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The Corporal outranks the Private and is more specialized both in combat and techincal skills.


Pulse Rifle
These rapid fire guns are the norm for the Colonial Marines during their missions. The occasion is rare when a Marine does not carry one of these into battle. This gun is rapid fire and holds 99 M309 rounds per magazine. It becomes very easy to run out of ammunition when using these. Also incorporated into this weapon is a PN 30-mm hand pump grenade launcher, which almost always is armed with M40 High Explosive fragmentation rounds, which have an effective range of 400 meters.


Code Name: Vevlaa

Age: 20

Species: Homo-sapiens

Gender: Male

Height: 196cm

Weight: 90kilo

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde Jarhead

Complexion: White

RANK: W-Y Marine, Sergeant

TYPE: Medic


PRIMARY: M41F pulserifle,5.56 Caliber green-point
(creates a TINY explosion on hit), Single/Burst/Full Auto modes,
Flamethrower instead of Grenade launcher, 95 rounds pr magazine,
and 30 sec continued Flame on the flamethrower.

DESCRIPTION: Looks like a Standard M41A,
But with the exception of the mounted Flamethrower.
It also has a plastic tube, to lead the fuel form the tank, located on the back below the Backpack.

SECONDARY: UNC Custom Glock 18, 9mm, 25rounds magazine,
Mounted below; Small flashlight and a Green Laser sight,
Semi/Auto modes, Holstered on my Right Leg

DESCRIPTION: Looks like a standard Gluck 18,
but with a Silver top slide, and a light and Laser mounting.
Old, but still gets the job done!

ADDITIONAL: Defibrillator Inside my special Gloves

DESCRIPTION: Standard Defibrillator Gloves that CAN
revive people, when facing death. Fires an
electric charge form two metal plates located
under the gloves that can make a heart start,
(Or if it’s already started, make it stop, Sweet eh?)
Unlimited Ammo self-charging by movement
(10meters walk=3shots)Battery can hold up to a maximum of 10 shots,


- Standard Marine Armor/Uniform Black/Grey

- Pilots Helmet (Black and grey)

- Medics Backpack - Everything you can think of

- Shoulder light

- Movement Sensor

- Radio

- Pistol Holster


Vevlaa was born in Norway, Earth 19 years ago.
During his childhood, his father, an ex marine,
often took him to training camps for marines.
Simply because he couldn’t afford a babysitter,
Little Vevlaa was given the opportunity to
train physically as well as mentally. By the age
of 10, Vevlaa joined the Marines Child Division,
and got experience with both firearms, and close
combat training. He also got several other
courses and amongst them, medical skills.

At 13 years of age, Vevlaa, and his father,
was in a terrible car accident.
Vevlaa survived with no physical damage, and was
able to use his minor First Aid skills to save his father.
After that, Vevlaa devoted his entire time,
on the task of becoming a Medic/Field Doctor He
spent 4 years at school, with one year of
Civilian practice as a Paramedic.

After he completed School, he joined the Marines
and quickly got assigned with a squad,
which he stayed with for a year before he was
promoted, and transferred to the USCM elite unit:
Alpha Draconis… It wasn’t long before he
was sent on a mission with the U.S.C.M. Cruiser Fate.
Which resulted in destroying a planet
(Its true, Read:
- last pages) After this, he was promoted to Sergeant
Shortly after, he was sent on another mission,

this time to a Predator ship... Lets just say Vevlaa
was lucky to have escaped with his life.
Also he mannaged to save the life of Malus Darkblade,
His CO. Now
he is crrently stationed at Earth,

awaiting his next mission…


Distinguished Conduct Medal


Combat Service Commendation.




\"Three green\'s a day, keeps the Predators away\"