Predator 2



Predator wreaked havoc in the jungle and struck box-office gold, so Hollywood logic dictated that Predator 2 should raise hell in the big, bad city. Los Angeles, to be specific, and this near-future L.A. (circa 1997) is an ultra-violent playground for the invisibility-cloaked alien that hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger in the previous film. Scant explanation is given for the creature's return, and because Ah-nuld was busy making Total Recall, Danny Glover was awkwardly installed as the maverick cop (is there any other kind?) who defies a government goon (Gary Busey) to curtail the alien's inner-city killing spree. But why bother, when the victims are scummy Colombian drug lords? Don't look for intelligent answers; director Stephen Hopkins favors wall-to-wall action over sensible plotting, allowing Stan Winston's more prominently featured Predator to join the ranks of iconic movie monsters. The promise of Alien vs. Predator was only fulfilled in comic books, but look closely: there's a familiar-looking skull in the Predator's trophy case!


Predator 2?


I thought the movie was great, unlike the first one, you saw the predator alot more in action. but the first one had way more mystery behind it.

what i thought of the second one was " Oh my god this is great! the smart disc just sliced through the bad man!"

my view of the First one, " OMG SKINNED HUMANS! WTF IS THIS?!!"

4/5 movie.

2 is better than 1


i love this movie it was the first predator movie i ever saw. the predator one was to slow and took place in a jungle like every other war movie dose. in predator 2 he hunts us in our natural inviroment the city. ya dont go hunting in the zoo ya go hunting in the wild and our cities are wild.



I watched this movie a few days ago. Really it was awesome movie.



Predator II

Really it's amazing movie ever. Because i never seen in my
life for this type action movie.

An Underrated Gem

Its me again man

When I was a kid this was my fave sci fi movie, the first was great but this one had more action and my young mind fell in love with this badass alien taking heads and hunting the biggest game he could find. This is a really underrated gem I love this movie although I do agree the first is better now this movie was one of the coolest sci fi actioners to come out at the time!

Alein vs predtor


One my brothers is thiking of bring me to dr. Slaters tonight or tomarrow night i do want to be come an alein though.

Predator 2


Predator 2 really hit it off for me. The best part about it is being able to see the diversity and mystery of the Predator culture as they end the movie with the entire Predator clan....leaving us to wonder...