AVP Fan Fiction thread

Deathdrop, Yautja, 18 years ago

Post any fan fiction regarding aliens and/or preds. It can be based on the movies, games, comics, novels, or an original concept created by you. It can be in script form, a poem, or a normal story. The sky's the limit, basically, but there are a few rules...

1. REMAIN ON-TOPIC. ONLY post stories here.

2. Stories must be COMPLETE. You can break it up into chapters, just don't make a bunch of seperate posts.

3. No blatent porn. Human charecters may have sex, but don't describe it. I would prefer you don't even mention it, but if you must, try to keep it clean. For instance, don't have a whole paragraph devoted to it.

4. NO NO NO NO NO NO "SLASH"!!!!!! I can not stress that enough. I really don't wanna hear creepy stories about preds and aliens going at it. That will get you a warning. Kindly keep your dark fetishes to yourself. *shudders*

5. NO plagerism. If you are found to be copying someone elses' work without their permission, the story will be deleted and you will recieve a warning.

6. Censor all cuss-words. A$$, sh*t, f*ck, ect. This is really more of a suggestion, as it will not show up in the post due to the cuss-filter otherwise. Also, don't go nuts with the swearing. If it gets to a point where it just sounds like a bunch of third-graders who just learned how to cuss, it's to much(unless you are trying to make a charecter look like an imature fool...)

7. Must be at least a paragraph long. If it is a poen, must be at least five lines. If a script, at least a page worth.

8. Have fun!

Well, that's about it. Have fun!


Crpl_Hicks, Yautja, 18 years ago

TDN, I like it, and this is my more GOTHIC vampire VS. aliens VS. Preds story. I do hope this isn't a crossover....
Night. My only chance of happiness, if you could call it that. The moon beaming down across the graves that ocupy my domain. Yes, I am a vampire, and this is my twisted story of alien creatures. "Sarah Kenny" is writen on my tomb. I can't rember if that is my name or not, but I go by it. Another foolish grave robber, trying to get a cheap shot at some money. They are cheap, their blood is disgusting and I'm tired of it. I looked up at the moon, makeing my pale face whiter and whiter, untill suddenly, it was orange. I looked, and there it was, clear as night. A strange little ship, coming right at me! I steped back and saw as it crashed. It wasn't very big, in fact, one could call it small. The only thing that I thought was "NASA is one he11 of a sad, sad story." But, I saw no NASA symbol on it. Just a strange little "W-Y" on it. It was flaming. Just as I thought I saw a little hand-like thing move inside, I heard sirens obviously attacted to the flames. I threw the robber on the flames, hoping it would disfigure him enought so that the police didn't find out who he was. I sliped into my coffin, wating for sunset to find what the he11 is going on. I woke up early that night. Maybye even 9:00 p.m. I saw stupid "Poilce line don't cross" tape all over the crash site. I heard a footstep behind me. I turned around to find a nerdy looking photographer behind me with a digital camera."Oh, hello. Um, I don't think most girls sneak out at night to look at crashed space ships do they?" "Yeah, a total NERD" I thought but said "Oh, I live nearby and thought I might see it." Hey, I wasn't lying. "Do you know what happened? And why are you out so late?" "Well" he studdered at my questions "It seams that this is some sort of biological transport. Weyland told everyone to leave, even the cops. Touchy people they are. Anyways, for even the biggest micro-organisms they couldn't fit all in there. And, I'm out here late to get sneak photos, were aren't allowed, so I figured I'd better sneak out tonight." I realized that this man might be important. I wouldn't kill him, at least for tonight. We talked through the night, each with an obvious crush on eachother. Too bad we didn't hear the HISSSSSS of acid burning through meatal. After an hour or two, we finnally came to an end."Oh, mam, I didn't catch your name. Could you please give it to me? I'm Cory" He asked after our long chat."I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you." The next night after meeting Cory, I found a grave digger who looked like he might have half way decent blood. Suddenly, he went into convulsions and droped to the ground. I heard screaming and a crack of bones. A few moments later I heard slithering. I went to the ship and found it completley broken appart. No micro organisims could do that. The next night, screams awoke me. This time I took a little pistol that one grave digger left behind. I saw at least 20 police cars, with police swarming around. I saw an officer running towards me screaming. With a gorey splat, a black spear looking thing had been stabed through his head. The lifeless body was thrown away and I realized what the spear was. The barb of a tail. The tail's owner? A huge, 8 foot creature, mouth driping with blood. Its mouth had another mouth in it, which even made me step back. It leapt towards me with a sreech and I ducked and shot it. The bullet shattered into little shards of meatal as it hit the skin of this.... thing. It shot its mouth at me and I grabbed it and stabed it with a knife. It cut the flesh, but acid came out. Nothing I want to drink. With a big bang, a assult rifle blasted the alien's skull. I turned to see Cory standing there, not looking nerdy any more."How did you.." I said, astonished that someone could wield an assult rifle."My grandpa was a general. Come on there is a slight problem..." he was cut off by an explosion. A blue explosion. From the smoke came 5 wierd, yellow colored monsters with huge masks on. Armed to the teeth with all sorts of wierd gizmos and knives. One came up to me and with one quick motion, I bit his neck. He fell down backwards and with a large THUMP he hit the ground. I revealed my teeth to the others, and that just edged them on. Cory said "You're.... a vampire. I just always knew.." but a deafaning roar stoped him. For in front of the only 7 survivors, was a huge freakish alien creature. The warrior things with the masks started to attack, but were just defeated with ease. The mother-monster turned to me, knowing I was reeking with strange vibes. The warriors behind the mother-moster it charged tworadrds me and shot its second mouth at me. With amazing reflexes, Cory jumped in front of me and took the blow to the stomach. But he felt no pain. The only pain he felt were the two little bitte marks on his neck. He realized he was a vampire too. But as he came to this conclustion, the mother-moster blasted its mouth through my heart. It wasn't a wooden stake, but it did the job. I slumped to my knees, dying. Before the mother-monster could rip me in half, the warriors crept up and finished her off. Cory crawled up to me and said "Good bye.. Sarah. I'll miss you" I smiled the best I could and said "Take good care of the place...." and I finally passed away.

Fear. Fear is the mind killer. I will let my fear go over me and when I do only I will remain. Fear is the mind killer.

