Cerrata, Yautja, 10 years ago

Yep ok no worries then. Don't mean to alarm you. I would have thought you would have appreciated more accurate plots etc. Don't mean anything by it.

mr_loco, Yautja, 10 years ago

Ain't nothin wrong with a good plot, but AVP to me is a popcorn movie dogg. It don't really matter there, as long as I feel that the movie is entertaining enough, then I appreciate it and AVP and AVP-R were both very entertaining. Like I said earlier too, I've always been more of a Predator fan than Alien fan, because imo the first Alien is too damn slow, Aliens is classic, but that one also has a slow beginning, but what saves that movie for me is what happens in the second hour.
When I went to see AVP I didn't expect to see a big ground breaking award winner, except for maybe the special FX, no I expected to see a good action movie with my favorite species of all time, the Yautja kick a bunch of Xeno Ass and that I did get to see (at least in the second one, Wolf is my favorite predator). I didn't care for the first one until I saw the directors cut, the first one I always got pissed when the predators died so fast, that shit sucked big time, but thank god for Scar, at least he kinda knew what he was doing....
As for Predators, I'm really looking forward for this movie, and I don't expect it to be a major sophisticated drama or ground breaking award winner either, I'm just happy to see the Yautja tear out a few spines and collect some nice trophies! I watch these movies for the action and special FX.

predatoress, Yautja, 10 years ago

Ahh well that explains a lot. I personally like more depth in movies and popcorn movies gets fastforwarded pretty fast (in case someone remembers the VHS times lol). In fact I hate almost all movies with lot of FX 'cos they look unreal, actors act very stiff and unrealistic, and the plot is replaced by thousands of jumping things getting blasted away by other thing... BORING! Even old school brainless splatter movies tend to have more plot than nowadays 'masterpieces', which is kind of sad 'cos it gives you the image of nowadays people's urge to get their brains turned off-mode like head would be just bowl of morning porridge.

I honestly can't see any of the predator cunning and superiority in the avps', nor the horror of unknown parasitic being of aliens. The mood of dark pressuring atmosphere or superior hunter of humans simply doesn't exist if the actors act bad and the plot is something ripped out from the ass. The movie just loses it's credibility in my eyes when you can't get into it, nor you care what happens to the characters (even to the "things" I often relate to). It just makes you wish everybody would die soon and the movie would end.

But that's just my opinion.

MrXeno, Yautja, 10 years ago

Well, the AvP movies was made for the younger audience, than for the old fans who like the classics. Because the directors of the AvP movies wanted to introduce the franchise to them. But also making the 'plots' a bit easier for them to understand, by just showing "They did this and that, so thats why they slaughter each other. End of story." Because they know thats enough for the younger audience who is just after action and effects. Than what the old fans are after, who might wonder how everything was created, and make tons of topics on internet sites to discuss how an alien egg manage to open it self when the facehugger crawls out.

But it is pretty easy to please the younger audience, when mixing two of the major things teenagers love these days... Romance and Action.

In AvP-R, it had the typical teenage love conflict thingy, where some nerd has feelings for a 'sexy' bimbo who was stupid enough to get together with a steroid junkie, who is also a jackass towards the nerd dude. It's in almost every teenage movie these days. And still teenagers love it, even if they've seen it in all their favorite movies. And thats why AvP-R become a 'horror' movie with teenagers, who you wouldn't care less about. Just like in the Jason movies...

And it works completely fine for the directors, as they get their cash, and the audience get something... Epic we other don't understand much of when wondering where the plot is, after seeing "sharks with lasers on their heads." (Had to use that quote again.)

I wouldn't doubt that AvP3 becomes something like this:

The main character is a male predator, whos name is Ed'ward. And he is together with a female human, named Bulla, who tries to convince him she loves him, while he is whining that they shouldn't be together due to their diferences. And this is the first hour of the movie, which is basically just whining from both sides.

Then a evil female predator appears and see all this, and get jealous of their love, and also disgusted that her own kind is together with a human. So she unleashes hell upon them both by releasing aliens into the town (without explaining why), and the male predator needs to save the day by killing them all, but instead falls in love with the alien Queen, and they both tries to keep it as a secret with more whining. Since the predator doesn't want to hurt Bulla. And the Queen doesn't want to shock her 250 kids, since they are still mourning over the alpah male who got hit by a truck, or something...

Then suddenly Bulla finds out about this and gets heart broken, and tries to shoot Ed'ward with a gun. But the female predator jumps in front of him to take the bullet, saving him. And tells him she did it because she found out he was her long lost brother, etc, etc.

Ed'ward then apologizes to Bulla and the alien Queen, and says he cannot be together with any of them. Because he is actually homosexual, and in love with Bulla's father, who is not her real father. But her mothers rapist.

