Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Caublasian, this is not your personal ad space.

Shadowwall, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

k thx deathwraith that doesn't sound to good
let's hope one of the queen's hasn't fallen on the battlefield :D

alien-queen, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

im bak from two days off just liking my new game of alien vs predator:extinction

BloodHarpy, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Hello I'm BloodHarpy I would have posted when I saw this but I was kinda busy at the moment playing My Skull which is a really fun game you should try it.

JamesWhite, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Hi everyone
I am new to this community and happy to be part of it. I am a software engg working in a organization since 4yrs. I love to play online internet game. Well do not mind but right now I don't have sufficient information but If in future I got than definitely I will share with you guys. I have news for the people those are interested in video game. There is site lunch for game called Jocuri Sport in the web site Just play once and take the new experience and enjoy the fun.


DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Oh not fucking romanian spammers again. I can't wait to move out of this country so i can properly flame the retards who live in it.

Shadowwall, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

cmon deathwraith be nice and point him to the right location where he should anounce he's arrival :D

Although it's not a bad place for a newcomer, the title of this topic is "im new here" so I don't see the problem ?

But if you read the rules as you clearly like to follow it's not allowed to say stuff like that to a guy that posted here for the second or first time.

Anyway nice to have you here, let's hope you have some interesting things to say here unlike other people as ya can tell :D

And it's good for you to know that i'm the most epic guy on this forum so join my facebook shadowwall fan site xD

PS: looking for a clan? the silent assassins could use an engineer :p
and read the previous posts about the DW parasite :D

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Shadowwall, get out of the internet. Now.

This is not a new member, this is just some idiotic way of advertising and it's not the first time this happens. Plus, it's a romanian site and i know for a fact that i am the only romanian on the internet who is not a complete moron. Now leave the internet forever. It is not for you.

Before everyone gets all pissy and starts to cry like "HEY DONT TALK LIKE THAT TO SHADOWWALL BLA BLA BLA YOU PRICK", everyone... get out of the internet now. I wanna be alone in here for a few moments.

Shadowwall, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I guess you had your'e few moments and yet again you violated the rules by calling me a prick :D

Although he's not a member yet that doesn't mean you can go and say stuff like that all you want. Where's the honor man ?!

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

There's no rule against calling you a prick. And i didn't do it anyway. Read again. And what is this "honor" of which you speak?

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Aren't you already alone DW? Not counting the billions of friends you've got on the net. Anyways no he didn't call you a prick shadowwall, he was unsuccessfully trying to describe what we would all say(type) about him for his past post. DeathWraith has no respect for honor, besides that its more of a predator trait, and hes a damn hybrid. Play nice together kiddies.

Aaanyways, welcome to the site alien-queen if you have any questions feel free to ask.

superxinyang, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

chill guys... this thread is to welcome the newborn...

Shadowwall, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I see now, "the honor" he still has to find
It's just cause he's talking to a newcomer like that that I had to react but k in the future I will count to ten instead :D

Anyway going to the hive to do some Alien-meditating on this

Waralien, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Might as well jump on the bandwagon here.

Hey alien-queen, War here, just another member welcoming you to the site. Oh and for those playing My Skull, its nice to see some fresh blood out there.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

"It's just cause he's talking to a newcomer like that that I had to react"

That wasn't a newcomer, get it through your thick skull already.

AmerthystBlade, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I'm new here also I'm AmerthstyBlade and I just joined today. Know any good clans I can join?

delta-boy, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Welcome, as for clan choice... meh.

Mebber, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Welcome Amerthyst, have fun here! For the clan choice, Dark Blood Organization is formidable and i think they would welcome you since they seek new members right now.

But their leader hates good grammar, so use bad grammar as much as possible to impress him!

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Ah, good try Mebber, however you are missing one crucial detail...

Gender:Female Race:Asian

Everything else is irrelevant. Welcome, AmerthystBlade, to our wonderful community of wonderful people, out of which the most wonderful is I. On a bad day, i poop flying unicorns that shoot healing rainbows out of their nostrils.

Mebber, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Oh hell of course! Drugs! That's the answer to a bad day, not making flat jokes like i did! How silly i didn't figured it out earlier.

It's a bit late, but i think i still can get some stuff. Oh, cool, i can't wait to poop unicorns too...