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I've been here about 3 years now. A few of my good friends on here are Celtic102, Killswitch, Stalker, Blackwarrior, Dave and more.. I am 15. My original username was Cory ovoiusly now its City-Hunter, the nickname of one of my favorite Predators from Predator2. I really like Scarface from Predator: Concrete Jungle. I was once in the clan Hunter's Moon then changed to Balatu before my old account was lost. I am a massive fan of the Predator of course. I enjoy the Alien films alot as well. I just like the Predator more than the Alien. Alien and Predator is just one of my interests next to The Devil's Rejects, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Tales From The Crypt, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, The Batman franchise, Mortal Kombat (the video games), Halloween, Return of the Living Dead and other Zombie flicks... and much much more. You can say I enjoy Sci Fi and horror. I listen to all kinds of rock in general. The greatest band in the world is Nirvana. Its a fact. Don't tell me other wise because I don't care what you have to say to that. Been a fan of the Predator since I was a little kid and I'm ready for Alien vs Predator2!

RPG Character Discription:

Cory or "Guan-thwei" which means Night Blood.

He is the decendant of the "City Hunter" that appeared in Predator2. He dawns the mask of the
"City Hunter" with a few modifycations to make it look like the mask of the Predator from Alien Vs Predator2. Cory has a battle scar across his right eye. Has AvP2 length Wristblades, Predator2 Plasma Caster, Predator2 spear, Predator2 netgun, Speargun, Wrist-attached Fletchet launcher, 3 identical AvP2 styled Shurikens and one Predator2 Smart Disc, Advanced Medicomp and Self Destruct Device. He uses the mix match armor of Predator2 and AvP2 armor.

Character Biograghy:

Cory, the descendant of the "City Hunter" (Predator2), was trained into Hunter Moon Predator Hunting Clan origianlly. It was after the massacre of his home area, due to a patch of rogue Xenomorphs from a near by hive, he was found by the great Celtic and Harrigan of Hunter's Moon. He survived holding the scarred mask of his father, the City Hunter, he used to protect himself. As a new member he quickly rose impression to his superiors. After years of great hunts of all kinds of exotic species (mainly Xenomorph) and wars between many human organisations, Cory became one of the great wiser experienced hunters of the Hunter's Moon Clan. Sadly Celtic faded away and left the clan to another. Cory was outraged, he lefted the clan and lived on his own for years. Eventully he was found by the Hunter's Moon's rival clan, Balatu. Cory heard of them, but never encountered them. He soon realized he was meant for Balatu and pledged himself to Balatu bowing to great Hunters such as The Doc, Stalker, Predatoress, Black Warrior and more. After blooding himself to the his new clan in a epic war, he convinces himself he has alot more to prove to them first before showing them he has what it takes to be with the Gods of Death. He is their's to cammand. He will make them impressed.