badapple24, Yautja, 3 years ago

Posted in main, and Picard does. No matter what, he could show up to a funeral and make everyone happy.

Dronehive, Yautja, 3 years ago


You arent wrong, but you have to realize this guy was also

- a government employee
- never had any evidence found against him

The capacity of a federal government to deny rights on a SUSPICION of guilt is not only unconstitutional but so antithetical to democracy that it would surely destroy what we've built.

Also, my personal belief is that the shooter was in fact gay, but his religious beliefs and seemingly abusive father caused a sebere dissonance that triggered a violent act.

Also, I think its wrong to not attribute anything to the brand of islam the family of the shooter followed. No, islam is not bad. Islam is basically just a text- the Quran. Its the intrpretation of it, mostly a common one in the middle east itself unfortunately, that is bad. "Radical christianity" has also been at fault on many occasions, but islam takes the blame for this one.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

If my posts suggested I was blaming Islam as a whole, than I communicated poorly; that wasn't my intention at all. I would argue, however, that fundamentalist readings of Islam would probably not be kind to the LGBTQ community, in the same sense that a fundamentalist reading of Christianity wouldn't. Bronze Age thinking, regardless of the origin, is not conducive to modern multicultural live-and-let-live society.

As to the rights issue, I don't think the ability to purchase military-grade weaponry with zero oversight is some unalienable civil right. I also wouldn't describe multiple domestic violence arrests, a history of instability, and being thrown out of a nightclub repeatedly for aggressive behavior as merely "suspicious."

These aren't baseless suspicions pulled out of the ether; these are specific, tangible documented red flags that are part of a wider pattern of observable behavior. The fact he was interviewed twice by the FBI is just sort of the icing on the cake, the point is that if there were ANY kind of background check or mental health evaluation involved in the purchase, this guy wouldn't have passed. With basic, common sense measures in place, this piece of shit doesn't get an AR-15.

All I'm suggesting is that, in light of the epidemic of mass shootings seemingly unique to this country, a person with this many violent arrests and an unstable history shouldn't be able to obtain a military-grade weapon as easily as he did.

Hell, maybe the attack would have happened no matter what. But would he have killed 50 people with just a handgun? I have personally seen people walking around with a pistol strapped to their waist who I wouldn't trust with a plastic spork, let alone a gun.

I just don't understand the big goddamn deal about this. People-in many cases those same people walking around a grocery store with a giant silver handgun in a police-style chest holster-seem to have absolutely no problem with the government violating literally every other civil right they have, yet trying to stop maniacs from getting machine guns is somehow this huge attack on liberty.

The same politicians who are railing against gun control happily supported the Patriot Act and warrentless wiretapping and drone strikes that kill civilians and illegal "wars" and bailing out banks and treating marijuana like fucking heroin and stop-and-frisk and police militarization and torture and making same-sex marriage illegal and legalizing trans harassment and blatant racial profiling and random police checkpoints and continuing to raid marijuana dispensaries in states where it's LEGAL and all but banning abortion and forcing religious propaganda into public schools and making it nigh-impossible to get healthcare and selling off bits of national infrastructure to SAUDI FUCKING ARABIA and letting corporations just do whatever they want and gerrymandering and accusing their opponents of not being patriotic enough and opposing any checks and balances for law enforcement and going out of their way to cause international incidents and "signing statements" and making it more difficult to legally immigrate AND AND AND AND AND

^ THESE are the people who are concerned about your rights? The people who have violated damn near every article of the Constitution? The people who tanked the economy and sent all the jobs overseas? The people who wanna stick their nose into every aspect of your personal life?


The government could start herding people into camps tomorrow, as long as they let leave the guns alone, no one would care. It really is unbelievable.

tl;dr: shit fucked up.

Dronehive, Yautja, 3 years ago

A semi-automatic rifle is not millitary grade by any means. The media consitently lies about the shootings, including the gun used (Sauer MX, not an AR-15), the capabilities of the weapon (in that time, one person could not kill 50 people).

