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Why would you base a website on AVP if the movies were so bad.

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How do you get higher rank.

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Born in a lab on an unknown planet chestbursting out of test subject. Then one day a predtor hunting party attacked the facility giving me a chance to escape. Then one predator shot me with a net gun just before I was about to escape. The net leaving scars on my head my acid blood broke the net just before the predator was about to stab me I stuck my tail through his chest killing him instantly. Escaping out the door then hopping onto a marine cruiser just before it was about to take off since I killed that predator the others activated his wrist bracer destroying a huge area of the planet. Then I killed most of the marines on board of the cruiser, the cruiser crashed into an unknown planet killing the rest of the marine but I survived but was injured badly almost to the point of death then a scout of another hive found me saving me from death. I joined there hive becoming a member of the silent assassins.