Ace, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

After much time being offbecause i didn't know why my password wouldn't work Im back!!! Did i miss anything fun?


black_warrior, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

hey Ace i think we have met before but i dont remember. anyway glad your back.

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Stalker, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

welcome back ACE, & yeah, great sig but it's too big unfortunately, so u'll have to remove it, good to see ya again m8


AVPFREAK, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Ace, you were a great partner to be alongside during an RPG. Glad you're back man. BTW, your sig is too big. Make it 90 pixels tall.


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Unknown, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

Hey dude! ive missed u, do u remember me?

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Ace, Xenomorph, 15 years ago

np about the sig i'll get another. glad to know i was missed