In addition, the primary role of the right to bear arms (and organize millita) is to defend against government. This requires weaponry capable of some resistance to other modern weaponry. Based on our recent political history, I think we need that.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

Semantics. Maybe the gun wasn't military grade, but it was certainly more firepower than belongs in the hands of a lunatic. It's a weapon that kills a shit-ton of people quickly and easily. Isn't that enough?

As to your second point, I agree. I have no problem with sane, responsible people owning weaponry. Neither of those things were true in this case. Waiting lists and background checks are not to stop the average person from buying a hunting rifle; they're to stop psychotic people from going on shooting sprees in public places.

Someone with multiple violent arrests, explosive anger, and mental health issues who has publicly expressed views sympathizing with ISIS and been investigated twice by the FBI should not be able to purchase a weapon-what-kills-lotsa-peeps with the ease that he did.

badapple24, Yautja, 3 years ago

Well in AZ i know there is a law that if you have mental instabilities or anything of that sort on record you are not allowed to own any sort of weapon.

Dronehive, Yautja, 3 years ago

The issue is, both FBI investigations turned up nothing. Without evidence, how could they take away his rights? Its important that only abjury can do that.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

Again, the FBI thing was icing on the cake; we was arrested for domestic violence multiple times, was on record as having terrorist sympathies, destroyed his first marriage, and was dangerously unstable. These are not suspicions; they are specific, documented facts.

I'm not suggesting his rights be taken away. I'm suggesting common sense. A background check before purchase of a firearm would've raised a ton of red flags. Violent nutjobs should not have easy access to firearms. To be sure, gun control measures alone won't put an end to this problem... I'm just saying they sure as shit wouldn't hurt.

tawganator, Yautja, 3 years ago

A little on topic but worth the watch

Dronehive, Yautja, 3 years ago

Holy shit brexit.

I wonder what concrete thinks

skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

If all the guns disappeared, or never existed in the first place, we'd still be slaughtering each other. Just the old way.

Just a sad fucked up world we live in unfortunately.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 3 years ago

"If all the guns disappeared, or never existed in the first place, we'd still be slaughtering each other. Just the old way."

Sad fact there skull-ripper, humanity would still be slaughtering one another either way. If all weapons ceased to exist we'd still be just as violent and savage as we are now and while I do hope one day things will get better I don't see that happening at all in the near future. All of us will likely have died by the time things really improve so perhaps our children or their children will experience this new dream world were violence is pretty nonexistent. Or for the those of us who have/want kids, once I'm gone I'm gone I will leave behind no legacy and I'm fine with this. I'm actually glad, I feel bad having my pets in this kind of world as it is and I'd feel worse if my child was in this mess. But in the end we'll still be killing each other of damn near everything. We'll kill people for not following one random religion, we'll kill people because of their race, we'll kill people because of their gender, we'll kill people because of their sexual orientation and we'll kill people simply for accidently bumping into us or out of boredom. If you want my honest opinion on this there is no "X group has it worse", we're all in the same boat here and we're eating each other alive like starving rats.

I've gone from being a proud American to completely and totally disillusioned and ashamed, I mean look at the state of things. Look who our front-runners are; a lying sociopathic bitch who leaked information and as a result got innocent people killed. Yet in Joe Average did half the things she's done he'd be in a hole in Siberia somewhere or in the black-site completely erased from the face of the planet as far as documents and records are concerned. And then there's Trump, look I'm all for boarder security and being careful about who gets in the country but the guy is an ass pure and simple. Plus we have a current President that is doing fuck all the fix things and is pandering to the every whim of the useless outrageous whiny entitled populace that wants trigger warnings for a mere civil disagreement! We are literally scrapping the bottom of the barrel here! But there's nothing we can do about, maybe I should give up hope that one day someone will. What's the fucking point anyway?

DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

"If all the guns disappeared, or never existed in the first place, we'd still be slaughtering each other."

Very true. Very true. Just like you know you're gonna catch some disease at some point in your life either way, so why not just inject yourself with AIDS.

