DarkClaw, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Man I wish they would make another AVP extinction game.

Auto_Pred, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Great news, cant wait for AVP3 I have a 360 and PC so Ile be picking up which ever version suits me. If online is free Ile probably buy it on PC, If not Ile pick up the 360 version.

Man I wish they would make another AVP extinction game.

That was the worsted Alien/Predator/AVP game ever made, horrible.

DarkClaw, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I thought the alien and human story was great, not so much predator. could have been better but hey every one has there opinion.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

@Auto: Uh... if you think it's the worst AVP game ever made, why do you want another game like it? I'm just curious.

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Major thought confliction there auto,

I'm hoping the new AVP game doesn't deviant from the way AVP2 is. AVP2 is still a great game, its just showing its age, I could list a few things that I'd like to see changed or added. Above all I'd just like to see a highly updated verison of AVP2 as the new game.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I'd much rather have avp1 remade with the engine that splinter cell double agent was made with. Avp2 will simply never be good enough for me... i have to use tons of addons to make it enjoyable.