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Bloo's Fan-Fic (Discussion Thread)

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2014-02-20 15:53:54
@Predess: I kinda want to, since I'm also including people like Donut, Katam, K20A2, Otang, etc... but if you'd rather not be in it, I understand.

Also wow, I haven't seen you in a really long time.


2014-02-21 00:02:26
Bloo this is looking absolutely mind-bogglingly amazing! I'm excited to hear more and see more of it.

Predatoress what the hell?! How long has it been?
2014-02-21 04:11:11
^I know, right? It's like all these old farts have secret meetings to find out when they'll all show up...

Anyway, I should also mention that this doesn't mean you're going to actually see these different franchises interact with the AVP Universe. They're all different World Lines that don't exist at the same time.

In other words, don't expect Leon Kennedy and Solid Snake to fight Neo with the Master Sword inside a TARDIS. I'm borrowing a lot of elements from a lot of different things, but the core of this - the main characters and the villain - are my own original creations that I'm trying to make look as if they could actually be canon.

The ideas of Miracle Matter (black liquid), Medical Mechanica (silver liquid), and the (currently unnamed) red liquid, as well as the 8 Empresses and the Chiropterans, are all things that definitely sound too "fantastical" for AVP, but I'm trying to make them seem as if they could actually be canon.

The black liquid is already canon, as are different types of black liquid monsters. The Chiropterans are just different monsters; Medical Mechanica is a reverse-engineered creation by the Doctor used to reverse the effects of Miracle Matter; and the 8 Empresses, based on the Catholic Archangels and 8 Cardinal Vices, borrow aspects of their appearances from actual Giger paintings. If you want an idea of what some of the Empresses are gonna look like, then look up Giger's Necronomicon series.

As for the red liquid... as I've already mentioned, it's based on the Angel Cores from Evangelion, but it's also based on the Philosopher's Stone. Just, Engineer-ified. (Giger-ified?)

So, yeah - this isn't Super Smash Bros. or something. I'm trying to make it seem entirely possible while extending beyond the established canon and making it my own.


2014-02-21 13:40:44
We've been so long on the site in the past we've developed telepathical skills to know when we're needed. lol Nah little birds sings at times when something comes up. It've been for years I last visited here if you don't count random appearances once in a year or something.

Bloo, I have to say I don't understand the half of what you're saying but sounds good lol All kind of game and anime thingys are pretty much gibberish to me. And it's still ok to use my character, I'm glad it've inspired you.
2014-02-21 16:16:01
^Definitely. And thanks.

Yeah, I think most of this stuff is going right over everyone's heads, but it'll start making sense once the actual thing gets going.

I know old members can't be bothered to read through this whole thing, so here's the most important parts:

- almost everyone's characters are involved
- the overall plot still revolves around the Predators fighting the Aliens
- none of our characters is the main character because that would be unfair
- despite that, staff members and clan leaders (old and new) are really important
- some of the story is borrowed from our old RPGs, but otherwise, it's an original one by me
- this is set 1000+ years after Alien 3 and elaborates on Prometheus
- despite that, neither Weyland-Yutani nor Ripley are involved; I didn't want to ride on them like every other Extended Universe novel/comic/etc. has been doing
- instead, I'm going directly to Giger's paintings for inspiration
- the main characters (especially the main two) are all different parts of me; hopefully they seem like real members or plausible people in the AVP Universe rather than some bad fan-fic creations

AND... There are no supernatural forces at work, even when it seems like that. This is to keep this strictly within the realm of reality that Alien/Prometheus has established (although, I know I'm pushing it).

Everything will be explainable. Everything. I know I mentioned Archangels and a red liquid based on the Philosopher's Stone, not to mention the shapeshifting Chiropterans - those aren't supernatural either, and they have a lot to do with the biomechanical Hard Light technology of the Engineers. No wizards are involved, trust me.


2014-02-27 16:50:10
Okay guys, I need 50 names for... something important.

At least one suggestion is fine, and anything goes. Here's what I have so far:

- Missingno
- Smoke Detector
- Banjo Kazooie
- Shinji Ikari

I can confirm that these aren't Human, Synthetic, Alien, or Predator names. They're more like... code names for things that aren't as important.


2014-02-27 18:28:22
Swiss Cheese
Black Swan
My Little Friend
Park Chung-hee
Cave Explorer
Brown Sheep


A song about me and skull_ripper that I wrote:
"Yeah, uh, yea yeah, uh, yeah, crackers gonna crack yeah, uh, yeah..."
(thats what I have so far hope u like it)
2014-02-27 19:02:01
Umm... I'll try but cant promise my suggestions wont suck.

Electric Blues
Lava falls
Dragons eye
Seismo Ichthyos

Not exactly sure if any of it fits your naming scheme, but I hope they help.

Also have your Predators been in this mainstream universe for a long time, or have they only recently been pulled into it? The reason I ask is I was brainstorming with my sister on something and we came up with a cool idea, you might like it if your Predators have been in this main universe for a long time.

2014-02-27 23:08:17

@SR: (SHIT this turned out really long, sorry.)