Anyway, Bloo, can you explain to me why hentai artists don't draw the perineum. They just end the vulva in some cushion, as if the outer labia come back together to form a shoe-horse shape, which I've never actually seen happen in real life. Instead, a lot of times I've seen the inner labia continue south of the vagina and all the way to the anus. Has this ever been discussed?

-Bloo-, Yautja, 3 years ago

GOOD QUESTION. That's actually never not a good question. You should always question hentai artists and their affinity for drawing things just right enough that it LOOKS good to my 14-year-old self's right hand but just wrong enough that it looks disgusting 8 years later when my dick has a little more common sense and a slightly higher standard for shameful cartoon fucking.

My theory is that they don't know what that area is. They just don't know what girls are, dude.

Surprisingly, it has less to do with artistic ability and more to do with the fact that most hentai artists have never seen a girl in their entire lives, much like how renaissance painters used to depict women as men but with oranges for boobs. So, since hentai artists have never seen a girl, all they have to go on for their artwork is pesky middle school rumors ("I heard if you fuck a girl in the mouth it feels like a pussy!") and other hentai artwork (it's like a cesspool of bad decisions all wrapped up in a black hole of mankind's regret), which is why they think girls have vaginal creases on their tongues, or that their assholes look like those garbage disposals you might find in an American sink*. Though honestly, I don't blame them for that last one since both ultimately end up stuffed with junk.

SUB THEORY: They've never seen a girl and so they draw them wrong. Fair enough; I can't draw horses for shit if I don't look up a reference. But why can't they just look at their own crotch area and see that their balls don't touch their asshole? Well that's because that's gay.

Seriously. Everyone knows if you look at a man's asshole you'll gain a lisp by the end of the day. It's just science. And they can't go by live-action porn because all their live-action porn is censored because God hates them. This is why, in some hentai, you'll just see a big white silhouette in place of the dick. They've never seen a dick before because that would be the opposite of no homo, but they know it's a stick-looking thing because they've awkwardly felt their own penis whenever they've had to pee or jack off. That's also why some hentai artists straight up (ha ha) draw their dicks as plain black boxes--they think dicks are literal sticks.

Anyway I forgot what I was talking about but hentai artists are bad and you shouldn't even be reading hentai unless it's from an artist who actually knows what they're doing. UNFORTUNATELY all the good hentai artists are also into some weird fetishes, so unless you also like wetworks, incest, puking, and weird anal play, then you're as fucked as a hentai girl's anatomy.

I don't know any of this from experience. I heard all of this from someone I know.

*I hope this doesn't summon more kitchen sink bots. We've been on a roll for the past few months...

EDIT: It's not been discussed to my knowledge but you can probably find threads about it in Fakku comments or any anime-related Reddit sub. Also I don't know what Fakku is.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

"Very true. Very true. Just like you know you're gonna catch some disease at some point in your life either way, so why not just inject yourself with AIDS."


Problems exist, so the best thing to do is everything in your power to make them worse! ITS WAT TEH FONDING FATHURS WANTTED1111111

-Bloo-, Yautja, 3 years ago

I used to think the same thing about cleaning my room. My argument was "it's just gonna get dirty again. Why clean it at all?"

Later on I realized it only gets dirty because I don't actively clean it.

Edit: You can totally counter that with "BUT YOU CAN'T CLEAN SOMETHING THAT'S NOT DIRTY TO BEGIN WITH," but it's not where we start that matters, it's where we end up.

Edit: I lied, my room's always going to be dirty because I'm one of the few idiots in America who has a physical copy of a hentai doujin in his room.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

I feel like I've pissed off a person or two, and I feel this is because I've been misunderstood.

All I was saying was this; "Just a sad fucked up world we live in unfortunately", which was actually in the same post as my comment on guns, which I don't think anybody saw or at least didn't take what I intended from it.

