Aliens vs Predator 2



Three legendary warriors. Two terrifying games. One adrenaline overdose... Return to the hunt with this specially-priced blockbuster collection, including: Aliens vs Predator 2 Hailed as 2001's "Action Game of the Year" and "Multiplayer Game of the Year" by Computer Gaming World, AVP2 weaves together the face of three species with heart-stopping action of the blockbuster films on which it is based. Aliens vs Predator 2 : Primal Hunt This expansion to the award-winning AVP2 takes you back to never-before-seen Predator ruins on a hunt to find a mysterious artifact that holds legendary power. Get acquainted with new breeds of vile creatures on a mission to stop you dead in your tracks.


so far i give it 4 stars

mike ryder

so far i give it 4 stars...but i have been stuck on a level for a month...the game should not have any parts that are so hard to figure out ...that even i cant di it...if anyone knows what im talking about...please email [email protected]

ive never played such an amazing game ever


oh man wat a game it is . ive never played such an amazing game ever

It was the best game i ever played


It was the best game i ever played please i have to play in again



THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVER.....counter strike is 4 pussys LOL
big monsters to kill and hunters loose everywhere
i like avp2 too much

a wonderful sequel to a smashing game


i played this game a few days ago & OH MY GOD! I was reaaly shocked that these guys made a wonderful sequel to a smashing game.THe first one though had some very good momemnts of gamepaly & pretty scary stuffs which lacks in this intallment,but still it touches the herat of AVP fans which is worth recommendable.I loved this game & i'm sure u'll too! SO head up & get this one bcoz they're here with a few days to kill!

I'am unbelievably outstanded with this game

Paul Cohen

I'am unbelievably outstanded with this game. I have only played as predator. The game has a great adventure with surprises everywhere. However the graphics are terrible.It has everything a predator uses. I give this game two thumbs up with a 9.1.

best game


Hey ive played the multiplayer demo 4 3 years and man i love it if you play the multiplayer demo look for a DB named DBlegend GhostHawk, Raven, or The Rock we are the DB clan leaders and maybe you can join (most likely) i have to say i love all the charaters the alien is my fav and i think this must have taken years to make it has great graphics great gameplay i havent even played thesingle player game 1 more thing if you want to join DB look for ghosthawk raven or the rock we are the clan leaders and DB is the largest demo clan

The Best Game Ever


this one of the best thing ever to come to avp
i recomend anyone who likes alien or predator to get this game!!!