Technically all of this starts around 2200, just after Alien 3. I'm still wondering whether or not I should ignore Resurrection. It started with something called "The Invasion." Then, 1000+ years later, that's when the actual story begins (which would put the current story at around the year... 3500?).

There's this whole thing where the human plane of existence was created during this whole "Engineer Versus Everybody Else" war, in which the native intelligent species of each Attractor Field tried and nearly failed to fight back against the Engineers. One of those intelligent species was the Predators, whose technology, while much different from the Engineers', was advanced enough to combat them (the fact that they're a combat/hunting-oriented race didn't hurt).

The Engineers created the human universe by mistake, and they didn't create humans the way we think they did. The beginning of Prometheus did NOT show them creating humans, was NOT showcasing Earth, and that was NOT a good representation of the Engineer race as a whole - the ones we saw (in the ritualistic clothing) were part of an obscure cult that the "big wigs" of their race used as sacrifices in an event called Instrumentality.

Basically, Instrumentality is what happens when the black goo, infused with DNA from one or multiple sacrifices, merges with another liquid weapon (the Spirits I mentioned a few pages back), as well as with the "spirit of the planet" (which is a lot less supernatural than it sounds), in order to "purify" the planet's surface and turn it into a new world. It's their way of "creating" new worlds, and they'd successfully performed Instrumentality on every planet before meeting with the Predators.

The reason they perform Instrumentality in the first place is because they need to clean out the Xenomorph hives. Merging the two liquid weapons with the energy of the planet's "spirit" begins an event that wipes the Xenomorphs (and any other Black Liquid Weapon) out while leaving the planet's natural organisms alone (however many may be left, which is admittedly close to zero). That's the reason they can't just skip to Instrumentality - it wouldn't do anything to the planet's native animals. It'd be like spraying everybody with cold water.

With THAT stuff out of the way, now I can explain how the Predators came into the universe:

Our universe was created when the Predators fucked up Instrumentality by inserting their own goo, called Medical Mechanica, into the process. The Engineers jumped into this universe through some wacky science bullshit, and so did the Predators. Some of the Engineers appeared in our World Line at different points in time - some of them billions of years ago, some of them at around the year 12, etc.

They've technically been in our universe for a long time. Many Engineers ended up in the past, while only a few (10) Predators, who all died by the year 2000, also ended up in our past. The Engineers who showed up in our past appeared billions of years ago, while the Predators who ended up in our past showed up in around the year 700.

The Engineers that showed up in our past had no way to get out of our Attractive Field, so they settled and eventually turned into the ones seen in Prometheus and Alien, which means the Past Engineers eventually died out. The same thing happened to the 10 Past Predators, who were all Jungle Hunters or City Hunters. In fact, they were in the same clans as The Doctor's and Pv2's, which explains why The Doctor has the same appearance as Jungle Hunter and why Pv2 has the same color scheme as City Hunter. (Sorry, I'm ignoring Predators for now. I might revise this to include it somehow.)

Since humans looked like Engineers, they didn't want to perform Instrumentality on us - at first. Then, when they got mad at us (for whatever reason), they started sending Derelict-like cargo ships to Acheron-like planets surrounding us. Their new home planet in our universe ended up getting covered in their cargo (that is, the black goo was released), and they pretty much fucked up.

It was the Past Engineers who established the legends behind Christianity (some Engineers even inspired the biblical Archangels, Angels, and even God), while the Predators established the legends behind Demons. It should be noted that, while 7 of these Predators influenced the 7 Princes of Hell (the demons who are most associated with the 7 Deadly Sins), it was, in fact, an Engineer that influenced the figure Lucifer.

Also, to clear things up - "Past Engineer" refers to the canon Engineers, and "Past Predators" refer to the canon Jungle and City Hunter movies. These two clans were on good terms with each other, of course, because their Elders, before being separated from them when the Predators jumped into our universe, were The Doctor and PREDATORv2.

So, I guess you could say we've had Predators in our universe for a very long time. However, a majority of the Predators did NOT appear until The Invasion, which took place at around 2200. I'll refer to these ones as the Future Predators. Likewise, the Engineers that appeared in 2200 will be the Future Engineers.

It was the Past (canon) Engineers who were responsible for the events of the Alien movies, but it's the Future Engineers who finally decided to just unleash the black goo all over Earth and any other human-controlled planet. It should be noted that the Past Engineers didn't actually know how to create the black goo - luckily for them, they had reserves. The Future Engineers, however, created a massive fucking shit ton, much more than the Past Engineers had ever used.

To clarify, the Future Predators, whose numbers are at about 100+, include your RPG characters. The Future Engineers only had a group of 8, 7 of which died during the Invasion. Or rather, they were turned into Spirits (red goo) by the last remaining Engineer, who is the antagonsit of the story.

EVERY human planet fell and went under Instrumentality, and Earth was very close to falling, had it not been for the Future Predators' intervention. Similarly, every Predator planet EXCEPT the home world fell to Instrumentality. The home world is still covered in a planet-sized hive.

