Aliens versus Predator: Extinction



For the first time on the next generation console systems, play as Aliens, Predators, or Colonial Marines in this tactical squad-based strategy game based on the Aliens versus Predator universe. On a cold, distant planet, the war against extinction is on and your command skills will determine its outcome. Control an Alien hive, direct a Predator clan, or lead an elite squad of Colonial Marines and fight for the survival of your race. Experience the Aliens versus Predator universe from the perspective of the Aliens, the Predators, or the Colonial Marines in 7 unique missions customized for each race. Control never-before-seen Aliens, Predators, or Marines and upgrade your weapons and abilities to gain a tactical advantage. Do you have what it takes to win this ultimate battle of the species?




Ok it is an ok game but if you look at the demo before you play you ecpect a fun awsome game, but you get a stratagy game, but still it is fun if you get into it.



it was good overall i liked the aliens the best but it would be good if they made a skimrish mode where u can pick who you are and who you are with and who you are againest and a advanced feature where you can pick what kind of animals are on that map but you are not aloud to pick where

:-{ mannnn!!!!!

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you relly need to make another avp extinction. the first one was awsome . just make it for ps3.

best game ever!!!


this was one of the best games i\\\'ve ever played!

Best game avp extinction


Best game i eva played also... I was always trying to make a pred-alien queen alien lol but they wouldnt allow that to happen lol... The makers def. need to update it and make it for ps3 and 360 i would buy 5 for me and my friends.

Love this game!


I still have my old ps2 just so i can play Extinction. The cheats menu is ace, guarantees replay value. agree?

Very good


Very good game for it\'s time and as an AVP franchise piece. I love how they put plenty of time and energy into the gameplay mechanics and the lore of AVP more than in the pretty graphics, although the graphics were nice and smooth despite looking rough. It was well thought out, though it would have been nice to have a multiplayer function or something besides campaign mode.

this game rocks


loved the game wish I still had it
really need to make a sequel available on all platforms
with online multiplayer
ill kick everyones butts