Dronehive, Yautja, 3 years ago

Yes, but if some people have guns, people have to have something that can defend thesmelves against it.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

^ I have countered this argument multiple times already, and I honestly don't know how to make it any clearer than I already have. I have zero problem with a sane, responsible, law-abiding citizen owning a legal weapon for hunting or self-defense or whatever. I am arguing that an irresponsible criminal fucking lunatic should not be able to easily get one.

This is not that complicated. I am calling for background checks and registration. I am calling for sensible regulation, not a ban.

People who suffer from extreme forms of epilepsy are not allowed to drive cars. Children are not allowed to buy beer. People who beat and rape their spouses don't get visitation rights after the divorce. Registered sex offenders don't get to go near a school. You need a license to drive, you need ID to buy booze, you need a background check before you can adopt kids.

HOMICIDAL LUNATICS DON'T GET TO BUY GUNS. I don't understand what POSSIBLE argument there could be against this. A simple, basic psychological background check would have raised enough red flags to prevent this fucker from passing. Whatever excuses anyone wants to make, if this fucker hadn't had the weapon he had, there would be 50 fewer graves being dug in Orlando right now.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

I never said anything remotely resembling "swords are worse", or "guns aren't deadly". Because that would be fucking stupid of me. Guns are pretty much an apex weapon.

And it's personal to me too, I have people in my life who knew some of the victims. Not just knew them, but we're close friends with them for Christ's sake.

And I don't mind being "harped" so much as I do being treated like I'm an idiot and every fucking thing I say being misconstrued and thrown back into my face without so much as an attempt at civility in the responses.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

^ What you said was "even without guns, people would still kill each other." I do not consider that a reasonable conclusion. I'm sorry if you feel like anyone's talking to you like an idiot; I don't think that nor was I trying to imply it. This situation is just frustrating for me because it's triple digits at this point. Triple fucking digits of mass shootings in less than ten years. That's beyond insane.

But if in making that point I came off as condescending, than my bad, dude.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

To be honest, as far as the replies I've received, you've probably been the most civil. And yeah, it is insane that this tragedy has occurred and it probably could have been prevented if there were background checks when purchasing a weapon.

Peterson, Yautja, 3 years ago

Just going to throw a curve ball in for those of you that don't own guns or have never attempted to buy one... I own three firearms, in order to own a firearm or to legally purchase on you have to go through a licensed vendor who is required by federal law to submit a background check, for a rifle or shotgun it's about a 1-3 day process for a handgun it has to go through the fbi database which takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks. As far as stricken regulations the constitution was developed to allow non bat shit crazy people to have firearms equivalent to adequately be able to overthrow a tyrannical government. Now granted that's impossible as of this day in age due to tanks drones etc etc. all I'm going to say.

skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

The only gun law I am currently aware of that relates to where I live, is that a private seller(any individual who owns a firearm and wishes to sell it) can legally sell their guns without notifying anyone within the government regardless of the history of the person they are selling it to since they aren't required to undertake any form of background check. More of a loop hole the crazies can take advantage of, I suppose.

I feel as though I should either read more about gun related laws, or stop commenting on the debate about gun control. Other than knowing how to operate most kinds of guns, how to take proper care of them and so forth, I really don't know that much about them as I mostly know these things because my older brother taught me. So this is probably going to be my last comment on the matter for now, it's probably for the best this way.

I gotta agree about modern military technologies, would be near impossible for a revolution to successfully occur if the government went full blown tyrannical on us in the future given the huge scale of U.S. territory and how far warfare capabilities have advanced over the past several decades.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

Come on SR, you know how it be. In a debate, you're either with me, or an idiot. Unless you can refute my arguments in such a way that I am revealed as the idiot, which I always appreciate, because the next time I'll have a new point of view to argue with even stronger arguments.

Also, Bloo, I haven't linked you Kpop in ages. Are you doing alright?

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

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DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

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skull_ripper, Yautja, 3 years ago

@DW: Very true, very true. I think I just let my personal stress bleed over into this, which I apologize for. i r wuz teh stohped lust weak, noaw i us butter cuz eets munday.

In other news, I got a Bloodletter of Khorne today! I think I'm getting better at painting miniatures.




Dronehive, Yautja, 3 years ago

@ DD

The problem is making sure due process isnt interrupted, otherwise things WILL get discriminatory. Thats just the truth.

Espeically when people cite the ni fly no buy thing. An inaccurate name- it would also ban people on secret watchlists with criteria we dont know.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 3 years ago

EDIT: Had this whole thing about guns about realized it wasn't substantive--basically you also need to change gun culture in America if you have any hopes of making gun laws and purchasing processes any better. And arguably, gun culture is more of a problem than the laws themselves. It's also a problem that the strictness and thoroughness of background checks isn't constant across states, which it should be. It's ridiculous how easy it is to get a gun in states like Alaska, even if you just moved here.

@DW: BOY!!! Do I love legs. I don't know if mechanic girl or baseball girl is my favorite. If I wasn't already OK, then I am now.

About "reading" hentai: I don't know about you but I just can't look at an adult manga if it isn't translated to English. What am I gonna do if I don't know why the girl is really shy for some reason? I need to know if she thinks his shaft is oishii

DarkLioness, Yautja, 3 years ago


My apologies if I gave the impression that I was talking down to you or interpreted your post to mean that giving up was an option, I just sort of ended up venting without paying attention to what I was really saying and was having a bad day. Plus I just don't have that much faith in humanity anymore to see us actually improving and bettering ourselves, so things getting worse than they already are just seems inevitable or at least that's just my opinion for now. I've been rather cynical in my demeanor as of late in my personal life and more often than not I've felt like saying "Fuck it I don't care anymore", I'll probably snap out of it in a little while though. Just constantly hearing about bad stuff both in the world and in my own family has really effected me badly and as a result it's driven my morale to an all time low.

Also Bloo concerning the subject that is hentai.......Parade Parade really disappointed me.

Oh and we're now getting shoebots it seems.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

@Bloo: Nice This also includes legs. It is also a strong contender for SOTY imo. And we all know that mo is the only o that matters.

Anyway, when I said hentai I was thinking more about individual pictures and not actual mangas. Those tend to be... censored.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

@dronehive: I agree.

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DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

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Deathdrop, Yautja, 3 years ago

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DeathWraith, Yautja, 3 years ago

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-Bloo-, Yautja, 3 years ago

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