tawganator, Yautja, 5 years ago

Jesus chocolate covered Christ on stick. I just finished watching Hardcore Henry and no that is not a porno. I enjoyed the heck out of it except for one little teeny tiny thing. It was so damn shaky that I had to pause it several times to keep my insides in. But still I liked it and want to know if anyone else has watched it and felt sick.

Also AVP a look back, lets do that.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 5 years ago

I'm currently going through all my art from 2013 until now and boy is a lot of this shit bad. I can't believe I was confident enough to show you guys all this 3 years ago. Did it always look like this? I can't stare at the earliest ones for more than half a second without cringing and these are the ones I posted here last time I updated. Wow. It's amazing how much things change in 3 years. I really appreciate how supportive you guys were at the beginning; I feel like I wouldn't have kept practicing and gotten better without you guys.

Sorry, I'm still emotional after watching Kids on the Slope.

@Tawg: Never heard of it, but the POV thing sounds interesting.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 5 years ago

Come on Bloo, you should know that your own works will never look good enough after you've improved, but it was the best you could do back then. They also look actually good. At the very least a lot better than nothing, which is what we had before and would have kept having unless you showed us something, whatever it was. However your style changes, it will always be good, especially if it's better than how it was when it was good already.

Hunter_Predator, Yautja, 5 years ago

@ -Bloo- & DeathDrop

I'm currently showing my girl the Alien and Predator franchises, so far only watched Alien 1 and Pred 1, only plan to show her Alien 2 and AvP now but she's not enjoying them, doesn't find them scary and thinks they are kind of dumb, she doesn't believe in extraterrestrial life so she only likes horror films involving Ghosts and Demons because she does believe in them, so she's not seeing the entertainment value, she dislikes Sci-Fi (Ergh) and can't get passed the Sci-Fi aspect of movies about Alien Beings, so I may not be able to get around to it but I can watch AvP again on my own if I find the time, so I'd say yes, due to the nature of this site we should do it... By the way you two killed my gut with laughter lol.

@ -Bloo-

On the Topic of Artwork, DeathWraith is right, your own work will always look unimpressive to the artist. Being a musician there are times I look back at old songs and think "What was I thinking?" or "God I was Emo" but to be honest, others liked them, others related or even loved them, and at the time I wrote them they meant something very powerful and deep to me, and that relativity and helping of others is the whole reason I wrote them, So I try not to look back, still play them because I love them and so do others and always look forward and just try to continue writing more and better things that relate to me now, so that my whole life is in the chain of music. How I feel now is certainly not how I felt 3, 5, or more years ago, and that's what makes new and old art so amazing, just go back to who you were back then and you'll appreciate your old art the way you used to and see why people who appreciate it now do because maybe at this point they feel like you did back then, that's what I do with old music, I just go back to that time when that song meant a lot to me and feel that way again so singing it is just as passionate because literally "I understand, I've been there" because well... I wrote it.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 5 years ago

Thanks guys, it means a lot. After sleeping on it and looking at them again in the morning, I did feel good about how much I've improved since then. It's good to keep your old art/songs/writing/etc to see where you've come from.

HP, does your band have a Youtube channel? I feel like you've posted your stuff before.

Also... she believes in ghosts but not aliens?

Edit: Actually that's understandable, I think people have more supernatural encounters than alien encounters.

tawganator, Yautja, 5 years ago

Alright quick poll.
Do you believe in goblins and ghosts and/or aliens?
Also which do you believe is more likely to exist?

skull_ripper, Yautja, 5 years ago

The answer from me is; yes, I believe in the possibility of supernatural and or alien creatures. I've seen some shit that cant really be explained otherwise if at least some of that shit exists. Some are fucking ridiculous, of course, but some at least make a modicum of sense. Looking at the sheer vastness of space, the fact that there are a literal endless number of galaxies and new ones forming constantly, there could pretty easily be other lifeforms out there even if they're just animals.

On an unrelated note(and I'm probably going to regret this later), I asked a girl out and I was hoping you guys could impart some dating advice to me? This is "my first rodeo" as it were, so basically all I have to go off of is my own intuition, which I feel probably means I'm fucked.

