Predator 2



Predator wreaked havoc in the jungle and struck box-office gold, so Hollywood logic dictated that Predator 2 should raise hell in the big, bad city. Los Angeles, to be specific, and this near-future L.A. (circa 1997) is an ultra-violent playground for the invisibility-cloaked alien that hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger in the previous film. Scant explanation is given for the creature's return, and because Ah-nuld was busy making Total Recall, Danny Glover was awkwardly installed as the maverick cop (is there any other kind?) who defies a government goon (Gary Busey) to curtail the alien's inner-city killing spree. But why bother, when the victims are scummy Colombian drug lords? Don't look for intelligent answers; director Stephen Hopkins favors wall-to-wall action over sensible plotting, allowing Stan Winston's more prominently featured Predator to join the ranks of iconic movie monsters. The promise of Alien vs. Predator was only fulfilled in comic books, but look closely: there's a familiar-looking skull in the Predator's trophy case!


I reckon the predator 2 film was good


I reckon the predator 2 film was good and i liked the idea of new weapons but.I hated the idea that the Predator is extreamly weak in predator 1 the predator was very close from killing arny and in predator 2 the predator got smashed up!!!! and it shows that the film is a lil set up like if he cant kill a cop how the hell did he killan alien! ffs well i loved the gore in it and the part were he 1st uses his disk on dat dude in the silver suit but in all i think it was not as good as the 1st one but its ok

this movie was the bomb


this movie was the bomb. i loved it so much, how at the begging the cops the druggys! best openning secruence ever! 1being bad 10 being wonderful, its a 10,000!!!!! and trust me im a harsh rater. the ending is the best scecnes in the world! this is the first daybrue by the entire predator squad, ship, king or... woops sorry, anyway, dont even rent this movie, if you ask me, i made a mistake to rent it, so dont make the same mistake i did. go buy this movie because i know you will love this movie. if your not a alien or predator fan dont buy it. i bet alien fans will enjoy this movie. oh, and this movie is one of the most adventuers movie. if you beat predator: cj then you might have a better understanding about the predator. there is one "bad" part of the movie! its just odd where the predators hid thier ship, well auctally its a good idea, no one would of suspeced to find it there,should i tell you,... nah, you wouldnt beleive me anyway.
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this movie was awsome but wasnt as good as the first but i still liked it getting keven peter hall back as the predator and this time danny glover sweeeet!

predator 2 was good !


predator 2 was a very good moovie it had lots of violence and sweet action i think i would award it 4/5 stars

predator 2


that movie is awsome

the bomb


predator 1 was so good that they made a second i cant wait for the third

predator 2 suked


that movie was so bad i woulnt even watch it on tv it had no good actors and it was cheesy the first one was awsome but it went down hill when they came out with this one



OK,this movie is beter the game predator concrete jungle, you now why beacus it has the COOOOOOOOOOLEEEST PREDATOR !!!!!!!!!!HE HAS OVER 50 VISOINS 20 WEAPONS AND THAT'S JUST FOR STARDERS