Predator: Concrete Jungle



Predator: Concrete Jungle reveals never-shown parts of the Predator's history on Earth. In this 3rd-person action adventure, you'll cut between two different eras - 1930 and 2030. When a Mafia family decides to out the existence of Predators, the hunters realize their camouflage will be useless - so they endeavor to hunt the mobsters down and kill them.
  • Roam a vast city landscape stalking human prey with weapons of annihilation, cloaking technology, and various vision modes
  • Experience the hunt from the perspective of the Predator -- Kill at will, or hunt with honor
  • Use real Predator weapons like the Plasmacaster, Combi stick, Spear Gun, and Smart Disc
  • Highly responsive combat system that enables the Predator to stylize its attack moves
  • 4 different vision modes to enhance the hunting experience- Thermo Scan, Prey Scan, Tech scan and Neural Scan
  • Colossal city environments that are the perfect hunting grounds


it was alright


It sort of disappointed me for the reason that the campaigns was sort of boring they should of had a free mode where you could adventure the city and have more freedom but the over all game play was good and the graphics where great to so but in the end the game was great for any AvP fan.

predator concrete jungle

city hunter

Predator concrete jungle was the best game evere and it still is i haven't playd it but i am crayzi about it!.Predator 1 and predator 2 movies are great!If any one likes predator tthan they should play the game.the weapens are:smart disk,comby stick,plasma canon,spear gun,rist blades,and others...ok.the best part about the game is that you play as a PREDATOR!!!! hes got a mask he can be invisabel you could even costumaiz hima as jungle hunter,city hunter,bad blood,dark clan predator and others.ENDof TRANSMISON.

Good old fasioned video game


Despite its mild misgivings this game hit the goddamn spot. I bought this and AVP extinction a couple weeks ago because I wanted a new game but realized I never really checked those out.

It bought me back to the days of playing some solid-ass action adventure games like Jedi Knight when it came out like 10 years ago hahaha. Not to mention playing as a Predator, I have only wanted a game to emulate that well since, I like saw the movie haha



clazz game sum missoins are hard but skinen people and getting tropies are kick ass



Dark Blood88

I have to say it is a great game.The best 2 parts are well I forget the first but the other comes after and it is called Bug Hunt.Both levels are great because you can hunt aliens.They can be a little challenging because they come in packs of 8 or so.Overall the game is great,you have a free roaming environment,plus you can kill anyone you want as long as its dangerous.I would give this game a 9.9.

Awful Game


It takes a serious amount of blind and unnecessary loyalty to see this game as anything other than poor.

Clunky movement, shitty combat, badly thought out controls, poor graphics, and a plot that renders your camoflague useless from the outset (hood rats with thermal vision?) all drag this game into the depths of crapdom.
The makers of Concrete Jungle really need to research some Predator, and play some decent 3rd person games before doling out another hunk of arse like this. It could have been a take on Splinter Cell style stealth, Prince of Persia style acrobatics, and God of War style violence, but instead its just a steaming pile of arse.

Leave this game well alone, and wait for the new AVP Requiem game on the PSP (in which you play as the Predator). Its made by the same people who made AVP and AVP 2, so heres hoping it'll be just as awesome.

As for the twat who said "omfg this iz the best gamme evar! I havnt playyed it tho!", you deserve a face-hugging.

Awesome stuff!

Edd Watling

This game kicks fucking ass! I've played it about 7 times and I still can't get bored by it! The story line rules, the game play is sweet, and the challenges are pretty cool! I think it's a great game, and a cool way to combine the Predator and the Alien movies even more

the best game ever


I think that this game is the best i have ever played I love it and i can not wait for the next one to come out but one thing i will say is that the game should of had a free roam but other than that it is a great game