And it is. It is a fucked up world right now. No, I wasn't saying people should give up just because the world we live in is less than perfect. Not that it has ever been a perfect world, it has a long history of sucking with a handful of awesome dotted here and there. I don't know where that was gotten from what I said, but it was not at all what I was trying to say. So, sorry about that, wasn't what I was going for.

I am not giving up, nor do I want or expect anyone else to do so. That wasn't what I was saying, and I'm honestly surprised that people seem to think that was what I was implying. People, when properly motivated, can enact great change in the world. Both for the better and worse. Few of us ever go that far, yes, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth trying. You could be one of those awesome people in history, or maybe not. You'll never know if you don't try.

But you know, when it comes down to it I have no control how people are going to perceive what I choose to say. So if I'm going to say something, maybe I should choose my words more wisely so as to better make my own point.

To those that replied with their opinions, thank you, I respect your opinion and hope my clarification makes sense. And to those that mocked me, thanks so very, very much for you conducive and mature reply.


DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

^ Yea, no one said anything about giving up, I don't know where you got that from, unless you thought you thought that's what the AIDS part was. It's pretty disrespectful to people with AIDS to assume that having it means giving up. AIDS is just a disease that amplifies the effect of all other diseases. Just like giving guns to fucking everyone without discrimination increases the chances that people will murder each other - which we already know they have a tendency to do - since guns are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO MURDER PEOPLE. This is not fucking debatable. You don't get to be a smartass about this and ask me if I've ever owned a firearm, as if owning one would somehow make me see it for what it truly is and put it in my mouth and suck on its shaft. It's a fucking hand-held cannon. Firearms were invented and developed with the specific purpose of killing people. It is a machine that uses a small explosion to propel a high speed projectile at a target. Yes, you can use it to shoot aluminium cans and beer bottles instead of people. Yes, you can use it to scratch your asscrack. Yes, it can even function as a paperweight. But it doesn't actually have another intended function than to poke holes into living things so their organs stop functioning. "UUUUUH BUT WHAT ABOUT KNIVES OR AXES???? THOSE ARE DANGEROUS TOO BUT UR NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THAT" Yes, but you're not going to chop wood with your fucking gun. You're not going to slice cucumbers and spread butter on your toast with your fucking gun. You're only going to shoot it. Because that's all it fucking does. Just letting everyone buy guns is fucking stupid. But then again, they're to defend yourself against the government, and when the government comes, oh boy, you need every single depressed and violent person to be on their A game. Oh wait. The government can imprison you for collecting rainwater, and the guy down the street shooting up a school didn't help you with this at all? Huh.

EDIT: Bloo, what do you mean "read" hentai? Anyway, I had already considered the option that it is somehow possible to have never seen the intimate parts of a woman and still be a well-known hentai artist who is amazing at everything else but knowing the positions of and the distance between the vulva and the butthole, or what that magical space that people call "the taint" looks like. For example, there is Sakimichan, who is still working on improving her genitalia painting skills. She started out with not knowing what a vulva looks like almost at all, which is pretty understandable, because, as we know from Anne Frank's journal, girls can't actually see their genitals very well and I guess it's quite possible for a hentai artist who hadn't intended to be a hentai artist in the first place, but was more or less forced to do it in order to make any money at all, to have never intentionally watched pornography for the purpose of actual science.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

Well no fucking shit. The only reason I said what I originally said was because I WAS FUCKING TIRED OF THE GUN DEBATE. Homo Sapiens are a naturally violent species, we're going to have internal conflicts, it doesn't matter if we've got guns available or not.

I was just wanting to move from that to a different subject, I just apparently did so in the shittiest possible fashion.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

^ But that's a ridiculous argument. If he had gone into the club with a broadsword, he wouldn't have been able to kill half the number of people he did. Yes, we're a violent species, but certain weapons do more damage than others. I'm sorry if you feel like we're harping on you, but this subject (and this most recent shooting in particular) is important to me and lots of other people.

No one's debating that humans can be shitty to each other. What we're debating is "it doesn't matter if we've got guns." Yes, it very much does.