Do you still play Avp 3 ? and if so what are your strategies ?

Blizzard, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

The title says it all

daveberg, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Staying frosty....and alert.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

If your the alien, move quickly and as stealthily as possible, stay in darkness. And when there is none hide. Harvest as efficient as possible. and stealth kill rather than finishing move (with preds, you can finishing move them)

If your the predator. Prioritize. Don't go after the guy with a pistol if there is a guy with a smartgun and a motion tracker. Use trophy kills only whenever theres two guys or so. Otherwise try to use stealth kills.

If your the marine. Be prepared for anything and shoot as fast as you see it. This will most likely help your reaction time and will prove useful throughout the storyline. Pick up any weapons you find (Namely the flamethrower, pulse rifle, shotgun and sniper rifle)

These strategies are from personal experience. Beating the game 11 times give you these strategies... Wow I just realize I have No Life...

alienxeno, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

never beat hard did ya!

Blizzard, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

The campaign is pretty easy for the most part even on hard
but I find myself always being beaten in multiplayer
my usual tactics is to wait for the other to beat themselves to near death and finish them both off

Rampage, Xenomorph, 11 years ago


AvP 3 is a good game. Beating it 11 times doesn't mean you don't have a life, it means your great at the game.

Watching The Movie That I Will Not Name(has a horrible actress) means you have no life.

Kirby-Cage, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Multiplayer tips that have served me well:

Playing as Alien vs...:

Other Aliens: Because that other aliens have the same abilities as you it really comes down to skill and/or stealth, having a healthy dose of both helps in a AVA match up. My suggested moves are block-> light counter-> quick heavy after counter-> grab to finish them off, this combo works wonders in a 1v1 and is a guarantee to kill if they don't open with a heavy attack in which case quickly light attack to make them regret the idea.

Preds: Most preds only play preds because they don't have, or refuse to learn, the skills to shoot or melee others to death, so expect lots of plasma, mines in all the spawn places, disc, and last but not least the block-> spear. In case of a pred that wants to melee you use the combo suggested in AVA it, works wonders on preds too, In the case of them having no skill in melee and is spamming one of the normal "no skill pred" ideas I listed earlier, use stealth or force them into close combat so they likely kill themselves as well. Speed and stealth is your ally, use them well.

Humans: Humans will likely do what humans do best SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE ALOT WHILE BACKING UP. The strategy you should be using depends on the weapon they are using, in all cases except for the flamethrower and pistol a frontal attack is normally suicidal if they're not already in CQC with you. Use stealth to sneak up on the poor idiots that never look around because most human players, just like the AI in single player, never look up until you are tearing them several new ones. Humans are very squishy and a few light attacks, heavy-> light combo, or heavy-> grab deals with them easily. Only skilled Human players should give you any problems.

Side notes: The flamethrower is a joke in multiplayer, I've only ever been killed with it when I was already at low health and never when I'm at any thing more then 1/3 health, its that bad. Feel free to show a human that's burning everything that it's only good at burning plants by shoving your tail in holes that normally a tail would never be. Also do not be afraid to run and heal if a battle is going badly and you think you can get away, take note that running from other aliens almost never works because they can keep pace with you, if you run from aliens then run them into your allies for help.

Playing as a predator vs...:

Aliens: Because your cloaking only works vs aliens at VERY VERY long ranges, if its a AVP only battle and your on the pred side you might as well not use it. if your a melee pred then use the AVA combo as it works for preds as well, if your a "no skill pred" then use the ideas that most every one else uses and watch as people rage at you for your lack of skills.

Other preds: See above with the exception that you can use cloaking. Take advantage that you can see other pred mines easier then other species.

Humans:See AVH. Your cloaking gives you more the a edge vs humans and you only really have to fear the smartgun or humans that have amazing eyesight. ( more on that in human tips) You should be singing this song as humans fall at your feet dead:

Playing as a human vs...:

Aliens: Because aliens must get close to do any damage you'd think it would be easy to kill them, however its not, aliens are fast and can close in a hurry to rape you. The "run backwards and shoot them in the face" idea will only take you so far, however if you use this and then block and counter when they attack you up close then no single alien should ever kill you form the front especially if you have the shotgun. Play close attention to that motion tracker and your surroundings to aviod ambushes. I know I said this in side note up in the alien tips however NEVER USE THE FLAMETHROWER IN MULTIPLAYER its useless and will you get you killed more then you kill anything else.

Predators: The Humans worse nightmare, a stealthy cloaked Pred can easily set up traps,ambushes, or shoot you from most anywhere gives a pred advantages you don't want them to have. In case of a melee pred that foolishly attacks you from the front "run backwards and shoot them in the face" block-> counter-> shoot in face as you back up idea works well most of the time as long as the pred doesn't decide to use one of his other tools on you. Pay close attention to your motion tracker and combined that with your eyes to find where they might be spying on you from, if you suddenly see a puff of dust in the distance then a predator as recently jumped up there, if your walking by and you notice a shimmer of air as your moving then its, more then likely, a pred just sitting still waiting for you to walk by so he can kill you. You must find the small details of a predator to stay alive.

Other humans: It's just like any other MFPS. I shouldn't need to describe how its gonna work out.
I hope this helps everyone out.

WolfThePredator, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

silent stalking killer silent yet deadly leave no trace of evidencce

Blizzard, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

thanks for the tips Kirby , glad I haven't come across you yet in multiplayer
PS the flamethrower is a joke

Mebber, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I play rarely, and mostly as marine. Too much e-runners around (just circeling around the enemies and spamming the e button in hope to earn a lousy kill before someone shoots you) for my taste, which is both cheap and not much fun. Anyway, keeping your back close to a wall is a good idea for such situations (and in general). I think (apart from good shooting skills) one of the best things to do as marine is to choose your battlefields carefully. For example, the big, open area in the second level of refinery can be a real graveyard to marines, but the lower corridors are much easier to control as marine. Try to avoid places with a more unclear layout, and if you`re there keep an eye on the usual good hideouts/sniper positions.
Practice block, since it will save you much trouble, especially if someone tries to do a jump attack. Make yourself familiar with the respawn points for grenades, and try to check them often. Grenades are pretty effective if you can use them. Look around you regulary to avoid stealth kills. And, this should be obvious, team up with your comrades- a lone marine can be easy pray, a group of them is deadly (of course, only in team dm).

DarkLioness, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Very impressive Kirby, kudos.

shockwave, Xenomorph, 10 years ago

hide until an enemy walks past you and then run up behind them and then grab them. do any of you gentlemen like survivor mode on aliens cm

ultimate-xeno, Xenomorph, 10 years ago

yes i still play as the xenomorph and i prefferably like to pick off enemys one by one inflicting fear into my prey.

ultimate-xeno, Xenomorph, 10 years ago

Yeah i do like survival on aliens:cm. I actually like it more than avp3's survival mode.