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Name: Mark Harrows
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Rank: PFC (Private First Class)
Designation: Rifleman
Callsign: Ripper
Theme Song: "Blackened" Metallica

Height: 167 cm
Weight: 88
Eye Colour:Green
Hair Colour:Brown

Physical Description:Tall, broad shouldered, fairly built, long muscular legs. strong arms, pronounced brow, slanted jawline, large hands, large feet.

Personality: Mark tends to be a fairly up tempo person with a great sense of humor, but when it comes to work, he gets extremely intense and on the job. He doesn't allow for mistakes and hates having to repeat himself. When he's off duty however, he's a fairly fun guy to be around, always joking (usually about un-PC things) and having fun.

Primary: Weapon M41A Pulse Rifle

Secondary: Weapon MP5k-PDW
Weight:2 kg
Length:603 mm (23.7 in) stock extended / 368 mm (14.5 in) stock folded
Barrel length:115 mm (4.5 in)
Width:50 mm
Height:210 mm
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds/min
Action: Roller delayed blowback/ closed bolt
Muzzle velocity: 375 m/s
Cartridge:10mm auto
Effective Range: 25-100m
Max Range: 150m
Feed System: 15-30 round magazine
Sights: Rear Rotary drum, Front hooded post

Tertiary: Weapon KA-BAR
Description:7" clip point blade, made of 1095 carbon steel and features a leather-washer or synthetic handle made of Kraton (a substitute for rubber, non-slip grip)

Other: Weapon Three Incendiary Thermite Grenades, Three M67 frag grenades

[This is where you'll list your basic equipment such as Uniform and Armour, or more specifically, what you wear on your body in combat.[Limit: 5 unissued Items]]
[*]W-Y Issue Cap/M3 Helmet [Colour: “Desert Camoâ€Â]
[*]W-Y Issue Cap/M3 Helmet Camera
[*]W-Y Issue Cap/M3 Helmet Mike & Radio
[*]W-Y Issue M2 Personal Body Armour (Colour: “Desert Camoâ€Â]
[*]W-Y Issue M3 Shin Armour [Colour: “Desert Camoâ€Â]
[*]W-Y Issue Shoulder Mounted M3 Lamp Addition
[*]W-Y Issue Combat Webbing Belt
[*]W-Y Issue Military Uniform [Colour: “Khaki Tanâ€Â]
[*]W-Y Issue 2 Litre Camelback Hydration Unit
[*]W-Y Issue Dog Tags
[*]Photograph of parents back home
[*]Rosary Beads
[*]Prayer card
[*]Pack of Cigarettes
[*]Zippo Lighter
Survival Pack:
(This is where you'll list what equipment you keep in your Issued Survival Pack. Some Items come In It automatically, but you may add whatever extras you can think of, some Items will require the approval a Officer [Limit: 5 unissued Items] When you are in space onboard a cruiser, these items will be in your locker)
[*]W-Y Issue Sleeping bag/Roll mat
[*]W-Y Issue Entrenchment Digging Tool
[*]W-Y Issue Respirator Gasmask
[*]W-Y Issue 24 hour Combat Rations (x3) (Trust me, they taste bad)
[*]W-Y Issue Spare Fatigues
[*]W-Y Issue Cold Weather Gear
[*]W-Y Issue Socks & Undies (x4 pairs)
[*]W-Y Issue Spare Ammo Clips FOR PRIMARY WEAPON(x3)
[*]W-Y Issue Emergency Medical Kit x5
[*]W-Y Issue Tent, Tent Pegs x10, Tent Chord x50 Meter Roll
[*]Spare Socks
[*]Extra water
[*]Water purifying tablets
Combat Webbing
(Your combat webbing, you'll carry this gear into combat, and It's more accessible than your pack, you'll want to put you’re ammo and other gear here)
[*]Individual Marine Carrying Pouch
[*] 2 Extra primary weapon magazines
List items in a series of dashes -
[*]Extra primary weapon magazine/ cigarettes
List items in a series of dashes -
[*] energy bars / field ration
List items in a series of dashes -
[*]2 field rations


Barracks Gear:
(This is where you'll list your personal gear that you keep In barracks. Pets are not allowed, weapons have to be approved by a Officer, as do vehicles, remember, your barracks Is your home, so make sure to put stuff In this list)
[*]W-Y Issue Bunk Bed
[*]W-Y Issue Mattress & 2x Bedsheets
[*]W-Y Issue Footlocker w/ Combination Lock
[*]W-Y Issue SPARE ISSUED GEAR (Everything you have been Issued, there's a clean, spare one waiting at the barracks, with the exception of weapons & ammo)
[*]W-Y Issue Work Bench w/ Lamp
[*]80 Gb Ipod
[*]Carton of Smokes
[*]Porn Magazine
Add as many more as you wish.

