Peterson, Human, 10 years ago

Carlson sighed, leaning back in the pilot’s chair of the UNSC Titannia, one of the largest cruise ships of its class. While most of his co-pilots and passengers were busy having the time of their lives onboard, here he was stuck in the cockpit, bored out of his brains.
At least he had company, one of the co-pilots, a good-looking blonde called Georgina, sat in another chair to his left, gazing wondrously into the vast blackness before them, dotted with the occasional star bright enough to shine through the tinted windows. The nearest star was behind them, out of sight. They were in a relatively new solar system and cruising through to get to their destination.

Immediately something caught Georgina’s eye, and she straightened up with an excited look in her young eyes, she couldn’t have been older than twenty-five.
“Look!” She exclaimed, pointing energetically towards a large, dark mass, “Take the tint out of the windows, I want a better view!” She commanded Carlson, who raised an eyebrow, still leaning back. She stared at him blankly for a second, and immediately she looked apologetic.
“My apologies, sir, may I take the tint out of the window, sir?” She asked, sheepishly.
“Go ahead, just not too much” Carlson smirked, he didn’t really care about the formalities, he just liked reminding her who was the superior, as she often forgot.

As the window became less and less opaque, a huge, green planet was revealed before them, both Carlson and Georgina gasped in amazement at their discovery. No habitable planet had been charted in this system, which meant they had discovered a new planet for colonisation, and there was a lot of money in that. Georgina couldn’t contain her excitement, and leaped from her chair into Carlson’s lap, pressing her mouth to his, he didn’t pull back; he had been interested in her for a long time and he had hoped this would happen.

But in their victorious kiss, they failed to note the asteroid belt that ringed the planet. Immediately an asteroid struck the back of the ship, throwing the Titannia off-course and into the planet’s gravitational pull.
A massive fireball split the sky, speeding towards the planet’s surface like a spear of holy fire. The impact was huge, a noise akin to that of close thunder tore through the relative silence of the jungles, and strange birds cleared the area in cloud-like flocks. The Titannia continued moving along the ground for almost four miles before finally coming to rest beside a thick, roaring river.

Deep under the ground in a vast, dark cavern, the Queen stirred, a slough of dust cascaded to the floor. More dark shapes rose from the eerie mist that hung low to the ground like a sheet, vague beams of light shone down from small holes in the ceiling, water fell through the holes in glimmering streams, to pool on the ground or to run slickly off of the black exoskeletons of slumbering xenomorphs that rested beneath the small rifts in the cavern’s ceiling.

The xenomorphs awoke, stretching their long-dormant bodies and scuttling about the hive, heading for the exits, they could sense nearby hosts, about twenty-six miles east. Among the hordes of smaller xenomorphs a group of larger, more defined creatures arose from the mist, the largest of which, a mighty Yautja-xenomorph hybrid, unleashed a bellow signalling the revival of the hive…

Above the planet’s surface, another ship burst into existence, the Yautja spacecraft hovered still and silent above the planet before discharging seven drop-pods and vanishing into space yet again.

On the surface, the drop-pods all landed with a series of booms, unaware of the human ship crash-landed only eighteen miles west. The seven sleek drop-pods glimmered in the sunlight, and the doors cracked open, revealing the Yautja within, demons in wombs of metal.

An alarm sounded in a distant planet controlled by the UNSC Special Operations Department. As the Watch officer took note of a frigate class vessel distress beacon sounding from a distant planet the movement orders started flowing through the base. In almost an instant an empty base that could have passed as a ghost town sprung to life with men and women running about grabbing equipment and starting tactical vehicles. Within the hour the USS VAE VICTUS was enroute to the mystery ships distress call.


tawganator, Human, 10 years ago

Within the lower levels of the Hive where the light does reach and only the sound of water and shallow hisses exist, a dark figure begins to stir. As life renters his being the sound of activity comes from the above chambers and the once almost peaceful room that he has been apart of for so long suddenly takes on a whole new life. Movement and aggressive sounds pollute the air as the fellow Xenos awaken. Almost hesitantly Tawganator rises from the wet floor and heads for the nearest exit of the Hive where he will travel east in search of hosts and prey for his Hive.