Anyway, The Future Predators started bombing the world because the black goo was spreading faster than wild fire. THIS looked like a terrorist attack, so humans fought back. The Predators decided to group up the remaining human population (which was, at the time of The Invasion, close to only 90,000) and put them on Australia. Then, using Hard Light technology that the Past Predators didn't have access to, they created an impenetrable wall around the entire goddamn continent.

The Hive, as it was known, couldn't get in, and each of its Shadow Serpents went into hibernation.

Then, over the course of 1000 years, the Future Predators, from the shadows, nudged mankind's growth into a better society. The only reason they did this was because they knew what it was like to have their entire planet swallowed by the Xenomorphs.

Also, the Predators had never seen a Xenomorph before the Engineers attacked their Attractor Field. Xenomorph kills are considered one of the most prestigious achievements of their culture, as opposed to "Basic Training." And, actually, Predators ARE taught how to kill a Xenomorph as part of basic training, because they're one of the hardest things they're ever going to fight and they need to be prepared. Before jumping into our universe, many Predators had managed to kill some Xenos, which explains why the Past City Hunters had a Xenomorph skull.

20 years before the beginning of the story, many Predators, under the influence of the last Future Engineer, begin killing humans. 18 Predators rebel and form The Seven Headed Dragon clan, and a civil war begins. The Badbloods, as the SHD calls them, released the black goo into the human society the Future Predators have spent 1000+ years building. The DBO is born to combat these new Black Liquid monsters. The attacks become controlled thanks to the DBO, and humanity enters a new Calm.

19 years and 11 months after that, Xeuss's 1st General, a man called Lucifer, is killed by an "invisible demon" that had never been seen before. A month after that is January 1, the beginning of the main story.

OBVIOUSLY there are some kinks to work out. BUT, this is the general outline, and that's how the Predators came into our world.


- There were 10 Past Predators who did nothing but orbit our world from a distance. Sometimes they hunted us. They came into our universe at around the year 700.
- They didn't leave because they were afraid of running into the Past Engineers, who outnumbered them greatly.
- The past Engineers have been in our universe for billions of years as of 2000. All of them died out eventually.
- The Past Engineers and Past Predators are the canon ones.
- The Past Engineers are responsible for the Alien movies and Prometheus.
- The rest of the surviving Predators entered our universe around the year 2200, a few decades after Alien 3.
- 8 Engineers also entered our universe at the same time. They were being chased by the Future Predators.
- The Future Predators have been in our universe ever since, watching us for about 1000 years. They began murdering us (not for sport, but for other reasons). Some of them didn't like this, so they entered a civil war.
- Engineer Jesus is NOT a thing.


2014-02-27 23:13:08
Bloo, I notice you're still worried about confusing people.

^ This is Grant Morrison. He's my favorite comic book writer.

He wrote a book where Batman gets brainwashed, beaten, injected with heroin, and left in the streets with no costume or memory of who he is by Dr. Hurt, who is either Batman's Dad who never really died and was evil all along, or the Devil. Anyway, you might think Batman is fucked, but it turns out he had actually prepared for this by deliberately developing multiple personality disorder and hiding a bright purple, yellow, and red costume in a secret bat- dumpster somewhere to become THE BATMAN OF ZUR-EN-ARRH, who thinks he's an alien and goes around beating the shit out of people with a baseball bat until he regains his sanity... But then he finds out that his girlfriend is actually one of the members of the evil rich people cult that caused all this shit in the first place and HOLY FUCK THERE'S BAT-MITE.

My point is, don't worry about confusing people. You've clearly thought enough about this to make things clear, and even if you fuck up, even if it's confusing as all hell... At least it'll be different than the average SCAR N LEX HAVIN' WHACKY ADVENTURES IN MANHATTAN horseshit we usually get. Weird is good. Own it.
2014-02-28 00:05:55
Yeah, it sucks that no matter how confident I get with this stuff, I'm always gonna be a little worrisome in the back of my mind, and I guess that shows in my posts. This was the first time in about 7 years I took drawing (and writing) seriously again, and it puts me on edge.

I do have many drafts written for me, but writing for me and writing for you are amazingly different. It's incredible how many times I revised something on the spot because it sounded better in my head, so the on-the-spot revisions might be contributing to why I sound unsure. But, I'm not trying to make excuses - I am genuinely worried sometimes.

On the other hand, I'm really glad you guys have been supportive. You could have easily shot me down on the first page because my initial story and drawings weren't that great, but for some reason you guys just encouraged me, and I could never express how much that means to me because I would have never become better without that support. It's a kind of gift that keeps on giving - because of the initial positive reaction, I'm gonna keep on getting better.

Anyway, good or not, that Batman thing sounds entertaining as hell.


2014-02-28 00:19:01
I'm only speaking for me here, but I like just about anything that's got a creative world-building element. If you can take something we all know and make it new again, I'll probably like it. It's so different from any AVP stuff we've seen before, and it mythologizes our RPG characters in a really cool way. Shit's gonna be awesome.

Also, that Batman comic was AMAZING, as is everything that crazy Scottish fuck touches. The Beard Hunter issue of Doom Patrol? Sheer genius.
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