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Cloaked Hunter...


Height: Near 7.2ft.
Build: Medium.
Eye Colour:Sky Blue
Favourite Weapon: Glaive.
Favourite Style Of The Hunt: Stealth. Waits Until The Time is right.
Strengths: is A Loner That Way He Does Not Get Attatched To Another Predator. Might Slow Him Down. Is fast on feet And On Reactions And Reflexes. Uses Speed More Than Strength.

Weaknesses: Has Flash Back\'s About Some Of The Past Involving Another Predator Who Raised Him And Tought Him. These Can Happen At Anytime.

Bio: Was Raised by A Predator That Was Skillfull In The Art Of Confusion While In A Hunt.
Yet Cloaked Hunter Does Not No Alot About Him Wether He Was A Relative Or Friend.
But He Remember\'s The Predator Being Silent Hardly Speaking And Never On Edge.
But On One Hot Evening While The Predator Was Teaching` Cloaked Predator. The Predator Was Attacked By A huge Beast Unknown To (Cloaked).
So As His Fellow Hunter Was Being Attaked He Noticed He Had Droped his Glaive So He Picked It Up And Hit The Dark Creature In The Side.
The Creature Screamed In Pain And Hit (Cloaked) Several Feet Away With His Razor Sharp Tail Which Scared His Chest Down To His Thigh. Cloaked Then Ran Again Towards The Creature Then Jumped Up Into A Tree And Grabbed It\'s Tail Even Though It Was Cutting His Hand. He Did Not Notice The Pain Because He Was In A Fit Of Rage Unstopable. He Lifted The Beast Up Into The Tree And Swung It Against The Trunk Then With The Claive He Was Able To Cut The Creature But Only Just As It Moved. As The Creature Noticed It Was Cut It Looked At Cloaked And Jumped At Him Knockin Cloaked Onto His Back The Creature Proceeded To Headbutt Cloaked Until He Was Unconious. Then The Beast Left Cloaked And Picked Up The Other Predator. The Other Predator Knew He Was Unable To Fight THe Creature As He Was Wounded By Being Caught Off Guard. As The Creature Loward Itself Slowley The Predator Took All His Top Half Armour off. And Was Able To Take Off All His Equipment As He Was Being Carried Off. Cloaked Was 50/50 in unconcious And In consious He Saw The Predator Being Carried Away Then He Passed Out. That is All He Can Rember.

C.H is usually remain\'s silent and hradly ever speaks unless really ticked off.
When Angry,Bad Tempered.

Weapons: Glaive LvL2,Maul LVL1,Plasmacaster LVL2,Clan Upgrade Wristblades (acid proof)but does not know which clan it is from,Level 2 dark armour,cloak level 2,ritual smart disk,pulse mines, fire bombs,speargun LVL2,

Armour: C.H\'s armour is now the ritual armour off of concrete jungle. But his mask is like sacr\'s without the marking on. (yet) hopefully soon after RPG.

Tech: Wrist Comp,Medicomp,

Armour And Weapon\'s Were discovered by C.H to Belong To Clan Balatu.


Im gonna pound you into oblivian, I\'ll make you f**king SCREAM!, THERE\'s NO ESCAPING ME!. This is where you bleed...