Stalker, Yautja, 18 years ago

it's a story that we're writing, gotta get round to finishing mine


Unknown, Yautja, 18 years ago

what are you preds talking about

the_doctor, Yautja, 18 years ago

ok heres a story ive been working on its my vision of how the space jockey incident happened now i dont go with the preda at war with them stuff so here is my version of how things went down. i have only written a few chapters.

The velvet black of space laid undisturbed, grains of salt covered the black expanse, soundless, no noise except for the sound of the engines form the large, dark almost organic object slowly moving through the black velvet space. Hundreds of thousands of miles away a similar object moves, both objects on course towards each other as if to meet. In side the first ship a large humanoid creature sits in a huge chair shaped device, the room is black, a circle is on the floor, it has lines that go inward towards the chair. A large object in front of the creature extrudes diagonally upwards. The creature holds onto a device built into the chair it seems to be a steering device to control the ship.
The second ship is different inside it is colored in different shades of brown and it looks more organic on the inside that the first ship. A giant window looking out to the harsh climate of space, a lone warrior stands looking out he can barely make out the first ship approaching. The second creature is very different from the first its build is more muscular but it is smaller in size to the first creature. Its face has four crab like mandibles, its large forehead filled with scars but one stands out it is shaped like a lightning bolt coming out from a cloud its old blue dreadlocks spill out from the sides of his head. At last his eyes, they are yellow with red pupils. The creature turns and slowly walks to a control pad and starts entering commands.
Back on the first ship the large humanoid creatures are doing their last checks on a sort of cargo hold, four pillars built into the walls not even noticeable to the eye contained a device that shielded the cargo hold so the nothing could get out or in. a creature on board stands at a screen typing onto a keypad he presses a button and in the creatures language the screen flashes with the word ‘sent’. The old crab faced creature on the second ship receives the message it is translated into the creatures language by the ships computer it reads “cargo hold ready. All checks complete. Ready to receive cargoâ€Â. The creature sends a message back to the first ship it says†understood. Deliver cargo to given coordinates. Make sure cargo is secure during journey. No mistakesâ€Â. A younger creature approaches the elder creature they click together in conversation discussing their hostile cargo. These creatures society is based on hunting, the more prey you kill the higher in society you are. These hunters looked down on other species even those in the space craft they were meeting with they did admire the technology they had invented but thought them foolish for not using the technology to hunt prey. Deep inside the hunters ship was a cargo hold like that on the first ship nut in the hunter’s style. The same containment beams lined the walls. The cargo was more interesting. Eggs hundreds of eggs pale yellow- brown in color lips sealed the tops. A creature jumped inside one of the many eggs then nothing then another jump and with a sound decompression the lips of the egg opened and the creature leaped out ready to find its prey.
chapter 2
the white spider like creature scampered across the floor it's legs taping on the cold hard surface of the cargo hold, passing it's fellow eggs. it sees one of the hunters standing , his back to the creature. it sees it's chance and leo high it is on path with the hunters head. it's long tail whips through the air, then the hunter turns around to see the monstrosity ready to implant it's self on the hunters face but while in mid air centimeters form sealing the hunters fate the creature disintergrates. it had hit the containment beam that the hunter was on the othe side of,there is nothing more of the monster it had failed like ten of its brothers, deep in the back of the cargo hold darkness surounds the egg one of the lips open and the cycle starts again its fate sealed.
5 hours later
the two ships meet, docked at the sides a production line feeds the eggs into the first ship. the two creatures never met face to face the only contact they had was throught the text messages sent to each other this was because of two reasons the first was that the hunters did not think other creatures worthy of seeing the interior of their ships. the second was that the humaniod creatures had no wish to see the hunters or their ships because they saw the hunters as barbarians. the last egg loaded into the humanoid ship the long production line slid back into the hunters ship the containment betoped between the ships and they slowly moved away from each other. the hunters ship swiftly moved away on board the elder commanded for them to leave a device is activated on the ship and with a flash it is gone now travling at the speed of light. the first ship was not so quick to leave alot of wor5k had to be done before they could depart.
deep inside the hunters cargo hold darkness surroundsm scilence fills, the sound of a familer tapping fills the air as a white alien crawls out of the darkness

are you predator or prey?

Albert_Wesker, Yautja, 18 years ago

Chronicles of Drake
Chapter 1: Left Behind

Alone in the darkness of Lv-426 was one marine, forgotten, left behind. He was a marine once, he could remember that. He had a friend, who he thought wouldnt just leave him here to die. He was supposed to be dead, but he was not. Stuck to a wall, plotting his escape, before the queen reaturned. The eggs were gone, a woman had came in and fried them, but the man could not remember her name, either. Infact, he couldnt remember his name. He looked down at his feet, trying to remember, despratly searching for a name to hold on to.
He remembered the blood of his enemys, searing into the side of his face. The pain he felt was unbearable. He remembered the cold fealing of when his enemys picked him up from the ground. He shivered at the thought. He remebered looking into an egg, opening up and exposing the demon inside. It had been the same woman who burnt the eggs that had saved his life. But wwhat was her name...

Ellen Ripley, thats who. He smiled, he could finally remember. He remembered everything.
"I am Drake, I am a marine!" He yelled. His voice was answered by a screach in the distance of the facility. He leaned back and sighed. There was no way he was getting out now.
Vasques, that was his friend, best friend in the universe. She wouldnt leave him here to die, he knew her.
Suddenly he looked up towards the door way, and there stood a welcoming face...

"Wanna touch my hair?"

Unknown, Yautja, 18 years ago

This topic hasn't seen much action in a while so I might as well post a story. I'm making this up n the spot so it probably won't be as good as some other peoples, it is based on the blooding ritual, here goes: THE BLOODING- Earth- a planet teeming with life, plants flourished & wildlife was abundant. A secret military base hidden in the Mojave desert is home to many different people: soldiers, scientists etc. Among them are general Ryan Banks, private Johnson & medic Alex Foxx. They are part of this base, they are it's guards & medic, among hundreds of others which are part of the unit.
Unknown to them a force looms over their heads, thousands of kilometres away, deep in space an ominous apaceship watches them. Inside the bowels of the ship, the mighty warrior/hunter race known as the yautja prepare to hunt. Only a select few youngsters & one elder are to participate in this hunt. The mighty elder known as Darjuk is a mighty hunter which has survived thousands of hunts, the unbloods to join him on this hunt are: Shortspike, Silent edge & Coldslice. The 4 hunters entered their drop pods & fired them into life. Their drop pods hurtled toward the planet earth & landed right on target- 2kms from the military base. They cloaked them selves & travelled silently but swiftly across the desert, no problem for a yautja. Search helicopters were soon at their landing site as they had been detected on radar.

