Question on Aliens

delta-boy, Human, 10 years ago

The USCMC, in its infinite wisdom sought to give the small platoon (if it can even be called that...) of US. Colonial Marines a Frigate-style ship called the Sulaco.
Now what I dont get is the following: Why send a small crew such as that lead by an MARINE Lt. as the ships CO. while in space? It doesnt make sense...

-Why was such a small force sent in the first place?
-Why waste billions of dollars worth of fuel and shit for such a massive star-ship thats only going to have a limited crew for a non-important/non-hostile operation.
-Where was the crew onboard the Sulaco.

Example - since the world of organised military displays started, never has Marine commanders got involved in the Navys affairs, especially when they are residing in their God-damned Carriers and shit, so why should this be any different.

Sorry if this seems a little silly but I'm just trying to get an honest answer...

hedi01, Human, 10 years ago

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DeathWraith, Human, 10 years ago

^ Well i think this answered your question.

But seriously, i'm not an army person, i don't know.

Mebber, Human, 10 years ago

My speculation:

From the USMCs point of view, the whole mission was a baby-sitting job. Lost contact with a distant colony, so what. Probably the only problem is a broken comm transceiver.
A former traumatized warrant officer claims that there are "Aliens" on this colony- suuure, it's an invasion from outer space. Why to waste money and personnel for an unconfirmed, non-believable threat? But they HAD to intervent somehow, the safety of the colonies belonged to their area of responsibility. They couldn't simply ignore the problems on LV426, but to limit the outlay they sent an as small as possible squad.
Probably WY recommended a small squad too- enough marines for a scouting party, but not enough to pose a real threat to a WY cleanup-crew.
And i guess WY wanted all non-company witnesses silenced if the alien infestation is confirmed for sure.