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Runners are the one of the smallest alien, on par with the Drone. They act as scouts for the Hive.
It is a comparatively weak alien and easiest to spot due to it's red coloration, which is why it prefers to rush enemies in packs.
They are an extremely fast and agile strain of aliens, perhaps one of the fastest.
It's intelligence seems to be docked, as it kills prey outright and spares no one rather than gathering prey for the hive to grow from.


Claws are used to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player's Light Attack from hurting you.


Name: X-27 (Xenomorph specimen 27)
Height: 5' 6"
weight: 240 lbs
age: N/A
Gender: Female (aren't they all?)
Host: Komodo dragon.
Color: A dark black with a slight blue tinge. She has a acidic green Carapace on her head, and the blade on her tail is translucent, showing the toxin inside the blade, which is also green. She has patches of green on her arms, legs, and on the spouts that protrude from her back.