Back at the base everone continued with their usual business when all of a sudden the search teams burst in "general, you gotta see this".
They rushed the yautja drop pods into their science labs. "We've never seen techology like this, what do you make of it sir?". "It's the most astonishing thing I've ever seen, we've gotta fing out who created it". Meanwhile 2 corridors down a patrolling guard is being hung upside down & skinned, the yautja were there.

Darjuk & the unbloods searched the whole compound & finally found what they were looking for, the basement. At that moment alarms blared, "INTRUDER ALERT, HOSTILES ON PREMISES, ALL MARINES TO BATTLE STATIONS". One of the marines scounting found something & radiod all other nearby marines, "come here quick". All the nearby marines rushed to meet him, "what the fu#*?" one of them exclaimed, "who the hell did this?" A huge hole was in the basement floor, leading into a tunnell going straight down. "We'd better check it out" one of the marines said & hooked his safety line to the edge, "Follow me".

When the marines got to the bottom of the tunnel they noticed that it led to secret underground rooms. "WTF?" they exclaimed "what is this & why didn't we know about it?". As they ventured into a large room the huge door slammed behind them. Startled, they quickly swung around, not looking around the room. A couple of them started trying to get the door open. As they were one of them called out "guys", another said "not now, we're figuring out how to get this door open,"GUYS", "what?", "we've got bigger problems now". Turning around the marines saw that the whole room was full of huge brown, slimy eggs. "OMG, WTF is going on here?, somebody". One of the eggs opened up like a blossoming flower, then another & another, the marines looked on in horror as huge-tan coloured spider like creatures leaped out of the eggs, straight at their faces.

Will be continued later


The_Reverand, Yautja, 18 years ago

Chapter one.

The year 2235, An Enormous Intergalatic Federation starship Orbit's a Centauri Moon.

Inside the ship in the genral's Private quarters A Man sits at a brown wooden table shuffling through papers. The Tag on the Desk Read General Seth. K. Ridgemont, There was a knock on the door and the general stood up from his desk to greet the guest.
The General Stood with excellent posture, he was 6"2, well built with broad shoulders. He had a scar down his face that went from above his left brow down to his chin, His Hair was brown with a metallic silver streak starting to form on his neatly brushed brown hair. His Dark uniform was pressed, clean and without a wrinkle in it, His well polished bra$$ shone and shimmered in the bright lighting of the fluerescent tubes.
"Come in." The genral spoke into the intercom. The Door opened with the sound of well mainteained hydrolics and a young corporal stepped in.
"Sir, The Dropships are loaded, the men are organised and we're ready to Go down to LV-843's two colonies."
"Excellent, There will be two dropships set down one to each colony. The Colonies are only 500 metres apart, so if there's trouble at either one reinforcements should be there quick." The general handed him a piece of paper. " That's the briefing notes for sergent Krieg, there's not much we know about what's going on except we lost contact with both colonies threee weeks ago almost simultaneously.Sargent Krieg is to Brief the men now of the situation. Dismissed"
The young corporal saluted and exited through the metal porthole like door. The General Returned to his desk and studied his notes carefully.

Cabinet Minister of defense File # 23502-5654A

There hasn't been a Xenomorp encounter in almost 50 years, they were arbitrarely exterminated after the Earth Hive incident.
However The last Recordings that were sent from the colonies on LV-843 had evidence of what might be a xenomorph involved incident.
The Recordings are encluded in the Data disc that is with the report.
Your orders are Top Secret and of the Highest Priority.
You are to find out what happened to the colonies on LV-843 and if a Xenomorph is involved then live specimens must be captured for study.
The Uses of this creature are extremely important. As you have read in the archives The royal Jelly from the queen gives amazing superhuman properties to even the average Human.
Plus as a controlled Bio-Weapon, Our dominance over this sector and the 3 Systems war will be tipped in our scale.
As usual the proper precautions to keep this classified must be taken.

Good Luck General.

A frown appeared on the Generals forehead as he placed his notes down. He stood and walked to the window, Staring out into space the thoughts in his mind were racing.
A xenomorph, Of all things, they want us to bring back a live xenomorph. I'd read the stories of Previous encounters. and I was only 3 when the last of the aliens were wiped out from Earth.
Wiped out from Earth. Why were the aliens on Earth anyway? They shouldn't have been tested upon in such a populated area. I remember the chaos that they caused on Earth.
So why the hell do they want to try it again?. The generals Thought's were interrupted by an alert from his intercome.
"Captain Blain Here Sir We're ready for touchdown" Came the voice from the intercom
"Very well Captain, Whenever you're ready you have your launch clearance, and good luck"
"Yes Sir, Beginning Countdown"
The General Stared out into the black of space again. Two Dropships Blasted out of the docking Bays and headed for the planet. They got smaller and smaller as they entered the planet's atmosphere. They look like toys, the General tholught to himself.

-Semper Fi-

predatoress, Yautja, 18 years ago

Well, here's my first attempt to tell you a story... (If you didn't know I was a human once...)

