Which PredAlien would win (AVPR predalien)Chet vs. The Abomination aka BG-386

Xenotor, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I think the the victor would be Chet since she is showed to have great strengths and abilities inheriting a great deal of predator Attributes.

shockwave, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

definitely chet because its a young queen and the abomination is just a warrior.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I'd say the Abomination, since Chet was a raging moron with terrible hair.

Xenotor, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

^lol Deathdrop but than again let's think would a warrior be able to beat a queen and in that case would a warrior be able to beat a young queen and I know the Predalien barely showed any agility but it can jump remember in Avpr when it jumped out of the pot hole mmmmmm..The warrior might be fast but it in close combat might get its but whipped by Chet.

ultimate-xeno, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Chet would definetly win.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Chet's one ability of use-embryo-puking-would be of no use, and again, seemed very, very stupid.

It stood there and patiently waited for Wolf to take his helmet off when it could have just charged. It slapped around members of it's own hive when there were barely any around. It walked around in public with that haircut.

I don't remember much of that movie (since I've seen it exactly once, and that was six years ago), but I do remember Chet being a numbskull. The Abomination is basically the same as Chet, except smarter and with a better design. And no stupid egg-puking. And leaping around like a badass.

EDIT: Also, let's be honest, "The Abomination" sounds cooler.

EDIT 2: I'm going to level with you-I stand by what I've said here, but the real reason is that I hate AVPR. I paid seven American dollars to get into that appalling piece of garbage, and have sworn to insult it any time it's mentioned. On that note:

Fuck this movie. It was stupid. Whoever made it is a big fat poopyhead. It's mama so fat, she has her own gravitational pull. I hate AVPR.

Claws, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Yea i agree with Deathdrop the Abomination wouuld win a little more athletic may i say.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

^You made me imagine them in a gymnastics competition, leotards and all.

The Abomination gets a 10.

shockwave, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

but dont you see. The abomination is a warrior and the so called chet is a young queen. Thats like saying a drone alien vs a queen dont you think. Also im doing a story thing for my profile if any one wants to be apart of my characters story. (UX was the first). And because chet is stupid, that makes him awsome!

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

There's nothing in the film besides the egg-puking to indicate Chet is a queen, and Chet doesn't display any abilities that would be considered out of the ordinary for a xeno. The Abomination could do all the same shit, but wasn't an idiot. Game, set, match.

DarkLioness, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

The Abomination would win hands down. Chet was just.....wrong. I never want to hear that name again.

skull_ripper, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I don't mind chet, I actually think it looks cool(mostly), but I agree that the abomination would win.

shockwave, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

as far as we know the abomination hasnt killed any predators and chet has killed many. But youve got a point about chet's abilities, they suck i know lol

ultimate-xeno, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Okay switching over to the abomination winning.(pretty much agreeing with shockwave.)

beotray, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Um the abomonation will probally win! But im replying to deathdrop saying that the reason chet waited is because it has the soul/spirit of a pred hence being a pred-alien. like the the huge creature in alien res, it remembered ripley.

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

No, it doesn't. Human-born Aliens don't have the "spirit" of humans, so why should it be any different with Predaliens? It waited because the BS couldn't resist ripping off another scene from Predator despite it making no sense.