Predator: Concrete Jungle



Predator: Concrete Jungle reveals never-shown parts of the Predator's history on Earth. In this 3rd-person action adventure, you'll cut between two different eras - 1930 and 2030. When a Mafia family decides to out the existence of Predators, the hunters realize their camouflage will be useless - so they endeavor to hunt the mobsters down and kill them.
  • Roam a vast city landscape stalking human prey with weapons of annihilation, cloaking technology, and various vision modes
  • Experience the hunt from the perspective of the Predator -- Kill at will, or hunt with honor
  • Use real Predator weapons like the Plasmacaster, Combi stick, Spear Gun, and Smart Disc
  • Highly responsive combat system that enables the Predator to stylize its attack moves
  • 4 different vision modes to enhance the hunting experience- Thermo Scan, Prey Scan, Tech scan and Neural Scan
  • Colossal city environments that are the perfect hunting grounds



Chrissy Boi

Probally one of the best in the Alien & Predator Series of Games, The upgrades and just being able to see the skulls you collected added more depth, and the hidden upgrades arond the place, kinda hard, and even more the unexpected enemy at the end, the...Aliens hundredz of them, they were a Pain in the ass but thats what i like lol.
O and the changeable costumes :)

I love this game.


I only rented it and I could not step away from the screen. I thought the game gave a good look into Predator weaponry and culture. I thought the endy was cool. Although, I think the final boss took a little to long to kill.

Predator Concrete Jungle


Very great game. It made a very memorable summer for me when I bought. I loved the very detailed Predator costumes to choose from. The story had so good ties into others. I love the sense of hunting in the game. Lots of good action in this and lots of fun in hunting for trophies.

The finally of the game was very awesome. If your a apsolute Predator fan, you'll love it!



this games is definitly, one of my alltime favorite games, but its to hard, i got pissed off so many times!! but it was fun killing like, everyone u met, u should of got to customize ur suit though

Great Game for the Fans!!!


The game is a great one to get for all the fans for both Aliens and Predator just because your a fan and it is a great game. You get to use all of the gagets that the predators use you get to hunt and to skin your prey and ripe their heads off. Also cut them in half and take their arms off and more. One thing I did not like about the game is there is no check points so when you die you starte over which is why I gave it a four other than that I loved it and would of gave it a five. My advice is buy the game the first chance you get Especially if you are a die hard Predator fans like me! Just one more thing to add you get to fight aliens which is a prety good challange!

predator rocks

predator man

It,s the best game i ever bought but it is really hard. it took me a week to beat it, but it's still the best preadator game ever!!!



U get 2 use Predators' Tech & their weapons & i'm tellin u ppl IT'S BLOODY COOL; a wish come tru 4 me killin d MAFIA 1 by 1 silently & don kno whos huntin em



any way great game iv beaten it over and over cant wait for number 2!! and raze the depot is easy i beat it on first try dude. Use differnt stradegies like getting what u need befor u do something.