The Heart of Predator

Chapter 1 - the First Encounter

I'm walking on the dark streets of my village. I love the refreshing air and the silence of the night. When others lies down I'm just waking. All my senses run wild in the dark calmness. I look up to the sky and see all the millions of stars. I wonder if there's life in it's cold and hostile dimension.
Several nights I have sneaked out and send some light signals to there. Maybe the light has been too weak or my code has been wrong. Or maybe nobody sees signals which come from a distant place. But it has only been a game. Innicent fun to kill time and imagine of turning something important. I would never have believed that I would be answered.
Suddenly the lights goes off. That's strange. Usually the streetlights turns off one o'clock because of saving energy. And the clock isn't yet one. Well, there's probably some some repairing work. There's a lot of that, in the worthless spot on Earth.
I start to walk back home by a side street. Before I get there I must pass a children's playground which is located in the middle of a woods. The place is ruins because of teenagers. Only a light blue cabin is undamaged - maybe 'cos it brings shelter from adults' supervising eyes and so is a good place to hide and seek meaning to life from the controlled substances.
The others, not me. My kindom has always been books, movies and nature. And I've never liked the company of others. I've always been an outsider because of my strange state of mind. It's like I'd have born in a wrong place to live.
I'm only relying to my instincts and dark vision when I walk to the shelter. It glows creepy in the darkness.
Rustle. I startle a black bird who jumps off from a tree behind the cabin. The air is so calm that I hear it`s strikes of wings when it fly over me. At the same time I feel I'm watched. Silent movement on the roof. Low snarling from deep inside of throat.
Somebody's playing with me. Fools, if you think I'll run around screaming think again.
I just start walking towards home without looking back. That's how I've always done.
In the middle of a small field I look up again. Now the sky seems somehow different, like I'd watch it through some glassball. I've seen strange things up to the sky but I've never experienced anything like this. And do I hear low humming or does it come from my head?
Suddenly my right shoulder hits something. I shout with suprise and look around. Nothing. But I can swear I collided with something...
A whilw I grope the air. Then I feel it again. It's something hard and cold, maybe something metallic - and I can see it through! Then I touch something warm, lizard-like pulsating surface.
I back off and stare the odd object. What the hell is it? I hear a heavy thump from the shelter. Snarling. At first I can't see anything. But then pair of eyes flashes in front of it and the air seems to become alive. And it's coming towards me.
I scream and turn over. Something graps around me. Now I hear low snarling from my back. I try to struggle back but the grip is too strong.
I feel something on my face and my feet start to get numb. In panic I wriggle stronger and in a moment the weird mask comes off my face. I bite the hand which holds me. I've never heard anything so creepy when the thing howls. It throws me down and my hands strikes painfully to the gravelly ground. I hear hard footsteps and infernal growling. I struggle up with the power of fear and start running away. My heart is bounding in my head and I gasp air like I've never done before.
Couple of steps later I feel some stinging pain on my left side of neck. I loose the power from my feet and fall down again. I try to drag myself forward but my hands are too weak. I turn on my back and touch the painful spot. There's something attached... I tear it off. It's somekind of an injection. And it has shot something into my veins.
My hands slack down. I see movement in the corner of the eyes. Three ghost-like figures gatheres around me. Snarling. One of them have a wound which pours glowing green liquid to the ground.
The sky gets bright and the dogs start to howl. I squint a while in the unnatural light until I close my eyes. My consciousness flows away.

Thou who come into my way shalt die.

PredatorJay, Yautja, 18 years ago

In the words of Iseijin, “Meh, why not.â€ÂHere's an attempt at a story. I hope you all like it.
The hunter lifted himself into the pod. His pod was the newest and untested. The elders gave him the "honor" of testing it.
PredatorJay climbed into the air-cushioned interior, feeling the new controls for destination, the red letters flashing before him comforting him in a strange way. He pressed the button that shut the four piece door, and sighed in regret as the power in the pod turned off for launch.
Being new to the Hunt, he had no idea what to expect. The elders in clan Hunter's Moon had told him glorious stories of past actions, and about the strange species he was to face. They said that this new species was nothing like the xenomorphs of old hunts, nor the humans of the past hunts, but a new species altogether. The Space Jockeys had created them as a backdoor to the xenomorph project, but were sent into the obscure reaches of space. The project was found only a hundred years ago on a hunt on earth by clan Balatu’s very own K20a. The clans agreed to share it, and set it up on an obscure planet, as per past experiments.
The creatures were not described to him, so when he got out of the pod into the initiation room of the planet, he was in awe.
The creatures weren’t colossal as a xenomorph, but they had sharp claws, stood upright, had masks as well, and carried something Jay, from his studying of human culture, recognized as a sword. They were called Jocks, after their creators. They seemed intelligent, and by the wall with the writing on it, highly dangerous. Perfect, he thought.
He talked to the female Hunter in the room who introduced herself as Seiku, saying that he was to complete the blooding ritual. The Yautja told him that somewhere out there, there was a hidden cache of weapons that would be unlocked only by viewing the mark of the Blooded. It seems that the Jocks’ swords burn things, so he didn’t have to acid-blood-mark himself. The burning pain would go away; the scar of honor would not.
Jay asked why he, a well-equipped Hunter, would need more weapons from a hidden cache. The Predator female smiled coyly, and pressed a button on her wrist computer. The computer beeped, and Jay looked at her with a look of remorse for what was to happen. The magnets on the floor and ceiling activated, suspending Jay in the air. The female Predator walked up to him.
“You know, I like you. You seem powerful,†she said in the Yautja tongue, “but you still have to follow the rules.â€Â
With that, she ripped his plasma caster off his shoulder, and his weapons belt off. His armor felt uncomfortably light. She pulled a knife from a pouch on her own belt, and strapped it to his.
“Good luck. Return here in one piece, please.â€Â
Jay struggled, but the magnetic field was too strong. He was being loaded into a spherical pod, and was shot down a long tube. He stopped at a port where the pod abruptly dumped him out. He stumbled to his knees, and stopped. The point of the sharp blade near his skull radiated pure heat.
He looked up, and standing there was a Sentinel. It was incredibly small, only three human feet high, as opposed to Jay’s 7 feet. The thing looked at him with pure hatred. Jay was even more shocked when the thing spoke.
“Another Yautja? How many more must we kill before they learn?â€Â
Jay couldn’t help but ask. “Learn?â€Â
“Yes,†the Sentinel replied, “We have killed every Yautja they have sent. We know where their “hidden†cache of weapons is. We know them.â€Â
Jay was taken by surprise by three more, who tied his hands and feet. The first looked at him and chuckled.
“They send them here to be killed… I can’t understand it. They take their weapons. They throw them right to us.â€Â
Jay focused all his remaining energy into the bindings. They shattered, and Jay roared as he grabbed the first Sentinel by the throat, and lifted him face to face.
“I knew it! The Yautja can’t be trusted! Kill me now, you beast!â€Â
“I do not want to kill you…yet,†he said drawing the knife, “But I do want some answers. Who are “theyâ€Â? The Yautja?â€Â
“No, you ignorant fool! They are not Yautja…only the female Yautja is really as she seems! They’raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!â€Â
The Sentinel was interrupted by a Sentinel blade flying into his skull, and the figure went limp. Jay spun around, and caught sight of a slightly larger Sentinel walk in. this Sentinel had a cape and a sword that was nicked and blood-green. Parts of it looked as though the blade had killed a xenomorph.
“Fool. Yautja, if you wish to know what we know, you must pass a grueling test. The test is to fight and kill one of the five of our Sentinel sages.â€Â
Five figures came into the terminal, and Jay was amazed. The figures, cloaked and hovering, were using no weapons. He thought about how easily the sentinel was killed, and raised his blade high, thinking that he only needed to kill one. Then, he noticed that the bloody Sentinel wasn’t there anymore. He had reappeared behind the master Sentinel, a smug grin on his face, and not a mark on him.
Jay walked over, and stabbed one. The blue blood dripped down his arm. He was getting confident when the figure disappeared, cloak drooping. The cloak hovered over to the others, and was promptly refilled with the reappearing Sentinel warrior.
Jay started lashing out, only to have the fallen sentinels reappear in another corner. He was getting desperate, not to mention bloody, when the other Sentinels started to draw his blood. Their claws had made their mark, cutting his ribs into exposing. He roared in pain, and punched at the nearest Sentinel. He hit the Sentinel square in the spine, and a sharp crack filled the air. The room fell silent.
The Sentinel dropped to the ground, a dull thud resounding off the terminal walls. The master Sentinel’s mouth was open, and the other four Sentinel sages backed away. He had their weakness.
“Congratulations Yautja. You have earned this.â€Â
He hovered over, and drew his sword. Jay decided that he’d give him the benefit of the doubt, and knelt. The Sentinel Master drew a crescent moon, and the “T†like mark of the Yautja, on PredatorJay’s head with the burning sword. The Yautja rose up, and bowed his head to the creature.
“The information you seek is through this tunnel. That which you are fighting will be revealed to you. Beware, for you face … our creators. You face the Space Jockeys.
PredatorJay could not believe his ears. The Space Jockeys live? The same malevolent ones who engineered the xeno’s? Many of his kin had fallen to those creatures, and half as many to the Sentinels. He had a score to settle.
Jay leapt through the tunnel opening, into the room he first appeared in. The female Yautja saw him, and turned around. “Welcome back, Jay!â€Â
“Shut your mouth, Seiku! You betrayed me! Sending me to the Sentinels with no weapons!â€Â
“Bu-but, Jay! I didn’t mean to get you inj-oh my! Your side! You’re bleeding! Did the sentinels do that to you?â€Â
“No, I did it to myself. Of course! I barely escaped. I got the Hunter’s Mark, though.â€Â
“You’re lucky--- Oh my god, the Sentinels did that mark on you! The moon mark is their own mark!â€Â
“Yes, so? Take me to your master…the Space Jockeys.â€Â
“You can’t!â€Â
“I can, and will, see them. Take me there now.â€Â
Jay threw his beeping wrist computer on the ground, and picked his weapons from the box in the office.
“Come with me, you’ll be safe.â€Â
Jay’s drop pod transformed into a regular escape ship, and they got in. They watched from above as the office exploded, freeing the Sentinels from the Jockeys and ending the threat of the enemy for good. Jay’s mask picked up sounds of the female grunting. He dropped the controls, and whirled around. A Space Jockey’s blade had been thrown before the explosion, and was now protruding from her chest.
“Remember… me…good…bye…â€Â
As Jay tried to grab her, her beautiful face turned pale and lifeless as she fell from the escape pod. He tried to save her, but was too late. His eyes followed her falling grace as she fell, still smiling at him, and was engulfed by the ascending flames.
In training, his superior, DeathDrop, told him not to feel emotion for anything. He tried, but as he took the controls of the ship, a tear fell from his eye, at the thought of what had happened, at the thoughts of the fallen friend, Seiku.


