-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

Oops, I forgot. You're in, DW.

gamefreak33797, Human, 8 years ago

Dang, DW is already a Veteran, lucky him.

JK, welcome back(?) DW.

diablo, Human, 8 years ago

My name is diablo and i wish to join shadow serpents.

concretehunter, Human, 8 years ago

EliteHunter I've been up to my ears in work, Sorry i forgot about your post.

I'll watch you for a week, Keep your nose clean and you're a shoe in.

Xenotor, Human, 8 years ago

My name is Xenotor and I have been inactive but look forward to being active, I wish to join THE HIVE.

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

@diablo: Noted. You'll have a 2 week probation period where we'll monitor your activity. You'll be fine as long as you post somewhat regularly and don't cause any trouble. Welcome and I hope you have fun here.

@Shockwave and Ultimate-Xeno,

On top of your repeated requests to join the clan (which were the original reason you weren't getting in just yet), you both participated in one of the most pointless arguments I've ever seen in the AVP4 topic.

Shockwave, I have even more reason to be talking to you, since you deliberately ignored DD's orders to stop arguing. You even went on about some nonsense about hulking out, which I'm going to take as a threat.

I don't care that you said it was over in that post, it was made after DD warned you two not to make any more stupid comments. It was unnecessary and was only said to illicit a response - unfortunately, GF took the bait, but I'm glad it wasn't DH.

I know DH technically started the hostility, but you two were already on a train of off-topic nonsense, and I've already talked to DH in the clan room about it.

You two are ALWAYS in some sort of off-topic discussion in any given thread EXCEPT the off-topic thread. It's cool that you're buddies. I don't mind. Exchange e-mail addresses and stop cluttering the threads. Just because your gaming discussion is about an AVP game doesn't automatically make it relevant to every thread.

Since I'm not a staff member, I can't issue you any warnings if you DO bring this up again in any thread, off-topic or otherwise, but I CAN do this:

You both failed your trials.

Before you go off about me being unfair, just know that I was actually supposed to let both of you in later this week. The only reason your probation periods were longer than normal was because of the constant requests to join IN ADDITION to the aforementioned PS3 spam.

You can certainly try for us again in the future, but I'd make it a couple of months at the very least.

shockwave, Human, 8 years ago

hmmmm mabye ill try agian this summer, hehe i understand. I wonder how UX is going to react. Ill wait and see, i can already picture it.

edit: i think ill try agian in June. Thats if im not to busy with my work at home

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

That was actually a much better response than I was expecting, so I think a second chance sometime over the summer is certainly possible.

FireHunter, Human, 8 years ago

Xenotor, your probation period starts now, 2 weeks from now, if you've posted in on-topic threads and have stayed out of any arguments during that time, you'll be let in. Also, just leave it to asking once, every time you ask will restart the two weeks.

Shockwave and Ultimate-Xeno, any more ignoring of the Moderators and I'll issue a warning if another mod doesn't first.

ultimate-xeno, Human, 8 years ago

Yeah im sorry for starting arguments with other members, i wish i could get a second chance but i guees not so ill try to join a different clan but im not sure which one yet.

gamefreak33797, Human, 8 years ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can rejoin in sometime, maybe in like about a month or two, just try not to argue.

ultimate-xeno, Human, 8 years ago

Oh, okay then, ill try again in a month or two along with shockwave.

diablo, Human, 8 years ago

name: diablo
clan id like to join: shadowserpents

diablo, Human, 8 years ago

my bad for asking more than once
it wont happen again

Kirby-Cage, Human, 8 years ago

Actually Its more our fault for not acknowledging your request in the first place, consider yourself under watch now and I've been tracking you for the past few days anyways.

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

My bad, I actually did let you know you were under watch but I placed it in the same post as when I let Shockwave and Ultimate-Xeno know they weren't in the clan. No penalty towards you.

ultimate-xeno, Human, 8 years ago

soooooo bloo ill be able to try again i 2 months say.

Claws, Human, 8 years ago

hey guys i want to join the Shadow Serpents(Dont tell him but Bloo rocks even though I dont know him that well but his Rping posts are awesome.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 8 years ago

Ok Claws your under watch. I am sad to say that sweet talking Bloo won't get you in the clan any fast but hey, A+ for effort. Now go out there and be active.

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

That's very nice of you, but I have a girlfriend, and her name's Rosie.

Like Kirby said, though, you're under watch. See you on the other side, buddy.