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how do i put my art on this site?

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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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hiyas my names sapphire.i am a xenemorph tht has a scar on the left side near the end of my head and a collar around my neck.i am half alien and half predator(becuase my mom married a predator dont ask why).and i lead the other xenemorphs to victory since my mom is a alien queen.but if anyone messes with my brother(hes a predator tht has some xenemorph features)i attack so whatch out.i also have a predator scar on my head.some of the xenemorphs ask me somtimes on why do u have tht predator scar?and i said i was born with it.but they dont know my secret yet anyway bye!^^P


~feel the darkness and shadows within me... ...if u do then right now ur dying~