You guys like it? It’s a story I made up today. Note: I hope this isn’t a crossover, I made up the Sentinels but the Space Jockeys are in the Xeno profile, it’s like an addition to it. However, the crossover is finished when I blew up the landing station, but if any of you guys wanna fight the Sentinels in a story, feel free.
and also, feel free to post up and say what you thought of it.


Jay is equipped with standard medium caliber plasma casters, non-acidproof wrist cleavers, non-acid proof combistick, a smart disk, no shurikens, and one acid-proof sword, a medicomp and semi-acidproof armor. Wrist computer is standard.

daveberg, Yautja, 18 years ago

^^^^^^^cprl Hicks^^^^^

That's a crossover post, but i'll let it slide
for today.

darkness of acheron

Jackel, Yautja, 18 years ago

Heres the beginning to a story. Hope you like it!

Chapter one

The bulky being strolled in-front of the initiates. The unblooded, he thought, so naive they care for their ranged weaponry so much. He remembers his initiation, so lenient we’ve become now not only do they fight on soil they know but they fight with tech, it’s a disgrace. A series of clicks made the unblooded spring into action they tooled up and headed for the drop pods. The elder walked behind the light gleaming of the intricate patterns burnt into one half of his skin and armour. He closed the doors to the drop pods and gave the ritual so that they would die with honour. With a quick blast of smoke the drop pods sot into the icy atmosphere.
“Test one failed, the Xenomorph does in-fact react to cold but only below -200 degreesâ€Â, with that the recording stopped, and the Human swivelled his chair away from the frozen Alien rigid behind the sturdy glass. He turned and faced the pane opposite and took some readings from the computers, then stared at the two black eggs encased in their solid prison. After taking his readings he stood and left for some refreshment.
The snow cascaded into the air as the five drop pods buried themselves in the earth. The lead Pred stealthily retracted itself from the metal encasing. The other four followed this hulk with the meshed helmet towards the lights on the horizon. The marine strolled round the perimeter on the graveyard watch. He wished that they had never put him on this watch, the cold landscape felt so eerie at night. But, he thought, it was his fault for smoking in the common room he new the Sarge would do him for that. As he was deep among thoughts he didn’t notice the slow change in shape the snow fall had in five specific points. The marine slowly made his way towards the generator but the railed fence, cursing his luck and his Sarge for this creepy posting. Behind him small electrical surges could be seen as the small vaporised on to some unseen object Just as the marine yanked down the large green switch a wiring was heard and before he could turn a disc flew through between his shoulder blades spraying human blood upon the snow.
The Preds stood above the broken body, the blood spreading across the cold surface. After exchanged clicks they stood before the barrier to the compound which contained they’re test and only blockage towards clan membership. After exchange noises they simultaneously leaped over the steel barrier. They were oblivious to the small electric charge that surged through their armour magnetising it. Once they landed they new they had made a mistake, the lead Pred saw that his armour had gone rigid and he was immobile. He wished he’d been more careful, so rushed had he been to take on this ‘ultimate prey’ he had disillusioned himself about the capabilities of the Humans. It would take a long time to demagnetise their armour, time he and his team could not afford to waste. To the situation he inspected the material he was clung to, it was a mesh. A mesh connected to the generator that sentry was using. No, he thought, they’re not that smart. Then with graceful movements he removed his helmet, knowing all was lost he placed his fist under his chin and with a thought the arms blades smashed through his skull, at least he’d die with some honour. The luminous blood sprayed his comrades much to their surprise. At that moment it dawned on them to, before anything could be done to retrieve their honour a huge electrical surge blasted through the mesh they were attached to. It shocked the Preds burning nerves and searing skin, and brought them to their knees. The second surge was all they could take and it shocked them into unconsciousness.
“The subjects are ready for inseminationâ€Â, the sound of the voice slowly brought the young Pred to awareness. “They should react well which will improve study of the Alien organismâ€Â, the man in the white coat stared at the two Preds securely fastened to their steel harnesses. The Pred was fully awake now and fully aware of his surroundings he was fastened tightly to a vertical steel bed, one of his comrades next to him. In front was a machine which looked like it was a frozen storage device. Behind that was a pane of glass, through which he could clearly make out one of the Humans talking into some kind of device. In that room were more glass panes through one he could make out something familiar. No, it couldn’t be, the Humans aren’t that stupid. But it had twigged he knew what was happening. As his thoughts darkened towards a domain of no hope, the storage device open and two black eggs slowly rose out. It open and the Praetorian facehugger began to stir. The Pred roared at the Human as the facehugger attached itself to his face.
“Insemination was successfulâ€Â, the recording stopped.