I didn't get a "yes" or a "no", I got a "perhaps" with definite interest, she's just a very busy young woman so she has to check her schedule and stuff plus college stuff. I feel like we'd be great together, and we already get along together swimmingly(like seriously, the worst thing about her is she listens to country music, which isn't that terrible all in all), and I think asking her out went pretty well in the long run looking back on it.

tawganator, Yautja, 5 years ago

@SR Sounds like the first time I asked a girl out. It took a while but we finally started going out. As for advice the best I can give is the basics. Don't be a dick and be less about you and more about her. If she is fine with crowds then I would recommend going to a local event like a show or fair, something that takes a good few hours to do that has a bit of fun and variety.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 5 years ago

I don't really consider anything as being "super-natural" but I'm pretty sure the world is infinte and everything exists. However, if everything exists, that means that nothing is important. However, if everything exists that means nothing can stop existing, which means existing is all you can do, so you'd better make the most of it, because it's not going to end, ever, no matter how tired you are. But then again, I also believe in Korean idols who haven't had plastic surgery or botox, so who knows...

Speaking of which, Bloo, look how many fucking groups in a single video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFp16dt5dXk

And the worst part is, I only don't know three of them. Three girls, not three groups. And the worse worst part is, they're not even famous. And the worse worse worst part is, Shim Eutteum, for example, is not even an idol, she's a fitness trainer, but I know her, too.

@SR: You gotta be persistent, but not too much, and also be confident. Even if she rejects you without giving a reason, keep trying, but without sounding desperate. As long as you impress yourself, you're gonna impress her. But you gotta impress in a good way, not as in "it's impressive how much I can text a girl about how I just woke up and I'm going to take a shower". Don't start talking to her if you know you've got nothing to talk about just because you miss the interaction, just find something else to do. Personally, when I asked her out the first time, she was hungry, so I got lucky. Then she rejected me a few times over the next few weeks because of pressure from her parents, but eventually I asked her to a film music orchestra performance and she said "I'll think about it." so I said "Well I hope you think positively about it, because I already bought you the ticket." and we went. Eh but before that I also befriended all of her potential friends to make sure people don't talk shit about me. I also told her I liked her while I was drunk and almost fell over. Anyway, the point to these stories is that you shouldn't be discouraged by just regular rejection, which I know is hard, but as long as you're confident in yourself, you could literally be a mass murderer and she'd still warm up to you.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 5 years ago

Suicide Squad seemed like the script was still a rough draft when they started shooting.

Main problems: Will Smith is too likable to play Deadshot. Deadshot's supposed to be a complete bastard with a death wish; the whole thing with his daughter didn't ring true. Katana, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang and Slipknot were completely pointless characters. You could have dropped all of them and practically nothing would change plot-wise. Same with Rick Flag's army guys and Jared Leto's sub-par Joker. Also, the whole weird thing in the middle where they rescue Amanda Waller was confusing and stopped the movie dead. They overdid the pop songs.

Enchantress should have been in it more. Drop her God of War Boss Character of a brother and add some variety to her magic. Whole movie should have been a trek through a weirded out wonderland that used to be a city. THEN you can have all the flashbacks/illusions/character-building after the initial intros.

badapple24, Yautja, 5 years ago

Y'all are talking about super hero movies but you wanna know who the real superheroes are?


the people who wrote the stellar script in this film.

Hunter_Predator, Yautja, 5 years ago

@ BadApple
Ah, Trailer Park Boys, good old Canadian Television... you're welcome haha.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 5 years ago

Update on events pertaining to my last post: myself and the girl I asked out saw each other for the first time since I asked her out a day or two ago, and I think it is going fairly well. The awkward tension of silently liking one another is gone, but the kinda of fun sexy tension is still there and stronger. I honestly think we were the most comfortable with each other this time than we've ever been before. We talked more, laughed more, and actually had fun despite having a busy work night. She got way closer to me physically now, regularly getting and lingering within my personal space and reaching past me to set dishes next to me that she could've placed on the other side without having to get nearly so close. I normally tell be to back the fuck off if they get that close(which she has been witness to before when a former employee where we work was being annoying as fuck and way too close to me), so my having been perfectly comfortable with her closeness hopefully was a good sign to her.

