TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

to save room on the forums, and to make things much more convineont for myself and possibly yourself. I desided to post all my upcoming artwork on this thread. now I don't recall what was the last pic I posted before I left, so you'll all have to forgive me if you seen the pic before.

now for the first pic of the topic. some of you may have seen on Deviant Art or AvPGalaxy. its the study for my Warrior head design.

xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Oh man, that is SO great. Fantastic work.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

thanks. its my fave at the moment. I especualy am proud of how well the tendons (cheeks) around the mouth came out.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

oh lawd i want a statue of that in my front yard

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

if I had the matierial I'd make Maquettes of my drawings. maybe 12 to 18 inchs tall.

thanks for the comments.

shadowatching, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

How much would you charge, if you did a mural (wall painting)

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

ain't that good at painting. just sketching.

and price would depend on the size of the piece. it'll also depend on what you'd be wanting. cuz I am only good at verry few things.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Great work as always. I'm feeling like snapping a quick picture of one of my own pieces later on. I'm too lazy to use a scanner.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

yeah them Scanner/printers are a pain to use. but they are best choice to scan pictures.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

My laptop still hasn't come in the mail, and I was hoping to install my scanner/printer on that one. Since the computer I'm using now doesn't have any scanner software I have to settle with my digital camera.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

what kind of scanner/printer is it?

back on topic I'll try to update my art thread as fast as time permits.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

HP, I might edit this post later for the specifications. It's pretty good.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I got a Lexmark 2300 Scanner/Printer.

may do my version of the Queen's head with my own design.

vevlaa, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Hey Titan!

Think you can find some time to work on a sketch for me?

I need a picture that displays my RPG profile (to put in my profile) Not saying that you have to do it now, but if you could find the time, I would owe you one. (in a RPG...)

If you decide to do it, my RPG profile can be found in my profile page.

Edit: Here is my MSN: [email protected] (all of you add me if you want)

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

I used to do requests, but not anymore. if I feel I can do it, I'll try it sometime.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

New Alien pic...


its the drone Alien. another study. I also included my John Handcock :D enjoy.

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Nice job man! Thanks for posting it.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

actualy I had the wrong pic up. the pic thats up now is the newest.

alien-drone, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

that drawing is great

Cloaked_Hunter, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Thats sick man. i do abit of drawning but i put them onto photoshop.

but thats really good man nice one...

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 13 years ago

Your name is David? What are the odds...

Also, great work again, i really don't know what more i can say, each drawing is simply great.