Plese tell me what you thought. I should have Capter two ready soon.

predatoress, Yautja, 18 years ago

Okey, this chapter is bad. Really bad. If u think that u can't handle... Well, things, then don't read it.

(I hope I don't get kicked out for this...)

The Heart of Predator

Chapter 2 - the Unnatural Passion

I wince awake. It was just a dream, it couldn’t be anything else. I turn on my right side. My bed is strange hard. When I open my eyes completely I realized I’m not in my room. I rise quickly to get some understanding about the space where am I. I sit on some metallic table in a middle of roundish room. It’s dark walls is covered by strange burning red carvings which reminds me as some kind of hieroglyphs. And they beat like the room would be alive.
I jump from the table and hit my toes to the trellis floor. Despite all my outer clothing is gone I have terrible hot. I gasp air like I would be choking. My legs are braking down and I grab the table to stand. When I rise my sight I see bright cabinet in the wall. A heavy weight drops in the bottom of my stomach. Skulls. Humans’, animals’ and unknown creatures’ skulls. Some of them have still their spines. I walk staggering to the cabinet and touch the glass. Where the hell am I? I press my forehead to the glass and I feel deep urge to throw up.
Suddenly one of the wall elements opens up. I turn around and in the middle of odd smoke I see the things in their real state. My head fills with fear I’ve never felt before.
Headhunters. Predators. Lizard-like humanoids. Their length is about 2,5 meters and their muscular bodies is covered with armor and equipments which we can only dream about. Their faces is covered by wicked-looking helmets and they have lethal blades on their arms. The creatures from the inner circle of hell.
I’m bursting in fear. This cannot happen, this is not real! There are three predators when the hatch closed up. I press against the cabinet and hope it would s**k me in. I close my eyes and swallow: this is just a dream, this must be a dream! When I’ll open my eyes I just see my messy bed… But a grip on my chin, snarling and the heat of the thing tells me something else. I cry out and open my eyes. The pred forces my head up and I can just watch powerless his standard predator helmet. I stand like paralyzed and shiver. My breathing is discontinuous because of the difficult position of my head and the terror rumbling inside of me.
He let me go and I slump down. I keep on my throat and gasp air. The pred walks away from me and opens something from the wall. At the same time two others come and grab my arms starting to drag me towards the table. I try to resist but the result is that my feet get scratched into blood on the surface of the floor. They lift me by force on the table. I beg and cry them to stop. One of them catch my hands and the other grabs my feet. I try to wriggle free but they just make their grips harder. I shout and realize to stay still - then it don’t hurt too much.
I’m quaking. What they want from me? I haven’t threatened them - one bite caused by fear don’t make me a serious prey. Will they sacrifice me to their Gods? Or does they plant an alien inside of me? What I even know about them? Maybe they eat human flesh and love the taste of young women…
I cry out of my thoughts. The third pred who have the standard helmet, comes to my left side. In his hand I see a blade which reminds of a scalpel. I also see the wound on his wrist. So he must be the one who I bit… I look to his face with my eyes full of fear. He’s staring back but he don’t react at all. It’s time of revenge… He steps closer and bends over me. I close my eyes and hope I’d be already dead.
A grasp below of my shirt. I scream the metal on my skin. I hear my shirt cut into a half. I don’t dare to move at all because the blade would cut into my flesh - if it even matters if they have decided to cut me into pieces. Then he touches my side. I tremble the warmness of his hand when he feels my ribs. He looks at me quickly and growls. Then he press the blade into my skin. I scream and feel how the blood starts to flow from the cut making my shirt wet. I squeeze the other pred’s wrists and bend my body as much as I can.
He cuts just a little piece of my side and puts it in some container. Then he takes some metallic thing, press it’s spikes into my skin and click it over the wound. I scream again. He puts his hand over it. I’ve never felt the real pain before. And this was just a small cut…
I moan and shake. Without my noticing the wound stops bleeding. The time get sluggish. Their snarling is echoing in my head. Is this it when you expect death? The last minutes feels stretching into eternity?
He grips my chin and turns my head towards him. I look at him and take deep breaths. Then he steps back and the others let me go. I bend my legs and move my arms on my chest. I close my eyes and try to slow my breathing up. They’re watching every move what I make and communicate with their own language. It’s a risk to let me go but I could hardly be a resistance to three of these supreme warriors. In here I cannot do anything else than submit into their will what ever they decide to do to me.
Under this inevitable fact my breathing lows down despite the presence of them. I feel a deep calmness falling over me. What does it matter what happens to me? Then there would be one miserable life less to burden the universe. But before dying I want to experience something that I feel being alive.
What the hell am I thinking? These creatures just sliced my body and I want… No, it would be wrong. It would be sick. Oh, my head… It’s all mixed up. Why I feel this urge in the middle of them, hellish creatures who are born to kill? Their extreme control and masculine appearance are turning me on.
I grab my head and rise to sit. My head is bounding. Why they just wont kill me? It all would be simpler. My breathing is getting again deeper when I sink into my thoughts. Without my noticing I stare the odd belt of the pred who stands in front of me.
I awake when the left pred moves towards the pred I‘m staring at. I rise my sight and see it’s skull-looking helmet. They snarl something to each other and then turn their heads towards me by slow and smooth motions.
Oh, what power and dignity they have in their movements. The coordination of muscles is perfect comparing it to my own movements. They move the calmness of killers. I am a rabbit in a wolf’s den. Only the fear makes me stand still even I would want to run and hide.
I could be imagining but they don’t seem hostile anymore, more like interested or curious. Or maybe they’re just playing with me and giving pointless hope. I call out a touch on my back. The pred who is behind me slides his fingers along my spine. I bend down and squeeze the edge of the table when the cold shivers shakes my body.
what kind of perverts. They get some vibes from others supporting structure. But still I hope in secret that he would touch me again.
Snarling. The skull-helmet-headed comes in front of me. I rise my sight from floor to his helmet witch arouse fear and respect. He touch my shoulder. I close my eyes and groan deeply. He incline his head.
