Who's Hotter: Megan Fox or Natasha Henstridge?

WarBlade, Yautja, 12 years ago

Ok most of you know Megan Fox from Transformers and Jennifer's Body and Natasha henstridge is known from the Species films. So who's Hotter Megan or Natasha?

Personally I think Megan Fox is hotter;)

DeathWraith, Yautja, 12 years ago

you're mom lol

AmerthystBlades, Yautja, 12 years ago

I'm sure there has been a topic like this before right?

WarBlade, Yautja, 12 years ago

Well your a girl so I guess you count you too. AmerthystBlades is sexy! Especially with them pictures she has for her character hehe. ;)

Dragous, Yautja, 12 years ago


Shadowwall, Yautja, 12 years ago

Nice topic warblade xD
I vote Megan Fox

I was just thinking we are low on Manly topic's :D

WarBlade, Yautja, 12 years ago

EXACTLLY SHADOWWELL! We need more topics the consist of these three things. Testosteron(or however the hell it is spelled), the subject of hot chicks and which hot chick is hotter and why they are hotter and what usually runs through our minds when talking about said hotties!

Deathdrop, Yautja, 12 years ago

This is nothing you couldn't talk about in the off-topic thread, so I'm locking it.