Once outside Tawganator entered the dense jungle and moved slowly through it's dark undergrowth careful not bring attention to himself. The jungle was alive with the sound of small animals and birds that have become at unease due to the recent Hive activity. This is very different to what he had come used to, the noise of the jungle only serves to fuel him on, once this is over he will be able to return to his silent home.

Tawganator stops in his tracks, he can sense something up ahead.

FireHunter, Human, 10 years ago

FireHunter stretched, having made sure that its potent vocal cords were in check, it began to stand, unused joints cracked as they stretched for the first time in a decade.
The Hive was dark, but it didn't matter to FireHunter, its xenomorph vision worked just as well no matter what level of light there was, and so it made its way to the Queen, who was also just stretching her long-dormant muscles.

FireHunter's low growl of acknowledgement earned a soft, loving croon from the Queen, FireHunter didn't always get hosts for the Hive, but it surely did a job of eliminating threats, which, the pheromones from the Queen suggested, was almost exactly what they would need. The Queen's pheromones also spoke that FireHunter would need to try and bring as many hosts to the Hive as possible, and only eliminate hostile organisms if there was no other way.

FireHunter wasn't pleased with this, and it let its pheromones show its displeasure at the command, while letting the Queen know her orders would not go disobeyed. FireHunter turned and strode towards the seething wall of Xenomorphs all fighting to get to the surface. FireHunter grabbed one of its brethren and pulled it off the wall, and joined the others in their climb to the surface, literally throwing away any other Xenomorph that moved too slowly.

On the surface FireHunter's claws emerged from one of the small holes in the ground, water slithered around the black talon, which disappeared before smashing a bigger hole in the ground, the creek that ran over the hole spilled in, and let the light of day into the Hive. FireHunter emerged, a watery demon from the dark depths of a hell all too real. Behind it, more Xenomorphs spilled like ants into the sunlight, and vanished into the jungles surrounding.

FireHunter, however, locked onto the faint traces of a pheromone all too familiar, humans must be on the planet, it could sense their electrical equipment as well as the humans themselves.

concretehunter, Human, 10 years ago

Concretehunt was a middle man, Not old enough or wise enough to become a elder, and not young enough and stupid enough to be newblood. This was his trial, Get dropped in with a bunch of harderned vets of war and try to keep up with there standards. Equiped was his favorie weapon, a maul, Plus the standard wristblades.

The pods crack open and instantly barley visible figures emerge cloaked from there pods.

Concretehunt flicks through all his vision types to find no life in the surrounding area. "Clear, Deathdrop you are wise, They tell me nothing of our objective. Why are we here?"

Dark, Human, 10 years ago

A pod landed next to concrete hunters pod, A young yautja stepped out, young and fresh from the trial period, Dark was ready for his first official hunt supervised by Deathdrop, Dark watched as Concrete hunter peered into his wrist bracer before Dark suddenly realized the threats ahead of them as he saw a sleek black shape slowly stalking something, Dark rushed ahead to investigate.

supersonicman96, Human, 10 years ago

Super Pod crashed onto the planet, knocking down tree's along the way. The pod had been destroyed in a previous hunt but Super fixed it...barely. Super stepped out, and looked around on the planet. His brothers and sisters were here as well. This was supers first group hunt and he was surrounded by the most powerful hunters around. Super flicked through his vision modes but saw no prey but he swore he could hear hissing. Super decided to check his weapons while he waited for all the yautja's to arrive.

Gaunt, Human, 10 years ago

A ripper in the swarm.

Gaunt scurried along with the living flood that were his brothers and sisters, moving in an almost chaotic and frustrated motion as he did, his tiny form ingulfed by the masses of his family, The Will of The Hive, all eagerly rushing up and out, through any exit they could find, searching the very construct they had built, and forgotten.

