Aliens versus Predator: Extinction



For the first time on the next generation console systems, play as Aliens, Predators, or Colonial Marines in this tactical squad-based strategy game based on the Aliens versus Predator universe. On a cold, distant planet, the war against extinction is on and your command skills will determine its outcome. Control an Alien hive, direct a Predator clan, or lead an elite squad of Colonial Marines and fight for the survival of your race. Experience the Aliens versus Predator universe from the perspective of the Aliens, the Predators, or the Colonial Marines in 7 unique missions customized for each race. Control never-before-seen Aliens, Predators, or Marines and upgrade your weapons and abilities to gain a tactical advantage. Do you have what it takes to win this ultimate battle of the species?


Just got this


I just got this game recently because I saw it used and I wondered how an Alien vs. Predator game could be bad. Its considerable, if only because you can control a Predator clan, and lets face it, thats what everyone wants to do. It could have used a little more features though.



It was really fun , i loved being aliens, thoguh managing ur units was hard. the only real bad point.... thy had no custom games or multiplayer!? WTF

Aliens vs Predator Extinction


i think this is the best avp game besides the ones on pc, the aliens are great and look cool, the predators are really tough and the humans are okay but the intro was excellent.

graphics are bad


I admit i like the gameplay, but the character design was awful. They could have spent a little more time improving the graphics.

RAWR >:3


this game is incredibly fun. the first day I got this game i knew i was gonna like it. who couldnt? you can choose between 3 of the greatest spieces and duke it out! kind of hard on a few missions, but thats to be expected.

Happy killings -

good game


thought it was good game but the graphics needed to be alittle bit better and there needed to be a custom game and multiplayer

A bit more bad than good


This game is pretty good but could be much better. There could've been more detail with just about everything. And why is it that just the synthetics have motion trackers? I don't understand why didn't they put multiplayer in. The good thing is though that it's fun. If you're an AVP fan and you've only got a PS2 or Xbox this is the game for you.



i did the all of the alien missions it was so fun i loved it it would be cool if thay did it like that on pc.