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My real name is James I'm 23 years old and I love the Alien/Predator series so I joined this site.

Weight:456 lbs
Rank:Un-Blooded Bad Blood
Apperance:Tall and muscular. A long slice down his chest that he received from a Praetorian who's skull he later took as a trophey from his first kill.
Weapons:1 plasma caster, 1 spear, 1 cerimonial dagger, 1 sword, i shruiken, 1 smart disk, 1 bladed whip and 1 galvie.
History:Was once in a clan but was kicked out after he killed four of his own clan members. He is also hunted by them, he hunts for sport and for the thrill of killing something of someone living. He enjoys killing Xenomorphs, Humans, other Yautja but he usually stays clear of them but his favorite prare hybrids whom he deems abomanations and lesser beings.


"I am the worst of the worst. The cruelest of the crulest. The strongest of the clan I once called my brothers. I hunt for sport but I kill for the thrill of ending life. I AM A BAD BLOOD!