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Nathaniel David Benjamin Reverand.
Corporal 1st Lance.

Joined the Academy at the age of 20. Scored top off the class every year in marksmanship, demolitions, mental and physical apptitude.
After a Private for Only 6 months Was promoted to Corporal 1st Lance due to the enourmous amount of skill and leadership shown in the civil colonial war that erupted on Omega III. Taking command of a squad after the sargent had been hit and then continuing on with their mission and carrying out success also earned him a badge of honour as well as a pormotion.
After The War finished 3 years afterwards Was recruited into the special black ops group "The Grim Reapers" a top secret squad used to specifically neutralise and/or capture Predators on colonial system Planets.
There were many successful captures and campaigns against the hunters, which led to being promoted to sargant and Having his own special squad. Then one incident on Sigma Prime where a group of three rogue hunters started to slaughter innocent unarmed and armed citizens alike. We were ordered to hold back until the capture crew and equipment arrived. But He disobeyed direct orders and engaged the predators. He lost has his squad and killed all three predators. That led to his demotion and awaited trial on Sigma II. After a review and a full inquiry His demotion and 3 months probation was what he recieved. It was during his three months that He happened upon a lt. TDN, We had a few drinks and told him what happened, he said I was perfect material for the alpha Draconis. So it was then I put in for my transfer and with TDN's referals and pushing for it to go through, it wasn't long before I was on my first mission with the alpha draconis.


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