This is so weird. Why they don’t hit their blades through my heart and let me free? They’re just playing with me… Does they see my changing state of mind by colorful visions? Who cares, I’ll die anyway. It’s better to put myself completely into this game. They have to know something to do…
I rise to sit on my feet. The pred inclines his head to different position and snarls. The other comes beside of him to protect the situation. Yeah, like I could hurt him with my bare hands… I feel how the third pred moves behind of me.
I straighten gently my right hand and touch the pred’s belly. He vibrates. I frightened and look at his face. First uncontrolled movement that I see. Maybe they’re more human than I thought.
When I’ve confirmed that he don’t stick his blades into my body I concentrate the feeling. Pred’s skin is so warm and moist. I’m totally enchanted when I move my fingers on his muscles’ lines. I’m panting when I rise and move my hand upwards his body. His breathing is getting deeper. I rise my hand on his helmet and feel it’s shapes.
What handicraft. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Suddenly he grabs my hand and detach it from the helmet. Then he rise his hand beside the it. He pulls a tube from it. The tube blows a wreath in the air. I stare at him and my heart is bounding because of the fear and curiosity onown. This is it. If I start to scream now my game is over.
Movement. He let the helmet down from his face and I see his grotesque face in nature: the weird structure of mouth, the mandibles, the burning yellow eyes and the massive top of the head which is surrounded by dreadlocks
I feel like I’m staring at the devil from eye to eye. I’d like to shout but the sound is stuck in my throat. I can only stare at him with my mouth open. He growls, lower his head and watches me with a little grin on his face. I gather all my courage when I touch his cheek with shivering hand. I get scared when he moves his head and snarls. Still I maintain my control and touch his face again. It’s unbelievable that he let me do that. I move my head closer to his chest and smell the bittersweet scent of his. It fills my lungs and runs into my veins like a river of lava. He touches my head. I close my eyes and kiss his skin. He compress my hair and throw his head backwards by growling. The odd passion and the pain he cause makes my body burning inside. I start to lick his skin and his movements gets uncontrolled. The helmet drops on the floor. Suddenly he shakes his head and break loose from me. He’s excited and snarls something with the standard-helmet-headed.
What happened? Did I do something wrong? Don’t even dare to imagine that I’d leave this world without getting something back!
I get totally new boldness and jump from the table and walk in front of him. He growls and turn to me menacingly.
I don’t fear you anymore! Go ahead, kill me if you fear the touch of a woman. How hard is you to get that I want this?
I kneel down and touch his belt. At the same time the pred beside him grabs around me and throws me back on the table. I feel pain on my back but I don’t care anymore. He push me on my chest to stay. I don’t resist at all - if my destiny is to die here so will it be. He growls and the wrist-blades flashes in the air. I grab his arm, close my eyes and take a deep breath. Good bye, world! My body tensed up to take the hit.
The blades creaks to the table.
A new gasp of air. Am I dead? I open my eyes. The blades are just besides of my neck. Oh my God, my life was just a tenth of an inch away. The air haven’t ever felt so good! I breathe the air like a fish on dried land. My heart is bounding more strongly in my chest than ever. I’m alive!
The pred bends over me, inclines his head and snarls. I hear a weird echo in my head: Are you ready?
I huff on the table and my body is meandering under the warmness of the predator. He pulls his blades off the table. Suddenly he grabs on my pelvis and pull me towards. I scream. What the hell I’ve got myself into?
-This is what you want, bi**h ! He says with deep and inhumane voice.
Then we did something bad and unnatural. It was forbidden and we knew it. But we didn’t do anything to stop it.
And the Guardians came in and caught us.

To the living we owe respect. But to death we owe only the truth. -Voltaire-

Crpl_Hicks, Yautja, 18 years ago

I fell flatered you guys took my idea! Anyways, my story is about a pred left behind...
(Setting: nightime, Antarctica) Glowsitck colored blood and strange armor laied at the alpha alien's feet, happy to see the hunters retreting. These, PREDATORS, you might call them were hunting to settle a ancient war for honor. Now, thier honor is crushed and only 2 are left. Our hero is named Noved, running along him is his brother. Both maskless, the are trying to escape the alphalien's grasp. The ship was in view now, they were close. Then, Noved's brother's chest expeled a foul entity. Slithering out came a hybird creature. Noved dispatched it, not realizing the alien behind him. It hit him in the back of the neck whith his second mouth. Noved bent to his knees and fell face first into the snow. Both the aliens and predators thought Noved was dead. 12 hours later, Noved woke up with a neck pain searing like he11 and qutie the hangover. Firgid, he sat up, and realized what had happened. He was left behind. He had no weapons beside the wristblades which were heavily damaged. He got up and saw nothing, not even the slimey creatures that were pursuing him. "I AM STARANDED HERE WITH NO LIFE AND NO HONOR" he thought " I CAN'T REGAIN MY LIFE, BUT I CAN REGAIN MY HONOR." And with a roar he set out to get the alien b**** that had started all this. At sun down, he saw something...intresting. Human foot prints. He also saw a dog-tag and pulled it out. The only thing he could make out was "TDN" in the low light. Grunting, he tossed it to the side, not really caring about HUMANS. They were just easy prey, especially because most humans aren't exactly packing heat(no pun intended)in Antarcica. Little did he know, he had a great battle befor him. 2:00 p.m. By now, Noved was tired, thirsty and hungry. He laid down and ate some snow. The night went by too fast. At 5 in the moring, he was sprinting, nowing the hive to be near. He was right, but TOO right. The sound oun shot stoped him. He looked around, seeing none with gun. It happened again until he realized something: The hive was under the ice. He cut a hole in the ice and looked in. There were 5 men, each blasting away at the queen. He jumped in and the fighting stoped. The queen thought that it was funny, the humans were just startled. He looked at the humans and they just blinked. The queen tore off her egg sack and bent down towards Noved. The mother hissed and Noved snarled. With one fast move, a tail shot through Noved. "I will NOT lose my honor again!" he roared in his native tounge. He cut the queens tail off, jumped up, and stabed his whole arm up the queens head. The acid melted his entire arm off and fell to the ground as he watched her die. His last thought was "I have honor..." as he hit the snow.