The mind played tricks, the slumber had been long, what had once been a well constructed and know home, now lay in the ancients of its glory days, the dust and loose resin brushing away at the slightest movement or breeze, the clacker and splitter of bones shook the air as they too broke into sweaming clouds of dust, nothing more than memories of those conquests of age, as they were exstinguished beneath the teaming hordes of hell, to make way for the newest salvatiors.

That they all drove to catch the rich and promising scents of the pheremones, that eerie, sweet fog that sweept down to greet them, it was not mistaken. Gaunt realed his head back, taking in a gasp of the surrounding atomosphere before launching himself up, scutting and valting over spines of his Breatherin as he ascended.

Leaping off the head of one Brother, Gaunt left the sunken tomb world where they had all slumbered for so long, gripping to the surface of the planet with his brazened, dusty claws. Yhe air of his exoskeletal skin felt nostalgic in a sense as he stretched out, the wind sweeping his form clean as he went about watching his Sisters and Brothers, running off in frenzied excitement, in almost every direction.

He took in some more of the air around him, taking a deep breath, to get his senses back in play. There were too many presences on this planet to count, it pleased Gaunt immensely to see. Turning off to the jungles of the now enlightened tomb world, he scurried, breaking into the foliage and out of ordinary view. Humans were in the track of his gaze, but also more familiar scents, the scents of his higher Breatherin, and the hunt only got fun when you could cause havok with others.

The Hive had awoken once more, the planet would tremble in their pressence, once again, for it would stay under their grasp for intended aeons.

Deathdrop, Human, 10 years ago

Deathdrop checked his wirstcomp as he answered the question, trying desperately to ignore the withdrawal symptoms.

"There's very little to understand here; the elders want to see who's worth a damn. Find the Hard Meat, kill the Hard Meat."

His wristcomp glowed, displaying a holographic map of the area. It was old, but picked up the beacon all the same. The xenos were wakening, and sooner than expected. Good.

"Oh, and if anyone gets impregnated, give the rest of us a warning before you blow yourself up."

Unsheathing his wristblades, Deathdrop set out into the trees.

Peterson, Human, 10 years ago

Aboard the Vae Victus Lieutenant Peterson sat aburptly in bis quarters inspecting every single inch of his equipment. He was getting old he felt it in his bones, after nearly 15 total years in the USCM he was only a First Lieutenant, Having been passed up for captain twice already his company was skimpy on marines and for all odds and ends by no means prepared for a full scale conflict. Sighing to himself he loaded a fresh magazine into his pistol and holstered it as he started for the briefing room. A young Private stood at attention in full combat gear at the door of the briefing room, he opened the door and stepped inside, as Peterson entered the room the Private shouted "Attention on Deck, Company Commander on deck!". "At ease gentlemen" Peterson said calmly walking to the front of the room. "At 2200 hours zulu time USCM TAC CON-1 received an emergency distress beacon from a class-VI Frigate, we dont know what happend but because command hates us we're being sent in to investigate and render any assistance required." Taking a pause Peterson spits into a bottle sitting on the top oh his lecturn. "This is supposed to be a rescue mission, how ever the fact that they are sending us down there frightens the hell out of command therefore we've been ordered a full combat load with two drop ships and two apc teams. We will have another drop ship on standby here aboard the Vae Victus. Gentlemen do we have any questions?" Looking around the room his senior marines all seemed content on the brief sighing once again peterson spit into his bottle, "Alright gents we have a total of 10 hours before we reach the planet lets make sure everything is set to go, DISMISSED!" He barked before walking out of the room.

PREDATORv2, Human, 10 years ago

Predatorv2 cautiously exited his drop pod. The encompassing jungle was dense with foliage, making it grueling for one to gain any bearing. He surveyed his surroundings; a light mist hung above the ground, the jungle was alive with sounds from the native population. It was favorable that Predatorv2's drop pod landed so close to his fellow hunters'. He could hear the growls and groans of his comrades communicating off in the distance, some of it he was able to comprehend.

