Cool New Predator Action Figure Stuff( Pic Heavy )

skull_ripper, Yautja, 6 years ago

I usually try to keep everyone up to date on Predator action figure related stuff; but I got behind and stuff slipped past me.

Time to rectify this predicament with all the cool new shit NECA has been releasing!

First off we have the revamp of the Kenner Clan Leader. Just gotta say it, this is beast. It has OVER 30 points of articulation! That's a ridiculously wonderful level of articulation that most companies these days overlook in favor of cheap bullshit. I'm definitely hoping to get this one in the future, such an exquisitely designed Yautja!

Next we have the spiked tail Predator! He looks like a real hardass and reminds me of the Hydra unit from AVP: Extinction.

Going on next to the Ghost Predator; according the the description he glows in the dark. I for one am really enjoying all these new patterns we're seeing, really showing how diverse the markings on these guys can be! Other than the knew coloration, this guy mostly looks like a repaint of the classic, though he does have a swanky new knife.

This one is the "Temple Guard". This one is very, very interesting to me personally as it is the only Neca made Predator that looks to be an "army builder"; all the others are specific individuals. Something else that's cool is that all of the weapons, armor, and hands are compatible with the AVP revamp figures(linked at the bottom), always an nice plus to a figure.

Now these next two are particularly cool to me, as they are from the Comics and Games!

First up we have Ahab from the Fire and Stone comic series. He's one ugly motherfucker! I particularly like that his mask fits over his face but isn't ridiculously bulky like past removable mask Predators have been. Something to keep in mind is this figure is a limited edition; only 5,000 will be produced which isn't a lot when you think about how many retailers and countries this will be shipping to.

And now onto Scarface! This figure coming from a video game gives me high hopes that Neca will branch off to other Alien and Predator games for future releases! My favorite accessory is his Maul, very happy to see that getting produced. The packaing on the box is a window display design and is made to mirror the physical case the game originally came in.

They've released shiny new(as mentioned above) Scar, Chopper, and Celtic action figures!

There are a lot of other Predator action figures out there already, and even a few more new releases I didn't cover, but this over saturation and production means that these common figures will eventually be a dime a dozen; keep that in mind if you want to collect a Clans's worth of them!

tawganator, Yautja, 6 years ago

It's times like this that I wish I was into buying figures. These look really sweet.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 6 years ago

These look great. I'd get them if I were more of a collector, but I'm really only into the bigger ones.

I just got the new 1:4 Scale Jungle Hunter and it looks nice next to the 1:4 Scale Alien. I'm really tempted to get either the new Queen or these guys too... but... money...

I wish Angus and Mebber were here to show off whatever figures they have.

Edit: NECA's coming out with a 1:4 Warrior too. I've never wanted a Warrior figure before but this one actually looks good.