I've got some bad news guys......

Crpl_Hicks, Undefined, 17 years ago

Well, I hate to say it, but I am leaving this site for the rest of June. I am in NO WAY angry at this site, I just have very hectic work hours and my family and I are leaveing to go to New Mexico on the last week of June and return the first week of July. Just thought you guys should know! This is Hicks, signing off.....

Fear. Fear is the mind killer. I will let my fear go over me and when I do only I will remain. Fear is the mind killer.

Nick_Kang_20, Undefined, 17 years ago

BYE HICKS!!! damn caps...

AVP s!

The Xenomorph (My first DIY HTML site)

TDN, Undefined, 17 years ago

Ah, oh well, I understand. Well then, have a great vacation man! Hope you'll get some relaxation time from all your work. We'll miss you until you come back.

We Endanger Species...
Preferably Yours

Angus_Alien, Undefined, 17 years ago

So long dude. Best wishes.

From the death of innocence...comes the birth...of a legend.

donut, Undefined, 17 years ago

bye hicks, have fun in mexico, catch a chupacabra!

~i draw things...it is delicious~
~first female on teh site! w00t w00t!~

daveberg, Undefined, 17 years ago

So long Hicks, see you when you get back, We'll get someone to kill you off in the RPG....

darkness of acheron

solo_pred, Undefined, 17 years ago

GO ahed have some fun and get some money.

nighty night dont let the xenomorphs bite

solo is equept wit 2 combi-sticks(one acid proof) 1-1/2ft long wrist blades, 2 shirkens(witch i found in walls) the arm of another clans mate (shadow) with is equipt with a arm launching net gun, and im equipt with a medi comp and a mask with allvision.

Topdogg, Undefined, 17 years ago

see ya later little buddy


Unknown, Undefined, 17 years ago

lol all do that part ;P lol

Have a good time


predalien_64, Undefined, 17 years ago

se ya

The Best Of Both Nightmares

The_Reverand, Undefined, 17 years ago

Later hicks,
Don't forget your sidearm and a few spare clips just in case :P.

¢¼ -Semper Fi- ¢¼

Unknown, Undefined, 17 years ago

Cya Hicks have fun.

shazuipredalien, Undefined, 17 years ago

bye m8 c ya i went fer 3 weeks no biggie u wont miss much

i search all day for intruders of my hive
the queen must be safe thats how we stay alive
i tear apart any life that comes near
i am a warrior so all preds fear!
for the might of the lone predalien will come
and every living thing near will succumb....