Fear. Fear is the mind killer. I will let my fear go over me and when I do only I will remain. Fear is the mind killer.

TDN, Yautja, 18 years ago

Ok here's my bad attempt at a story.

Chapter 1:
The screeching noises could be heard from afar. Johnny Richard laid on the gound panting, only the screeches could be heard. He opened his eyes, trying to take a glimpse of his surroundings. It pained him to do so, as his eyes began to hurt from the burns. The marks of acid burns still remained on his eyes, now no longer usable. He tried to move but failed to do so. His legs hurt, damaged by the same thing that has taken away his eyes, acid. He began to remember why he was here, in this room that he was barely able to make out.
He was a Marine, sent here to rescue some colonists that was reported to be under heavy attack by aliens. Ever since the colonies began to set up labs around this sector, accidents like this became common. He and his squad had to do many of these rescue missions these days, but none like this one. His squad was all killed, the swarm had been too much for them. Now he laid here, awaiting his death as the screeching noises was nearing.

Yeah I'll continue this story later. Hope you guys like it. I'll see if you guys want me to continue or not.

We Endanger Species...
Preferably Yours

Crpl_Hicks, Yautja, 18 years ago

Here's another one and Dave about the crossover, I based the vampire on a gothic friend of mine, not a TM character. Anywho, here's da' story.
"Help! They are.. everywhere! S.O.S.! 500 are already dead and counting! We are in sector 45-27 with a star date of 3021! Repeat, 3021! AHHHHHHHHHH!" This was the only transmission that the colonial mariens got. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the disturbing screams and roars. TDN thought he might investigate with Alpha Draconis, but he didn't get the ok from headquarters. The weeks past as they were floating in the emptyness of space. Eventually, they found that another ship, twice the size of their's, was speeding towards the cordanits at top speed. Now the mariens had to go, there was no choice. The other ship was a pred ship, knowing that xenos were involved. Alpha Draconis found the ship, parked and lifeless. The atmosphere was breathable, but it was a desolate place. A rock, one could call it. Finally, Alpha Draconis found acid burns and mangled bodies. Just 20 KM beyond that was a strange looking facility about 1 mile across with 4 towers jutting out of it in the corners. At the gates, mangled pred bodies were found at the gate. They entered and found a sckrmish of 20 preds and 10 aliens. Even though there were less xenos, they had the upper hand. The squad charged in, pulse rifles blasting. The sckirmish increased when more xenos poured in from different nooks and crannies. There were only 5 preds left, 18 soilders. There were too many xenos. The humans retrated and the preds soon followed with thier cloaking devices on.
The Preds and humans were at a truce. They had to join forces to get out of this place alive. They devised a plan. The humans would make a distaction and the preds would infiltrate the main H.Q. of this facility. Negotiation was difficult, but the 2 species understood each other. The sun was setting, staining the blue sky blood red. The mariens used the exosuits to lure the ugly xenos away from the h.q. In the process they killed a lot of xenos and only gained ground. The preds had a much worse time. They had found the h.q. easily enough, but the queen was also there. The alien queen detached herself from her eggsack and gave the preds he11. 1 pred went down in the first 5 minutes. 4 preds left. The humpared one exosuit to help the preds. The queen, even though was getting beat up by the exosuit, it foucesed on the preds 2 preds left. The exosuit piolit did a daring thing. He hit the self destuct button and ran. The queen just saw the fighters running away, not realizing in 20 seconds she would be dead. The preds and humans ecscaped and left the planet.
Yes I know it STINKS but I wrote it so I put it on the site. SOMEONE might like it......

Fear. Fear is the mind killer. I will let my fear go over me and when I do only I will remain. Fear is the mind killer.

clouseau, Yautja, 18 years ago


The training had been tough but he just managed to cope. He was almost ready. He alerted the king that he was leaving and then collected his equipment.
Then he stepped into his pod and activated the deep space programe on his control pad.
The pod was the only alien form of transport stolen from the ship "Deep Space 9"
The late Ripleys ship.

It blasted of. the mothershipship in the background seemed to disapear.

Before long the almost giant-like creature awoke.
It was their. Earth.
It was full of big, dirty grey buildings.
New York.
It had landed in a small deserted allyway behind a theatre.
No one would have seen it anyway because of the cloak device it had activated just before it began the Hyper sleep.
It collected its equipment and set off, leaving his pod hiden.
The streets were full off either rich a££ holes or old Fuc*ed up beggers.
This was just perfect for him.
No one would care if someone went missing in new york. The police certainly didnt. The giant creature selected his target and stalked it for a while until they arrived in a small back ally.
Before the young drug dealer even had time to scream something very sharp sliced into the left hand side of his neck and continued on through until it burst out the right.
There was a small thud as his head hit the floor.Alone.
The creature had been sent from thousands of lightyears away.Its mission was quite simple.
Retrieve the weapons stolen from his brother on the last hunt.If the humans hadnt figured out how the weapons were made, fine, but if they had they would be able to use the creatures own technology agains it.
If that was the case the PREDATORS were going to have a very hard time on their next hunt.
The humans may even learn about the wars that took place every 00 years.
But it was unlikely they would learn something like that from the weapons.
However more than weapons were taken.
A map was also retrieved. A map to the pyrimad and even worse a map to thier home.
The pred tore the skull out from all the nerves and muscles and put it into its small bag, Its trophy bag.