Predator 2



Predator wreaked havoc in the jungle and struck box-office gold, so Hollywood logic dictated that Predator 2 should raise hell in the big, bad city. Los Angeles, to be specific, and this near-future L.A. (circa 1997) is an ultra-violent playground for the invisibility-cloaked alien that hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger in the previous film. Scant explanation is given for the creature's return, and because Ah-nuld was busy making Total Recall, Danny Glover was awkwardly installed as the maverick cop (is there any other kind?) who defies a government goon (Gary Busey) to curtail the alien's inner-city killing spree. But why bother, when the victims are scummy Colombian drug lords? Don't look for intelligent answers; director Stephen Hopkins favors wall-to-wall action over sensible plotting, allowing Stan Winston's more prominently featured Predator to join the ranks of iconic movie monsters. The promise of Alien vs. Predator was only fulfilled in comic books, but look closely: there's a familiar-looking skull in the Predator's trophy case!




has a great story and avp ty-in. danny glover does great plus there is more predator footage and new weapons. just as good as the first one.

Pred. 2 was not that good


the movie was really stupid they had no good actors the only cool part was when the guy went on the predator ship and saw all of the skulls and stuff

1 is better than 2


i have all the predator movies i liked the 1st one better than predator 2 but predator 2 is still very good thats why im giving it 3 stars.



yes this movie wasn't what i expected. it was almost as good as the first one but almost dosen't cut it. 4/5

My thoughts on the film


Well... Predator definatly beats Predator 2 hands down; can't really say why, but that's my opinion. The movie was very entertaining, and for that I give it 3 stars. And to "rage901" two comments down, how can you say Predator 2 had no good actors?! Last time I checked Danny Glover is a tramendous actor, and his role in the film was pretty good.

Good film


a very good film but i could say it needed abit more mystery around it. all in all a great film

awesome movie


i loved predator2 it was very cool wit all the cool gadgets the predator uses and the new scene for the predator...... concrete jungle

Out Of Box


Hi.. it was a amazing stuff from the producers of this movie.. Lots of action and breath taking stills.. i hope directors and producers keep coming with new series of predators..