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should their e a alien vs predator 3 game

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no one can see me I can kill eney one so dont get in my way. i would be a good alien.i will be a good member to the clan do what i am asked and follow the rules i am a more of a hunter alien then a drone or athers but my alien skills are pro i attack most preds if i can or get the pest humans ferst but i hate the preds thay are my enamy and so i will follow in the alien histoy.
As the chest-burster matures, it sheds its skin (similar to a snake), its cranium becomes elongated and it has a hard, dark (black/green) outer shell (exo-skeleton). The mature alien has concentrated acid for "blood" and a higher tolerance to fire. As indicated in ALIENS the alien creature does not "show up" on infra-red scanners which would indicate that it does not emit heat. One distinguishing feature of the alien is that it has two mouths, one inside the other. According to H.R. Giger, the inner mouth is in fact the alien's "tongue" (it is such a vicious creature that even its tongue is dangerous). Another interesting feature of the alien is that it does not have (what we would perceive to be) "eyes".

ALIENS alien - these aliens only had 3 fingers as opposed to the 6 fingered creature in ALIEN. Aliens in this movie had a "ribbed" cranium unlike the smooth cranium of ALIEN.

ALIEN3 alien - This alien is different than the previous ones we've seen; it tends to move around on all fours at times and ensures that the unborn queen alien is kept safe. It's possible that the aliens copy some of their host's DNA in order to help them adapt to the new environement that they'll be born to (this concept was in an old draft of the script for ALIEN), so this alien would be different because it came from a dog. Also, we have seen relatively few aliens. If you imagine what a whole planet full of them would be like, there might be a variety of different kinds: warriors, workers, messengers, etc...

ALIEN RESURRECTION alien - These aliens have a darker appearance. They definately have a high form of communication which is best seen when the three aliens talk to each other in the cage in which they are locked up. In this scene we also find out that aliens do have the intelligence to sacrifice one of them to open up doors that would otherwise be kept shut. They also are seen swimming. Their agility under water is higly evolved. They are also portrayed as highly intelligent strategic planning creatures: they form alien egg-filled traps for humans. They also don't need the queen alien that much to figure out what to do, as in ALIENS. These aliens are far more smart than in the previous movie.
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