Once it was just the two of us cleaning in the back after closing though, she cranked up the tunes and played a very romantic song about a blue eyed guy(non specific so it could really apply to any blue eyed man) and kept smiling at me during the song(she's normally fairly deadpan), and when another employee who wouldn't normally be back there at that time of night walked in and asked what was with the song, the girl blushed and got kind of defensive and changed the song while looking over at me sheepishly before averting eye contact(said other employee is a married woman btw, so not a competitor or anything). She and I have had discussions about eyes before, she has brown eyes and I have blue, so given her reaction to me during the time between the song playing and her getting embarrassed, it felt directed at me.

I asked her if she had thought any further about when I asked her out the previous week, and she basically said that we'd see about something after she works her last day(tomorrow). So, basically all of my anxiety has melted away and I'm feeling fairly confident about by chances now.

@Tawg: She knew my older brother before she knew me, so I'd have to try really hard to seem like a dick, and I'm normally a kind and chill dude. I think that I've been pretty good about listening to her and taking an interest in her(because to be honest she's just kind of captivating to me), I know more about her than she knows about me at any rate from our conversing. At the same time I feel like her not knowing as much about me might be a bit hindering to my end of things, the problem is I think my life is fairly boring, and the only "interesting" things that have happened have been fairly awful/distressing life events over my time on this earth.

I think my best bet for a date though is a movie and dinner, she's already been to the state fair and otherwise the area is kind of dead for minors with Summer on the way out. That way with the movie we have something fun to do, and something to talk about during the meal later if the conversation doesn't otherwise flow.

@DW: I always try to act as confidently as possible in most scenarios(I feel like if you don't have self confidence you're doomed to fail more often than not), both in how I present myself physically and how I act; and I've been fairly persistent but not to the point of pushy or desperate. From working together I think she's fairly impressed from how she's seen me work, since I work hard, don't complain, and my job is fairly labor intensive so she regularly sees me doing stuff that requires a lot of strength like one-handing bar trash bags that weigh anywhere from sixty to a eighty pounds.

My family is known locally for our work-ethic and just being good honest folk, so now that she's worked with my brother, father, and myself she's seen it hold true first hand which I think is to my benefit. And I've taught her stuff that ranges from practical knowledge that most people our age don't really know(the kind of cool practical stuff most young people's parents do know), obscure facts relating to topics she's interested in, so from what she's said about me according to a mutual friend(that I trust), she seems to have decided I'm very intelligent, strong, and genuine person. Whereas she thinks the other guys my age that she knows are a bunch of wimpy dumb ass sycophants.


DeathWraith, Yautja, 5 years ago

gz wp

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 5 years ago

Showers are a strange thing, don't you think?

I mean, here we are, for generations just swimming in rivers and ponds, not really cleaning ourselves, just enjoying the feel of water. While we may not have washed ourselves on purpose the water did do a little bit.

Then came the point of no washing, where there are accounts of it being an attractive trait if you were able to go a long time without bathing or washing. Just, ewww. They would brag about how they only bathe twice a year and just use perfume to cover up their smell.



(don't get me wrong, I know sometimes water is broke, your homeless, or you're just lazy for a day)


This post brought to you by an unwashed man in gamestop.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 5 years ago

That's not at all the order in which it happened. There was washing for hundreds of thousands of years and then no washing for only a few generations and only in some parts of Europe.

tawganator, Yautja, 5 years ago

Probably had something to do with them dumping their sewage in their only source of water. On another note, has anyone been watching Berserk this season?

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 5 years ago

I see I didn't know that thank you for giving me this new formation and now I will change my arguments in the future based on this current knowledge, and to answer the question of watching dessert I have not been I've just been sitting around playing World of Warcraft

DeathWraith, Yautja, 5 years ago

Retail WoW, or a private server? Because at the current expansion I'm not sure you can still call it playing what with how easy it is.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 5 years ago

Retail, I am usually raiding Mythic HFFC and trying to two man Mythic dungeons