark blade clan armor from predator concrete jungle, my fathers mask, medicomp, and wrist computer, a wrist spear gun on my right wrist, a heavy shoulder plasma caster, 3 shurikans,2 combi sticks ones acid proof and the others a regular one, I have wrist blades on my left arm and arm blades on both arms, I have 2 smart discs and one thats half melted(it doesnt fly but can still cut), A sacraficial dagger on my belt, and a maul(that i leave in the weapons locker during most hunts).

How I Became Me

Part one:
I once was a fully blooded predator, but that was a long time ago, I am now only respected as an unblooded, here is my story. I had just finished watching over a hard meat trial from my ship with king of kings and big evil 3 only a year away from being in their own xeno killing trial(all of the unbloods had survived i think it may have been the first time that it had ever happened so i was feeling lucky) so i decided to hunt at a human colony on a nearby planet. I had just began tracking a human, when there was a sharp pain in my neck. I pulled at it and grabbed someting... it was a dart. the last thing i remembered seeing was a predator uncloaking, not just any predator though it was a bad blood, after that everything went black. When i woke up i was in restraints and could feel that from the humming of the floor plates, that I was in space, then i remembered the bad blood i roared and began attempting to break the restraints, but it was no use. The bad blood left to gaurd me extended his glaive after hearing the commotion i made and came over to see what was going on. I knew i had a way to get out of my restraints(luckily this bad blood was lazy and had one end of his glaive just above the ground). I swung my restraints at the end of the glaive breaking them, but also cutting of my index finger on my left hand. The bad blood, not expecting this dropped his glaive and before it hit the ground i grabbed it and in the same motion sliced the bad blood in his stomach, for a second he stayed as he was but then the top of his body fell backwards and his legs collapsed. I was free and I was mad.

part two:
First i checked the dead bad bloods holo map which showed that the ship I was in was just a scout ship so there wouldn't be an elder on it. I then searched on the map for a place where they wouldve put my weapons and armor. When I found it I searched the bad blood for any other weapons. The only weapon he had was a smart disk,and the glaive I killed him with, that was all that I should need for now. I started moving towards where they put my weapons and armor, and when I saw the entrance to where my weapons and armor were, there were 2 bad bloods gaurding it. I threw the smart disc, it cut off one bad bloods right arm then on the way back it cut off his left leg, then I charged at the second one who was just stareing at his fallen comrade and didnt see me coming, and i chopped off his head with the glaive. I got my weapons and armor and began heading to the bridge. I didnt meet any more bad bloods until I got to the bridge. There were three bad bloods all manning control stations. At the same time I threw my combi stick and my smart disk, my combi stick going through one bad bloods head and stoping half way through, the smart disc cutting a second one in half. The third bad blood took out his glaive and stabbed at me wildly. He cuaght me in the side and i fell to my knees. The bad blood thinking he had won let down his gaurd and i fired my speargun, it went right through his chest and stuck into the roof of the ship. I then went to a control station, scanned the ship for any other life signs, then finding four other than mine, I locked the door to the bridge and vented the atmosphere out of the other parts of the ship hoping to kill the rest of the bad bloods on the ship. Then after the life signs died out i set the ship on a course to my home planet.

part three:
When I returned home to my home planet I was almost shot down by my own clansmen because I came in a bad blood ship. Also because I was in a bad blood ship I was trialed for treason, even though the rest of the badblood crew was dead and there was no other roof of me being a traitor, I was found guilty but because of the lack of evidence I was not killed but instead was forced into exile. I only had to live in exile for a little over 5 earth years as a marine exploration team had somehow found the planet and landed on it. It was fairly easy to kill the combat personel crew that remained with the ship, the hardest thing was figuring out how to fly their clunky spacecraft but I figured it out... not well enough though, after only a few hours I lost control of it and crashed on the home planet of the Hunter's Moon clan. after a while they accepted me into their clan but I have yet to have my hard meat trial to prove myself to the Hunter's Moon clan.




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