Best game in the franchise?

Peterson, Human, 7 years ago

So what's everyone's opinion on the best alien or predator game in the entire franchise? Can be alien or predator or both, mine personally was alien vs predator 2 loved the old school stories for each race but also have to come close to second favorite with predator in the concrete jungle.

concretehunter, Human, 7 years ago

I've got to agree really, absolutely loved that game!

Dronehive, Human, 7 years ago

AvP2 was great from what i've seen, but personally, Isolation does the best at capturing my favorite aspects of Alien.

x-M-x, Human, 7 years ago



we managed to get it's tools! lots of content and more to come in 2016+

boo yah!!

daveberg, Human, 7 years ago

Alien Isolation, by a country mile.

-Bloo-, Human, 7 years ago


What was your favorite thing about Isolation, by the way? I still haven't played it. Some of my stores have the Nostromo Edition in stock so I might get it soon and blast through it during spring break.

Dronehive, Human, 7 years ago

Bloo, imagine if the first Alien was a game. The exact same feeling.

Thats Isolation.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 7 years ago

AVP2 holds a special place in my heart, maybe because it was my first AVP game. That being said I've enjoyed every AVP game I've played except for AVP on the SNES, didn't care for that one much.

-Bloo-, Human, 7 years ago

I don't know about "best" but Concrete Jungle was super fun for like a week. Who else liked that game?

tawganator, Human, 7 years ago

Concrete Jungle followed by AVP or AVP2 I don't remember which one it was.

Peterson, Human, 7 years ago

I actually really enjoyed Colonial Marines and was disappointed that it was rated so low

tawganator, Human, 7 years ago

I completely forgot about Extinction. If it had a random map generator or some sort of multiplayer mode it would have been perfect. I did just buy Aliens: Infestation for the Nintendo DS for $5 and am yet to play it but I don't expect it to rock my socks off.

BananaAlienKing, Human, 7 years ago

I personally liked isolation the best. The only one that really captured the feel of the movies for me.

supersonicman96, Human, 7 years ago

I never got a chance to play avp 2, but from what I've seen, my vote would go to it.