And in the end they all play baseball together! ^__^

Thats my second opinion.

predatoress, Yautja, 10 years ago

Actually that plot sounded rather good << jk lol

I do wonder tho why they shove that "teenager love" thing into everything. It just doesn't work, it makes you gag in disgust when you're under 13 (BOYBUGS YACK!) and when you're older than 13 it makes you be like wtf who wrote this crap. I wonder what kind of people it's actually directed to.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 10 years ago

Well AvPR was probably made for the 19 year old American who works as a pizza delivery guy and has always had a crush on a girl who is the biggest douche's girlfriend but is secretly a nice girl because all nice girls have douche boyfriends because nice secretly means retarded. And it tries to show them that they should not be afraid to pursue their love because you never know when a fucking predator pinns her to a fucking wall man. :'( So sad, so true.

(at 13?? shit more like 4 or 5?)

mr_loco, Yautja, 10 years ago

You know what, I really have to agree with you guys on that, that teenage love shit in AVPR was really bad, I mean they could've skipped that all together and just followed his older brother, the cop, the army chick and her daughter. That would've worked way better... The first AVP is superior to AVP-R IMO, but I still like em both, just in different ways. And by the way, I am an old school Predator fan, saw the first predator in theaters with my uncle when I was 6 or 7, yeah it was R rated, but my folks let me see everything, I grew up on Freddy, Jason, Michael, Predator, Terminator and Aliens and to this day, those are my favorite franchises ever....

DeathWraith, Yautja, 10 years ago

Growing up on Freddy and Jason would explain why you preffer an action movie over a horror movie. Don't get me wrong, i love Freddy and Jason, but they're not horror movies, they're just... well, slaughter movies, like AvPR. I like that kind of movie but i wouldn't say they're better than a real horror. Not that there are many of those out there.

What you call "slow" about Alien is called building tension, and that's how you make a horror movie, by making the people who watch it feel uneasy.

The-Wolf, Yautja, 10 years ago

Short and sweet, I'm interested in the movie. Not overly pumped because after AvP, it won't be the same.

MrXeno, Yautja, 10 years ago

I guess all the directors who have to put that love conflict in all their movies, have had similar experience in real life, so they have to tell the world about their problems. Or, they just do it to make them self feel better about them self when the loser guy gets the 'sexy' babe.

And what DW said...

But at least the aliens, or the predator, didn't start to sparkle in AvP-R...

mr_loco, Yautja, 10 years ago

Well Death Wraith, I do agree with you there, Freddy and Jason are just slaughter movies, just like the original Predator movies and I think Predators is going to be something similar, at least I hope. I still don't know why the Predators are kidnapping people to take them to their home planet, because that doesn't make since, but I have an open mind so I'll watch it.
I don't have the greatest expectations on this movie, because for 1, they changed the Predator planet from the hot firey looking planet that we saw in AvP-R to a Jungle planet and there's oxygen on the planet too, but we've come to learn that Yautja doesn't breath oxygen and that's why they use their masks. What I am looking forward to in this movie though is the hunt and the action and I'm hoping for the best, keeping my fingers crossed they don't screw it up...

BloodHarpy, Yautja, 10 years ago

AVPR was such a horrible movie. If Paul W S Anderson directed it it would have been a great movie. After all he directed all three Resident Evil films and they were good, got good reviews to. AVPR just mad a lot of Alien/Predator fans angry and want their money back. I hope if they do a third one they won't hire idiots this time.

Cerrata, Yautja, 10 years ago

My idea of a perfect AvP movie is... (Please excuse the briefness)

A terraformed planet, say with approx 500 - 1000 communists. A large ore and freighter transport appears out of Portal hole (or some method of fast speed travel.) Looking damaged etc, it is on course for the landing strip, where a massive facility that doubles as the entire city stands nearby etc but is not being piloted and crashes into the strip...

Planet security (some could say Police) armed, move towards the ship and enter it and see all the damage done inside it. They look in the Freighters hangar and see a Derelicte-looking ship VERY similar to the one from Alien. The Police move towards the ship and notice trolleys near it where things have been obviously unloaded from it...

They move to a room which has labs and medical facilities and they see where the trolleys have been put, littered with 100's of eggs in the room... When the eggs begin to open up, the Policeman in front feels liquid dripping onto his shoulder. As he looks up slowly a quick swoosh and scene ends with a quick scream and some small arm fire...

