Aliens vs Predator 2



Three legendary warriors. Two terrifying games. One adrenaline overdose... Return to the hunt with this specially-priced blockbuster collection, including: Aliens vs Predator 2 Hailed as 2001's "Action Game of the Year" and "Multiplayer Game of the Year" by Computer Gaming World, AVP2 weaves together the face of three species with heart-stopping action of the blockbuster films on which it is based. Aliens vs Predator 2 : Primal Hunt This expansion to the award-winning AVP2 takes you back to never-before-seen Predator ruins on a hunt to find a mysterious artifact that holds legendary power. Get acquainted with new breeds of vile creatures on a mission to stop you dead in your tracks.


Best avp game ever!

Sir killalot

Ok its a great game but there is some things that need to be fixed but its great! I play alot on the real game but wen im bored i play the demo were atleast 50 people play i wish they make a new avp! it would be the best!

boo aliens


How can you guys like that half predator half alien crap.When I saw the first one I thought it was okay.But too many predators died. My dad and I were thinking about the predators go to the alien planet to kill the aliens,before the species grows ,go to earth, and kill the humans.The predators are trying to stop it so they can keep hunting.The predators send 300 special forces to kill half a million aliens.The predator just kick the aliens butts.No more than ten predators died.But all aliens died.



One of the best and most innovative FPS shooters ever produced. I use to play this from 2001-2002 and it was the only FPS I truly excelled at always scoring at the top. The innovation in gameplay with the alien and the predator were just amazing. You had one ferocious animal that could sneak, jump and kill in a matter of seconds. And you had shadowy and power hunter with amazing weapons that truly gave the genre a new experience. I'm thinking of purchasing the game for old times sake. Highly recommended..and can't wait for AVP3!!!!

Still kicking after 5 years...


I am currently playing the Marine mission in single-player mode, and it's scary as hell! Forget Doom and Quake...try this game and you'll know how creepy it can be to face monstrous creatures in the dark...

still going strong after all these years


I am amazed by how this game is still alive after these years. if your a fan of scary games then get this freaking game it will scare the shit out of you!


Elie L

I was a bit disapointed at the first AvP for the following reason: The predator are known to be more stronger then the Aliens and more technological. The Aliens are known to be many (fights in troups) and to be fast. In the movie, the aliens seem almost stronger then the predator.. i mean what the hell???? One stupid alien kill 2 predator in the first avp!!! So tell me how can 300 predators can kill half a million aliens if 3 predators have difficulty killing 1 alien???? If i could change something in the first AvP, i would make the predators much stronger and hard to kill.

AVP2 amazing!


WAHOO!!! Amazing game! Must be the best pc game ever! Marine single player is as scary as hell. If you want to be terrified and entertained buy this game!

AVP 2 Scarier than Doom III


This game is creepy as hell! I mean Doom 3 was really freaky, but you kinda knew what to expect, but AVP2, ha, you never know whats going to happen, when or where it's going to happen, this is the best thriller game of all time!