Aliens vs Predator 2



Three legendary warriors. Two terrifying games. One adrenaline overdose... Return to the hunt with this specially-priced blockbuster collection, including: Aliens vs Predator 2 Hailed as 2001's "Action Game of the Year" and "Multiplayer Game of the Year" by Computer Gaming World, AVP2 weaves together the face of three species with heart-stopping action of the blockbuster films on which it is based. Aliens vs Predator 2 : Primal Hunt This expansion to the award-winning AVP2 takes you back to never-before-seen Predator ruins on a hunt to find a mysterious artifact that holds legendary power. Get acquainted with new breeds of vile creatures on a mission to stop you dead in your tracks.


one of the best games i played


That was one of the best games i played.

this game RULES

Ben age 12

Best game ever played graphics are mint aliens are the strongest this game RULES!!

the coolest avp game ever


the coolest avp game ever!!!
it was a cool game but the fact that the aliens where easier to kill than the humans was sad

This is the greatest game in the Alien/Predator series


This is the greatest game in the Alien/Predator series, Tho I was more attached to the first game, But the weapons of the Predator changed my mind. The Predator is the Ultimate Hunting Species.

good game at the time


visions hurt my eyes though. good game at the time. still thinking about playing it again, but dont wanna damage my eyes.

I am sorry to ruin the party but this game sucks


I am sorry to ruin the party but this game sucks. if you want a true AvP game play AvP 1 from rebellion.
In Avp2 the graphics sucks there isnt any atmosphere and the story is lame. sure there is all the weapons but it dosent feel scary enough or looks good enough. i am sorry to say too many Predator books & comics games as well as aliens just arent up to the standart that should be for such a fine & rich story.

brilliant and outstanding


brilliant and outstanding one of the best games ever and should be part of your pc collection.

I still play this game because it has what a lot of other games have missing. FUN!

you could have made it 3d pirson view

max lewis

this is a good game but you could have made it 3d pirson view that would have made it rock but all in all the game is amazing online