A massive Carrier in the chasms of space is brought in to view and it cuts to a room with screens and computers and the screen begins beeping and a Log opens up and the details of Beacons of Distress are sounding from the Terraformed planet (A man walks in looking very aged and fraile) reads the screen and prints it out, tearing it off and running to the Captains quarters. As door opens he hands him the papers../

Cuts across to the Space near planet where another Portal hole opens and a sophisticated ship enters (obviously the predators ship). It goes to the Pod bays where many masked creatures are moving to take their places, loading weapons and armour onto themselves and their pods. Then the Elder Predator enters more menacing than all, taller and much more scarred, armour more grand and weapons very worn but well looked after... They take their positions and are fired out one after another to a space about 5 - 10 km from the city's Megaplex.

Cuts to the Marine ships and many men and women (approx 50 - 60) are getting ready and equipped for their mission, and they are making arrangements for when something goes wrong... Introductions are made and the token hero is revealed. They are then briefed and get aboard the ships and leave for the planet... Portal opens and they emerge and leave the Carrier and move towards the planet, passing the Predators ship.

Sound good so far?

DeathWraith, Yautja, 10 years ago

I'm not sure the planet from AvPR was supposed to be their home planet, it was more like a monitoring station. I always assumed their home planet would have jungles and stuff. Anyway, we know they breathe nitrogen and we know that nitrogen is the richest element even in our air, so they could have an atmosphere with more nitrogen and just enough oxygen.

mr_loco, Yautja, 10 years ago

Death Wraith >>
Yeah maybe, but I still kinda liked that planet from AVP-R, it looked hella sick... But yeah I do agree though, before I saw AVPR I always pictured the predator planet as a jungle planet too. But still, it doesn't make sense that the Yautja are actually kidnapping their prey, why not just hunt on earth?
Also I read on IMDB that Robert Rodriguez is totally ignoring P2, AVP & AVPR and this will just be a follow up to the first Predator. Now if there weren't a bunch of comic books, games and those movies that kinda came out and helped build the mythology of the predators, I wouldn't mind, but now it's like they've built up a whole mythology, so why ignore it? Just because some didn't like the movies doesn't mean he should ignore them all together.
Anyway, I had big doubts about Terminator Salvation when I heard Mc G was directing it and I ended up loving it, so I'm not gonna get too worried about what's going on with Predators yet.

Cerrata>> Yeah that does sound good for a AVP movie...
I wish they would make a 3rd AVP movie and have it take place in the future and have it set on Planet Ryushi and show the story about Machiko from the comics

DeathWraith, Yautja, 10 years ago

Well no offense mr loco, but everyone's ignoring AvP and AvPR. At least from what i know, most people here don't consider them canon, because they're just silly movies.

But hey, one explanation to why preds are kidnapping humans could be that different clans have different teritorry agreements and these guys don't have any rights for hunting on Earth so they have to steal humans or something, i don't know...

mr_loco, Yautja, 10 years ago

Well I already know u don't like AVP you said it like hella times already and you already know I like it, and I do know everybody does not feel the same as you so you don't have to act like you know what everybody else feels. I know quite a few Predator fans who like it, but most alien fans I know hate it (and if you wanna see how many like it, just look at the AVP Requiem reviews on this site, there's a few bad ones and a few good ones, all in all the users of this site has given it a total of 4 stars out of 5), but either way that doesn't matter right now cuz that's not my point. My point is They're ignoring Predator 2 as well, now what the fuck is that? Everybody use to say the same thing about Predator 2 as AVP when it came out back in the day, the critics hated it, alotta people said it was a let down, it wasn't until years later people started praising it, so now because of the bad reviews from 20 years ago Rodriguez is gonna ignore it? That's dumb. Shit I'm starting to sound like you Death Wraith, bashing the movie before it's even out, well we'll see how it goes, maybe it'll be a masterpiece and maybe it'll be a masterpiece of shit who knows until it comes out right?

Either way Death Wraith, let's stop talking about who likes the AVP movies and who doesn't cuz that's not the topic we're suppose to be on and everybody has the right to they're own opinion. I like AVP 1 & 2 and you don't, end of story, let's keep up the discussion of Predators.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 10 years ago

Seriously, dude... Stop saying "hella."

DeathWraith, Yautja, 10 years ago

Seriously, i've known some of these guys for years now. I've been reading their reviews and opinions on each of the movies for a long time. Trust me, they don't like AvP. Also yea, i gave AvPR a 7.5 out of 10 in my review in a topic some time ago, but the 4 out of 5 stars in the movies section was because there were only three reviews out of which one was lilwrek's, another was i have no idea whose, and the other was our dear moderator Pv2's, who gave it 1 star. ONE STAR. So LOL at YOU.

But yea, really, the topic is "since no one liked AvP, will anyone care that Predators is happening".

the_doctor, Yautja, 10 years ago

DW i dont think anyone has been paying attention to what the original point of the topic was since about the 5th page...