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Edited because the first profile sounded a little stupid. So anyway you can call me Tess(it's kinda close to my name), Countess or DC. I work part time as a fashion model, mostly for Goth or Alternative fashion, I also work at a equestrian center near Miami as a trainer. I'ts not easy because some owners are assholes and horses tend to kick and bite. It hurts like hell. I'm RuthlessWarrior's girlfriend

Name: Laila Varner(Has been called Viper as a nickname)
Race: Human
Hair: Black, medium length in a ponytail with a dark purple streak on her front bangs.
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Hazel
Weight:144 lbs
Appearance: Atheltic, fit and very attractive.
Personality: Aloof, cunning, deceptive and deadly.
History: Unknown. All that is know about Laila is that she is a self-taught assassin.


My résumé is one long death wish.