A gift from the Masters

Karo, Yautja, 15 years ago

When Danny Glover's character is given the antique pistol and the end of Predator 2 by the remaining predators on the ship, just as Alex is given the double edged Predator weapon at the end of AVP it is clearly an acknowledgment of human skill by the superior race, but what is the meaning of the difference in items?

The aged human pistol implies a deep history between the Predators hunting humans in context for Harrigan's character, but leaves him with no proof of what transpired.

The Predator weapon given to Alex at the end of AVP on the other hand, likely contains elements not present on out periodic table, as the spear gun tip did in Predator 2. Maybe even more than that, which makes me wonder why they would give it to her.

I was just wondering what anyone else thinks about these scenes and their significance, perhaps they are elaborated on in some books or comics which i am not familiar with.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 15 years ago

I assume in Predator 2 the elder just considered that since the human had gained City-Hunter`s honour when he killed him, he disurved a trophy.

And in AvP maybe the elder wanted to emply that he recognises the human species` merits in this age and that there is no point considering them simply prey or hosts for xenomorphs, but equals, or at least tolerated as a superior species, no longer just big game. This could also be linked to why no predator was interested in a huge ship blowing up in Alien, and why no cleaner was sent (yes, i know the concept of AvP wasn`t something as popular then as it is now, but if AvP and Alien are ever supposed to be linked, then what the hell), as that is a time when Predators no longer hunt humans, nor do they interfere with their affairs.

Yea, i know, i don`t like it either, but it just came to me on the spot.

The-Wolf, Yautja, 15 years ago

I think they gave Les the spear because they wanted to ripp off Predator 2. lol but seriously, I believe they did because she was in a way, part of the clan so they equip her with a spear but leave her on Earth because thats where she belongs... lol

-Bloo-, Yautja, 15 years ago

You know, these explanations actually do make sense.

Karo, Yautja, 15 years ago

Well yeah, those explanations arn't bad as far as maintaining continuity between both franchises, but "Predator" (1987) didn't come out for almost 10 years after "Alien" (1979), so "AVP" was much less than an unpopular concept, it was nonexistent. Considering that I doubt Paul Anderson was trying to explain why no Predators showed up in "Alien".

I do like the Idea of the Predators recognizing that humans have reached a certain pinnacle in their existence but it seems they are still killing humans in 2007 lol so I guess not eh.

Anyway, i just thought those scenes where very interesting, is there anyone who has read a considerable amount of the comics or books that knows of any other such incidents?