Pessimistic views on Requiem?

AVPFREAK, Undefined, 14 years ago

I was just wondering, what with all the hype going on, who all on this forum is at least slightly dreading the release of AVP-R for the sheer fact that it may disappoint us like the original did. I so far haven't heard anyone dissing it (because the trailer and pretty much everything released looks fantastic), but it's just a question. I have a good feeling about it though, I haven't anticipated a movie this much in quite a while.

ScarredShadow, Undefined, 14 years ago

I am really hyped up about it I don't have many doubts at all but I would really be satisfied if The Wolf lives. It would make the movie different for once.

AVPFREAK, Undefined, 14 years ago

It doesn't look like he will. He stabs the Predalien and at the same time gets pierced by its tail in the back/shoulder. But maybe, knowing that this one will have a medkit unlike the idiot unbloods from AvP.

Stalker, Undefined, 14 years ago

I still have my doubts, but the great trailers have helped to quell them a bit. Either way, the Strause Bros. definitely seem to be on the right path to making it an excellent movie.

Maverick98, Undefined, 14 years ago

i think it looks good but i must be easy pleasd cose i like the first 1 aswell lol

The-Wolf, Undefined, 14 years ago

I don't have as many doubts as others here. I'm anticipating this release. I'm one of those who has high hopes for this movie.

Good to see you back, FREAK lol jk AVPFREAK

daveberg, Undefined, 14 years ago


Foe one, i hate the thought of another 'vs' movie.
Secondly, unless there is some feasible explanation - these AVP films completely ruin the continuity of the alien franchise. Xenomorphs running around town on Earth killing everything in sight, and NO-ONE knows about it in years to come....puuulease.
Thirdly - a predalien. Pffffftt. Resorting to pushing the boundaries of the often, over exaggerated, comic and book universe. No thanks, bring me back Ripley and the Nostromo any day, i shudder to think what species they'll want to put in the movie next.

Not gonna get hyped over this film until i sit through the whole thing to the credits and it proves me wrong.

DeathWraith, Undefined, 14 years ago

This second trailer really gave me a bit of the feel of both alien and predator movies. I didn`t really think much of it at first, but now i feel that this will be a pretty good movie. I guess it still depends on how long it would be too, if they make it long enaugh, that means there`s enaugh action space for boath aliens and predator, which could be a good thing.

AVPFREAK, Undefined, 14 years ago

I'm not too bummed about the whole comic book thing, true its nothing like the original films, but hey why make it the same? They seem to be going for a film that will appeal to fans and nonfans alike. And Wolf.....thanks lol

Lone_Hunter2, Undefined, 14 years ago

Im like cory I got high hopes that this movie will deliver what was needed in the first film.