From the colony of Helphis Prime X4552, Mark lived in one of the cramped suburban cities that had recently sprung up in the colony's main continent. The continent was agricultural for the most part, but the last fifty years had shown industrial growth and population booms. Mark came in on the second wave of that population boom, born to a single mother and raised latter on by her and his step father who treated him just as if he was his own blood. Mark was an average student throughout his schooling, and had made his way through just fine.

After high school, he and his friends, Eron Mc Call, and Adam Quinn began to hang out more and more, blaring their heavy metal and punk music from their cars, smoking cigarettes, drinking, and fighting for most of the better part of a year and a half after high school. They began to pull a large group around them, and they became what was essentially a small time vigilante group within their town. They bashed adulterers, druggies, rapists, and anyone who was an overall prick to them or their families. They didn't have a name for their group, but not many people wanted to cross fists with them.

Mark's home front had deteriorated though, his relationship with his mother and stepfather becoming more and more tense as he'd come home from these runs with his friend's, unable to block out the rage at the things he'd seen, or the people he'd had to deal with. His little brother idolized him, and Mark tried his best to be there for the kid, making sure he didn't hate him for what he'd done. All of that aside, Mark was getting tired of the life he was living. He was tired of fighting and drinking and smoking, and felt like at the age of 18, he wouldn't walk the earth much longer. He needed a change, and he needed it fast.

He left his homeland on the colony, and got all the money he could, and flew out to the former Prison Colony of Aegis Deplha. There he found solace, living and working on the country property that a family named the Weirs owned. It took some hard work and getting used to as he adjusted to country life, and in plain fact, life away from home. He fell in love with the Weirs daughter, and after a year, they were engaged. It Two months before the wedding, the Xenos attacked, and began to wreak havoc all across the colony. Some of the Weyland Yutani Corporation forces landed on the colony to secure the mining stations they had there. When the whole of the Weirs family, including his fiance, Alice, was killed, Mark decided to take his next step, and join the W-Y Corp's military wing, and help to clean the galaxy up.

MSN:[email protected]
E-Mail:Same as above

Sample Roleplay:
"Gotcha fearless leader." Mark gave Carmine a mock salute as he gave them the 'orders'. He was just trying to take the piss out of him for a bit of fun, but other than that, it didn't matter. He walked over to the front row of sandbags and razor wire that had been set up. He was, once again, taking turrets up to the front row. The idea was to place one at each end of the front rows, because despite the protection that the sandbags and razor wire would give, they needed some extra insurance.

He set the turret up and began to turn on the motion sensors and making sure it was locked and loaded. It whirred over in Carmine's direction and Mark cursed.

"Fuck! Turn off! Turn off!" he quickly turned the power off on the turret to make sure that it didn't blow Carmine away in a blaze of hot lead. The turret slumped to sleep like a tired hunter and Mark sighed. Kneeling and taking a deep drag on his cigarette, tossing it away. Now all the main set ups were put up and he knew that the row of motion sensors was being set up 150 meters out.

"Next order of business..." he said walking into the peremeter and heading for the Waffle. "Get Gene the printouts."

He walked up the ramp again, and sat down at the terminal, setting his M41A1 on the seat beside him and swiveling the chair around to punch in the password and codes. He hummed his favorite song to himself as the computer began to print out the geography readouts.

"Fire! To begin with the dance of the dead! Blackened in the air!" he drummed to an imaginary drumset to the song in his head that was about nuclear fire. He hoped that nuclear fire wasn't going to end up being the issue with this battle. The sheets rolled out from the printer and he took them, tucking them up and walking out of the Waffle, rifle slung over his shoulder once again.

He could tell Gene was busy watching Carmine, so he stepped past her and set the readouts on the crates by her and went on his way back to the Waffle to grab floodlights. He carried them down his way and forwards to the front row of defenses. He didn't want to be back lit by them in the back row and become and easy target for some Pred head. He set one up in the center, turning it on and letting the piercing bright white light shine through the darkness, and setting the other up ten meters away. Once it was turned on, the light's beam met the other's further down the way.

He unlsung his pulse rifle, locked it away, and switched it off of safety. Holding it across his matte black body armor, he stood behind the front row of defenses and prepared himself to do sentry duty. He tucked a cigarette behind his ear for later, whispering, "This is going to be a boring ass stint."