Predatorv2 understood this was a elementary hunt. This particular hunting party comprised of mostly armature warriors guided by a few seasoned veterans, including himself. Predatorv2 diligently made his way towards the sounds. Slowing his pace once his eyes landed upon a familiar figure which appeared to match the profile of the elder Death Drop. Greeting his new companion Predatorv2 noticed other figures stealth fully following Death Drop route. 'Must be the rest of the pack', Predatorv2 pondered to himself.

supersonicman96, Human, 10 years ago

Super saw his brothers and sisters following Deathdrop, a truly fierce warrior and elder. Super greeted his brothers and sisters and decided to train a bit for a while. Veterans made it a point to point out super's flaws in his fighting. After a few short spars, Super decided to scout ahead. He got permission from a veteran and then super took to the trees.

Super found no traces of prey yet but then super spotted it, a beat up piece of metal with a peculiar text on it. He reconized it as human but he didn't fully understand their language yet. Super returned back to his hunting pack and showed the metal to one of his elders.

DarkLioness, Human, 10 years ago

DarkLioness charged through the foilage with an interested hiss as she turned her ridged head up to the sky. It felt go to run again and to feel the energy of an eager hive. The Warrior had been a little late in exiting the Hive as she was one of the last to awaken. Once she outside she moved as fast as she could to the trees on this DarkLioness picked up unknown scents as well as those of her fellow Hive mates. DarkLioness hisses gleefully as she detects the scent of both humans and the Yautja. DarkLioness touches a claw to the old spear wound on her chest she received from a Yautja. How nice it would be to tear into the flesh of one of those hunters again. The Warrior Xenomorph hissed again before heading the same direction as Gaunt. This was going to be fun.

tawganator, Human, 10 years ago

Carefully Tawganator crept closer towards the creature that he sensed. Upon investigating what he thought would be a possible host turns out to be nothing more than a rodent like beast, to small to be worth bringing back to the Hive but just the right size for a small meal.

Tawganator positioned himself to attack the small creature knowing that he must successfully land a blow before the creature has time to react, otherwise it would sprint away into the undergrowth and possibly into a burrow where it would be pointless to waste any more energy on. Tawganator sprung on the unsuspecting creature pinning it's head to the ground with his long withered like hand. The creature let out an unpleasant shriek filled of surprise and fear. For that moment Tawganator's head was filled with the sounds of all creatures nearby scurrying and flying away and of his small prey calling for help all the while Tawganator bites into it's neck and begins to feast.

The sounds around him disappear as it is drowned out by the sound of pouring blood. The blood sounds like the water laden depths of the Hive. Every squelching bite sounded like the small sudden movements the other would make while sleeping in there damp nests. This sound was peaceful to him but as the faster he ate the more erratic he would do so. Tawganator began rolling around in the remains of his food. He dipped his head into the tiny pool of blood that had formed from his eating, but it wasn't enough. He then grabbed remains of the creature and began rubbing them over his head then the rest of his upper body. Tawganator rises from the ground, stands upright and lets out a blood chilling scream.

Tawganator is an averaged sized Xenomorph but with a few defining characteristics. His limbs have a wrinkle like appearance and his dome is covered in faint white scars. Standing there in the jungle covered in red and over the messy carcase, Tawganator looked like a true monster.

After a short minute and a fleeting moment of serenity, Tawganator returned to the undergrowth and continued his mission to east in search of suitable hosts for the Hive.

Waralien, Human, 10 years ago

As the mists in his mind faded War awoke from his long slumber. The first thing he noticed was that he was being dragged. Tilting his head slightly, he gazed upon his Alpha Firehunter. War shook him off and greeted him before heading off one of the long tunnels that emerged from the mountain top. He could hear the Queen in his mind, calling out to her children, demanding hosts for a new generation of brothers and sisters. Though War knew that was the primary objective, he wanted to scope out the terrain, he wanted to see for himself just what was out there now.

After a few moments of climbing, War reached the exit and tasted the air for the first time in a long while. It tasted fresh, but there was something off. There were other things in the air. War scanned the surrounding jungle. Everything seemed to look as it did before. War then noticed the fires erupting from a great distance away. Something crashed there, a ship? War then caught the scent, it was unmistakable, Humans. But there was something else in the air. At first it was barely noticeable, but it grew in strength. War knew this smell all too well. The Hunters are here.....

