skull_ripper, Yautja, 8 years ago

Congratulations Peterson.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 8 years ago

Peterson, how would you feel about writing a short "How To" on playing soldiers in future RPGs?

Deathdrop, Yautja, 8 years ago

Yeah, we ("we" being Bloo, Concrete and I) talked about it on Skype, and I think it'd be interesting if someone with actual firsthand experience could provide some insight on how real marines actually talk/terminology/things like that.

It's fine if you don't want to, but I thought it'd be interesting and informative for people playing CM in the RPGs. Might give them a bit more verisimilitude.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 8 years ago

Hey congratulations Peterson, I wish you the best of luck :)

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 8 years ago


skull_ripper, Yautja, 8 years ago

Has anyone here heard of the band Painting Fences?

badapple24, Yautja, 8 years ago

Has anyone heard of the band RUSH, probably not. there pretty older band
@S_R: Naw man sorry

@Peterson: congrats man

skull_ripper, Yautja, 8 years ago

^ I loves me some RUSH! It be all over da place on my MP3 player.

The reason I asked about Painting Fences is because I've known the Vocalist for the band for around nine months online(so like how I know all you guys) and only recently found out that was his band, and the name of the band seemed familiar to me when I found out he was the Vocalist.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 8 years ago

Cool, tell him I said hey.

And I am finally officially ungrounded.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 8 years ago


I may have heard of the band RUSH but I'm not really familiar with them. Kudos though.


What got you grounded?

skull_ripper, Yautja, 8 years ago

@GF: Thanks, I enjoy being a favorite person. Glad you're ungrounded.

@DL: Thanks, and just to clarify I do not know the Vocalist for RUSH, just in case that is what you might have thought. RUSH is way too cool for me to know any member of that band.

concretehunter, Yautja, 8 years ago

So maybe we'll see more of you PTSN!

SIDENOTE: During the summer we should do that "Race swap" RPG, Put everyone in a randomiser, Make the races even numbered. Jobs a goodun!

-Bloo-, Yautja, 8 years ago

The summer would be a great time for that. Let's just make sure to wrap it up in August or September so it doesn't turn into another PoN (WHICH WE'RE EVENTUALLY GONNA FINISH NO MATTER WHAT).

skull_ripper, Yautja, 8 years ago

My cat is so damn lazy, last time she killed a mouse someone threw the cat on top of the mouse and it died when her fat ass crushed it. I mean last time she exerted herself physically was to stretch her arm out to try and grab a marshmallow, WHICH SHE COULDN'T REACH AND GAVE UP ON.

She spends all day sitting on the couch staring at the Tv, she watches Tv. What the hell kind of cat actually watches TV? Her favorite Tv show is Bonanza. She never misses and episode, she sits on the left end cushion on a Viking's blanket and watches Bonanza and leaves when Big Valley comes on next, at least she has taste.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 8 years ago

I just watched a really emotional episode of a show that's not supposed to be like this at all. It fucked me up. I don't know what to do with my life right now.

I need 2 tubs of ice cream. ShIT.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 8 years ago

I just realized Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless is the same girl from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

*stares blankly ahead*

krio, Yautja, 8 years ago


@bloo: fuck, man, i need myself some donuts.

@darklioness:..... more like "how the krio stole the avpuniverse site"

skull_ripper, Yautja, 8 years ago

@Krio: EXACTLY!!!!!!

@Bloo: That sucks man, I've only cried twice in the last three years, one of them was that one really sad couple of scenes from Thor 2. Man if I could mail you ice cream I would, but isn't Alaska REALLY made of ice cream?

@DL: Is that the kid from how the Grinch stole Christmas?

Deathdrop, Yautja, 8 years ago

“Well, I don't use the toilet much to pee in. I almost always pee in the yard or the garden, because I like to pee on my estate.” -Iggy Pop

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 8 years ago


I'll leave this here.