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Born from a clan of assassins, I was raised in the belief of “Nan-de than-gaun.†Much of my young life was spent in the kehrite. Trained to fight until U'sl-kwe. I quickly rose above my peers and was brought into the elite training to become an incarnate of Cetanu. My life was completely based on “M-di h'chak, M-di h'dlak.â€Â

Soon after I passed my Chiva and became Full-Thwei, I received Ka'rik'na by my clan elder. I was to meet him in the temple of Cetanu outside the village. I arrived to find my elder and the rest of the elite packed into the temple. Once all of us arrived our elder told us that our village was to be destroyed that night. Many of us tensed up, confused by the statement. He explained that a large military clan called upon him many months previous and told him they would invade. They made the deal that he would be allowed to live if he fled away from the village, not knowing what clan he was truly from, thinking to shame him as a weakling leader. Unknowingly to the enemy my elder called the elite to him so that we may survive as well. That night in the temple we all pledged to get revenge upon this soon-to-come enemy while they think our clan has reached thei-de. Later we heard the battle cries from the village; theirs and our clan’s. Our elder commanded us all to kneel for a kantra to the dead. To finish it he pulled a knife out, we all followed, and cut his hand to make an oath of thwei, as did we all. We were all mei'hsweis. We swore to “Dtai'k-dte sa-de nav'g-kon dtain'aun bpide.â€Â

In the aftermath we collected our weapons and prepared to strike back. The enemy had kept their ship on the planet, thinking there would be no need to go into orbit for their celebration. We boarded it in the middle of the night, eliminating their hult'ahs, and easily passing the gkinmaras. Once on board we snuck to the control room and disabled all gkinmaru and locked all exit passes. Then we entered the main hall camouflaged, while the enemy was drunk off their c'nlip and celebration. We took up positions encircling the hall. All at once we unleashed our fury! This was the first time we had gone against other Yautja to kill, and while they were unarmed, but we didn’t care, the bloodlust took over. I had reached the enemy Elder. As I put my blade into his throat he landed one final strike to my skull before he died, putting me temporarily into dhi'ki-de.

I awoke to the face of my Elder. He congratulated me for my kills and presented me with the skull of the enemies elder. We had succeeded. We destroyed our enemy, although less than half of our elite survived, 13 including the Elder. Since there was no time after my blooding I was now named. My Elder gave me the name Sh’rak-ta (human equivalent of what could be considered a saint; “Saintâ€Â). From then we split up to face our futures without the clan.


I live in a state of Mesh'in'ga. I continually hone my skills to better my assassin technique. I am 113 years old. I stand at 7’2†tall, 250 lbs, dark grey skin with black spots, and black dreads. I have a scar across my right eye from my blooding and many small cuts over many other places of my body. My armor is also crossed with many small scratches which I wear, like my skulls, as trophies. My armor is pure black with the mark of the assassin in white on the forehead of my mask. I carry 2 Nok Ki’cti-pa (wristblades, 13in.), a H’sai-de (scythe-like sword), 2 daggers, 4 shuriken, and a glaive. I choose not to use a plasma gun or spear gun, preferring to have close combat.




"I pray for the honor of a true death"