War raced back through the tunnels to try and catch up to the rest of his brood, no doubt they are far closer to the ship than he is.

concretehunter, Human, 10 years ago

"I know the drill" Concrete groaned. The only reason he was with these amatures is because of what happend on Satur 5. It still annoys him how much the elders overreacted to Concrete jumping head first into a wampa nest.

Concrete crouched down and began inspecting his maul, A less conventional weapon for a yautja. Not "Sneaky" enough the elders say. But Concrete knows the power of this weapon. A heavy blow could drop a mamoth. This is what makes Concrete special.

"Light steps, heavy blows brethren" Concrete said before cloaking.

supersonicman96, Human, 10 years ago

The elder he brought the metal said that the words were Titannia.There was a slight hint of anger in his voice. Super didn't pretend he didn't know how older yautja's felt about him,he was young,unblooded, they sometimes even question Super's skills but Super didn't believe that age determined strength but rather what you can do.Maybe it was just Super's outlook on life that affected this. Super decided to bring more proof of human presence.

Super traversed through the trees to avoid being seen and he cloaked himself just in case humans truly were here. Super found human armor, what the humans call weapons, he forgot if it was pronounced gouns or goons.He also saw the oddest sight, a pool of blood and what was left of a animal. Judging from the amount of blood and the animals remains, it was small...and helpless. He saw tracks leading away to somewhere.They weren't human tracks or Yautja tracks...they were serpent tracks. Super saw fire in the distance where the tracks headed to. Super decided to tell either deathdrop,Predatorv2, or perhaps another elder. Perhaps he had discovered the prey.

Mebber, Human, 10 years ago

"Give me a sit rep."

Alexander 'Mebber' Blavatsky wasn't in a very good mood. Actually, he was never in a good mood, since he wasn't a very brightly person. Anyway, he was the second-in-command of the USMC Vae Victus, and he didn't had to be a bright person as long as he got his job done.

"No sign of the USMC Titannia within sensor range, sir. No other vessels detected, too."

The flight officer in the chair in front of Mebber looked intensely on the various monitors in front of him.
Mebber didn't cared for monitors. He took another swallow of his almost-cold coffe.

"Don't tell what's not there. Tell me anything useful instead," Mebber replied with a monotone voice.
He wasn't nervous. In all of his years of service, all he had seen in action were easy bug hunts, ugly but easy pacification operations and other standard stuff. He didn't expect this mission to be different in any way.

The flight officer checked some of his instruments for awhile. "Minor magnetic traces. Maybe small pieces of metal debris." He activated some devices on his console which started to beep immediately. Mebber didn't knew what they were good for, but he didn't cared about that anyway.

"Yeah, it's debris. Not enough for the entire ship."
The officer turned on another obscure switch on his console.
"That's it. There's a large metallic object on the planet, coords 46.7/21.5. No distress signal anymore, no response to our hailings. Their comm device must be completely broken."

Mebber took another swallow of his coffe, which was definitely cold now. He looked at the unmapped planet spinning around slowly just in front of the main bridge window.

"Call the LT in the hangar bay. Tell him, we've got to go down.

Let's see what's going on down there."

DarkLioness, Human, 10 years ago

DarkLioness had trailed after Gaunt for a while but now she was interested in something else. She spotted a small pig like creature with two tailsa nd short stubby legs. It was rooting around in the soil seeking food ans was unaware of the Xenomorph creeping behind it. DarkLioness liked to tease her prey before killing it and even then the death was slow and painful. DarkLioness hissed at the creature alerting it to her presence. The creature turned around and squeak in alarm before darting off intot he bushes. The Warrior was right behind the little animal which didn't get very far away. It's legs were not ment for speed so the creature only made it twelve feet before it was swiped from the side the Xenomorph's tail. Lioness stood over the creature and bared her teeth at it and hissed as she held the animal down with a clawed hand. The animal squealed and cried out in fear as Lioness raised her tail into the air. With a shriek the Xenomorph Warrior brought her tail down and impaled the creature in the abdomen drawing blood. The creature wasn't dead yet but it was in terrible pain as DarkLioness seemed to want to keep it alive just a little longer. Lioness tilted her head at the animal as she appeared to look it over. It wouldn't make a good host but it would make a nice small meal for her. As for keeping it alive longer DarkLioness had a nasty habit of torturing and tormennting her prey. The Warrior lifted her tail over the shaking and and bleeding animal and stabbed it again in the chest. It cried out in pain some more before DarkLioness leaned her head towards it's face and shot her inner mouth into her prey's head killing it instantly. DarkLioness fested on the little animal until her hunger was satiated before she slipped off into the forest as she stealthily made her way towards the wrecked ship.

Dark, Human, 10 years ago

Dark saw that ahead was Darklioness, impaling a small pig creature, amused and enraged at her ways, Dark saw her sprinting towards a human ship "Humans!" Dark thought with shock. But before he would have a go at the humans, Dark set his sights on Darklioness, and unsheathed his wrist blades and set his targetting laser at her.

concretehunter, Human, 10 years ago

Concrete sighs at the poor pacing of the youngbloods story telling.

"Did anyone else watch the horizon as we came in? I saw a bright flash, Perhaps a solar flare but none are due for this season." Concrete said uncloaking, Clearly this would take some time.

Already the youngbloods were running around uncloaked and picking fights in eachother.

Concrete gripped his maul tighter and walks up to dark grabbing his shoulder.

"I was like you once, Young, Stupid. But most of all eager. You youngbloods think you have to be wanting to kill constantly, You are raised to think that we hunters are just killers in a suit. But that is not the case. Killing is an art for us, It is how we live. We could be pilots or medics. But no, We chose to hunt. For pride. We are here to sniff the air and track. That is the beauty really, If we found everything we killed right away then it would be boring and have no skill. No fun.

No honor.

First you sensors are all screwed up. There is no life for miles, Second you're delirous from exitement, You're seeing things. Please, Calm down. I know this is your first hunt. Savor it, Dont go around thinking you can take on the world. You are not strong, Not yet anyway. I have faith in you two. But please, Let the elders show you how its done or you will wind up being stabbed through the throat by the very prey you are supposed to kill. "

Concrete turned away and walked back towards the elders.

"Ill watch the reer" Concrete said to deathdrop.

Waralien, Human, 10 years ago

As War ran through the jungle, the smells began to overwhelm him. Smoke, ash, decay, human, hunter, his brothers and sisters, it all clouded and meshed into one huge scent. After awhile of running, War lost track of the scent of Firehunter. It was too mixed with every other scent that was parading through the air. Hissing in fustration, War had to clear his head of all these smells. He knew that by doing this, he would loose the scent entirely, but he rather come across a foe with a cleared head than one fogged with all these aromas.

He climbed a nearby tree and took in the fresh air. He paused and realized the stillness in the air. No sounds, nothing.....that's good he thought. Nothing has happened yet. He craned his head toward the source of the smoke. He was still very far from the crash site. And judging by the smells he could distinguish from his vantage point, so were everyone else.

War continued to pause and think about the layout of the forest in that particular area. From what he remembered of his last venture on this surface, that part of the jungle is very dense, too many trees and just as much undergrowth. This would give some of his smaller brethren an advantage if they should come across anything. As for him and the larger ones, it may prove difficult at first, unless we choose to destroy the landscape. Very time and effort consuming, but it would be better for them.

War began flicking his tail back and forth watching the rhythm. This reminded him of the hunters he came across many years ago, darting between the trees, trying to evade his line of sight. Clever strategy, would have worked too if it wasn't for the sheer numbers his family provided. But that strategy won't work twice, these hunters are adaptable, much like his species.

Sucking in the air and tasting it in the process, War picked up a familiar taste. Gaunt, the chestburster was nearby. War scanned the canopy and jumped from tree to tree, trying to catch up to the nimble creature.

Better to have numbers than wander alone on this battlefield War silently thought.